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iskortch 02-05-2009 08:52 AM

Can send email, but cannot RECEIVE email
I'm having issues with my Bold-9000 with email. I used the general "use my own email address" option to import my AOL/My eAddress into my BB. I get the confirmation email stating within 20 mins the email will work.

I can send email, but cannot receive. There are no filters set.

I tried to manually input my server name, etc... but BIS tells me the email server is not supported?!

Is there a way I can manually input ALL the information for this email account using IMAP settings - i.e. / etc...?

If not, is there a FREE service I can download which can allow me to access this email address?

FYI - this address is an AOL / My eAddress email (is NOT an \"[email address) The strange thing is, a normal AOL email address ( seems to work fine.

I use this email address for work. The primary reason behind getting this BB was to be able to access my email WITHOUT using webmail.

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