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gadgetbean 04-06-2009 01:54 PM

7 Day Sale - Genesis - JC Designs -
Developer: JC Designs -
Theme Name:Genesis
Device(s): the STORM/BOLD/8900/8350i/Curves/8800s/Pearls[/b]

7 Day SALE!

Download Link:
STORM Genesis
BOLD Genesis
8900 Genesis
8350i Genesis
8300/Curve Genesis
8800 Genesis
Pearls Genesis

Theme Costs and Specifics:
Just in time for Spring, we have decided to run a 7 Day SALE Event for the Genesis and my TOP 5 Selling themes (Real iBerry Blocks Custom L, Storm Today Plus, Cipher SideBar Xtreme, Bold Today Plus, EGO) for all!

Day 1 - $3 for the Genesis and my TOP 5 themes
Day 2/3 - $4 for the Genesis and my TOP 5 themes
Day 4/5 - $5 for the Genesis and my TOP 5 themes
Day 6/7 - $6 for the Genesis and my TOP 5 themes

Afterward the Sale - $7

Storm ScreenShot
STORM Video Link

BOLD/8900 ScreenShot
BOLD/8900 Video Link

Curve/8800 ScreenShot
Curve/8800 Video Link

Curve 8350i

Pearl 8100s ScreenShot
Pearl Video Link


JC Designs -
JC Designs Blackberry Themes

mdlissner 04-16-2009 06:46 AM


Bought the Bold version during your super sale. A couple of items where I hope you can make some small improvements to the theme for the Bold.

- When I have the calendar in the top five icons I can see my next few calendar items, but cannot navigate down to them and open them. Can this be fixed? I miss this feature from using Bold Zoom.

- On the main icon screen (18 icons in three rows of six)the font color (white) for the time and indicator icons (email, voicemail....) are white with the white background. Can this be changed to the blue color to be visible?

- On the main screen when selecting an icon in the top five the shadow box does not appear around the icon like it does in the other two rows. This makes it difficult to know where you are when you come back to the screen. If this can be added back in it would be helpful also.

kf0s 04-17-2009 10:11 PM

Also, some of the menus are very hard to read. For example those in Windows Live Messenger. The difference is selected and the text in the selected is to close. Otherwise this is my favorite theme. It was a very good $3 spent.

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