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yoonjunhyuk 12-05-2005 07:17 PM

So, ringtone again...
ok, i think i did search enough.

and found out that i'm so behind than you guys...i dont understand what you are talking about...

i downloaded some ringtones(.adp)...

now, how can i store it into my 7139e???

i think you guys were talking about some sort of server...which i have no idea about...

you experts...please help me...i can't do anything before i get it done...T_T

I want to say thank you in advance.

BTW, if you know how to transfer pix from my computer to BB, please share your knowledge...

jontalotta 12-05-2005 07:56 PM


Welcome to the site. For answers to your questions, start where every newbie should start -- Mark Rejhon's FAQs (click the Search button, and you'll see the link). In short, ringtones are downloaded to the BB from the Internet. If you have a ringtone you want to load, you need to have it hosted on a server, then use the BB's browser to access the server and download the ringtone. Pictures can be loaded onto the BB via email or the Internet.

Good luck,


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