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guzzl3r 02-18-2010 07:55 PM

Zenith/ 9500/ OS 4.7-5.0/ Premium design by guzzl3r
Theme name:Zenith
Theme author: guzzl3r
Supported Device Model(s) and OS: 95xx OS 4.7-5.0
Theme Cost: SALE PRICE $1.99
Download Link(s):

OTA Install for Zenith 95xx OS 5.0

OTA Install for Zenith 95xx OS 4.7

Greetings everyone, here is my newest design called Zenith. It's a pretty simple light weight theme (1.5mb) that is wallpaper friendly.The theme has 15 user customizable icons on the home screen, with another 12 shortcuts for a total of 27 icons on the home screen. You can tap the left of the screen to reveal the hidden folder dock. In the hidden folder dock you have a Today folder, Tools folder,Media folder and a Favorites folder.
When you tap on the Today folder it will reveal your calendar and messages hidden today entries(8 entries). Tap the Today folder again to close it to avoid overlapping the other folders. This is the only folder you have to tap again to close. I designed it this way so users will be able to tap on individual entries if they need to.

When you tap to open the other folders they will close by themselves when you focus off of them. Each icon inside the other folders will be tap to activate.

In the Favorites folder you have 8 user defined icons(icon slots 8-15) that are also tap to activate.

In the bottom dock you have access to 6 more user defined icons(icon slots 2-7). You can also hide the bottom dock by tapping the bottom of the dock in the middle. You also have a short cut to the app screen on the left of the bottom dock (click to go to app screen)and on the right side of the bottom dock you have the QuickLaunch shortcut(click to activate). These shortcuts will remain even if you hide the bottom dock.

Lastly you have a user defined icon in the banner with status text underneath(icon slot 1)recommended for use with any weather app. The weather app will also show on your lock screen in portrait and in landscape mode.

There are download links at the top of the page and at the bottom there is also a layout of the theme at the bottom with all the shortcuts labeled. If there are any concerns or questions you can email me at [email address].


-User defined fonts
-Custom menus and submenus
-Wallpaper friendly
-27 icons on home screen(15 user definable)
-Hidden Today (tap the Today folder)(8 entries)
-QuickLaunch(app sold separately) (click right side of bottom banner)
-Weather support (icon slot 1)
-Hidden Folder dock with your most used BlackBerry app shortcuts(tap the left side of the screen to reveal)
-Hidden bottom dock with 6 user defined icons(icon slots 2-7)

OTA Install for Zenith 95xx OS 5.0

OTA Install for Zenith 95xx OS 4.7

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