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Laura&faith 02-24-2011 03:51 PM

where is everything
Hi I don't no if I'm writting in the right thread but I need a bit of help,

I plugged my bb in computer as I always do, and everything was fine un plugged it and everything was ok, now I've just plugged it back in the computer and sumthing kept popping up, and when I clicked view files it wouldn't let me open anythingh it was saying they were all shortcuts so unplugged it and I've lost photos videos and music, but my wallpaper of my daughter is still on the back ground n my music as my ringtone is there anyway if getting everything back or have I lost them

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Dubdub 02-24-2011 04:53 PM

Re: where is everything
With the device on, remove the battery for about 30 seconds. Replace it and let the device reboot. Does that fix it? If not, you might have corrupted a file and will need to wipe and reinstall the OS. And if you do not have a backup, all your data could be lost.

And you should not just unplug the device from your PC. You need to use the "remove device" wizard".

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