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johansoncm 05-12-2011 09:50 AM

Storm 2 Media Player / file issue. Grrrrrrrr
Hi Folks,

Did some searching and cant seem to find a fix for my issue.

I did a resync of music on my Storm 2, copied all the songs over as expected. I looked at the song count in the playlist vs. what was being shown in the media player after it did the rescan and media player said there were 5 more songs than were in the playlist that i synched.

Started digging and was able to locate one of the rogue song entries that was not in my playlist, Tried to delete it and nothing, no error, nothing.

Went to the file browser and had it list "All Files". located one of the files in question and looked at the properties. Said it was located on the Media Card... weird i just formatted the card and resynched, even browsed to the location and of course it's not where it says it is.

Pulled the SD card out and the files still show up in the file browser and in the media player but i cant delete these links... Grrrr frustrating.

Am i going to have to wipe and reinstall the OS?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


aiharkness 05-12-2011 04:12 PM

Re: Storm 2 Media Player / file issue. Grrrrrrrr
I could not follow exactly what you did. I cannot tell if you are saying the sync did not work the way it should have, or if you are saying the media app on the BlackBerry is not accurately showing what is on the device.

In the case of the later, that type of problem is often fixed by deleting the .dat files and then letting the device re-scan the card.

If the former, I do not know.

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