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mstandifer 08-12-2011 11:15 AM

Audio Books Playback Order
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This is a follow-up to this thread:

The problem was that audio books were not playing back in order even though the file names were in order.

The answer given, while perhaps correct for music, was not correct for audio books.

The answer was:
"The default sort order is by file name. If you are using 2 digit numbers it shouldn't be a problem."

This answer works as described IF there is no track meta data (i.e. blank). However, if there is actual track meta data and you want to use it, it MUST have a 0 in front of any single digit numbers.

The easy answer is to download a free tag editor and blank all the track numbers and it will then play by file name subject to the same 0 in front of single digit numbers. If you are OCD about your meta data you can edit the track number to have a 0 in front of it.

NOTE: Even if you put a 0 in front of the single digit numbers, Windows explorer will not show you the 0 but it's still there after you put one in. You can verify it's existence with the tag editor.

mstandifer 08-12-2011 10:04 PM

Re: Audio Books Playback Order
So, after experimenting with this further (and not finding an edit button for my post above) I've discovered the above does not work either. Back to square 1.

I have removed ALL metadata except the basic permanent file attributes and the OEM player still randomizes the playback.

The only solution is to create a playlist and be done with it. Titles do NOT affect playback order. File names don't and track number doesn't.

Ripped audio books are apparently their own animal.

Anyone figures it out post it here.

mstandifer 08-12-2011 10:17 PM

Re: Audio Books Playback Order
Ok, I give up completely. A playlist will still randomize your selections even if you put them in the correct order. How is that even possible?

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