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oneflip 08-27-2008 11:22 AM

Username: Carsmovies 10 /10
[b]Item:[N95 8GB]
[b]Buyer or Seller?[Seller]
[b]Was it Shipped?[Yes]
As Described?
Thread Link:
[b]Price Sold For:[$550CAN]
Rating (10 Being the Highest) 10/10

Additional Comments:


I just wanted to tell everyone that carsmovies is A OK in my book. I have bought over 15 phones from him in the past with not one issue. If he even sneezed on the device before he sold it to me he would of taken off some $$$. he wouldn't lead anyone in a bad way when it comes to a sale so............

Consider this......................

The Bold is the biggest and most anticipated RIM device to date so if he wanted to test to call quality then I think a day longer in his hands wouldn't of mattered.

Carsmovies is like a brother to me in the device world.

Have a good day everyone and PRO WIRELESS! ! ! !

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