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CRWJumper 04-07-2008 06:50 AM

BlackBerry outage this morning?
Both of our BlackBerry servers seem to be able to send email from the Bby devices, but nothing is reaching the devices since yesterday afternoon. Both servers are reporting contact with the devices at this time, but nobody is receiving emails on the devices. Anyone else seeing this?


sferical 04-07-2008 07:15 AM

No problem here on

hd_rider 04-07-2008 07:34 AM

I think there might have been an outage as well. I had far fewer e-mails on my 8320 this morning than I usually do. Then during the news I had a whole bunch show up all at once, definitely out of the ordinary.
JohnC - Kechi, KS

JSanders 04-07-2008 07:35 AM

Wirelessly posted (8310; The Juggernaut)

Nothing has been reported at

CRWJumper 04-07-2008 07:56 AM

Issue discovered/resolved
It appears that with our current BES patch level for GroupWise, the BlackBerry Messaging Agent stops polling for new email messages after 49.7 days (no errors are reported) and polling will not restart again until the BlackBerry Messaging Agent is restarted.
This is according to BlackBerry SDR136462.

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