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DominoPizza 03-11-2010 02:33 PM outage?!?
OK, I and another colleague of mine have been dealing with an 'outage' situation here that is driving us both mad. Is there or is there not an outage affecting NE USA here today, Thursday, March 11th of 2010? The last email I received on my company BB was just before 0900ET, and even yesterday afternoon service appeared to have been down for most of the afternoon/evening hours.

In addition, I cannot perform address lookups from my BB to my corporate BES server. I can receive calls/make calls, but the email portion is "shangat", if you take my meaning.


Kindly let me know.


BB 8330 World Edition
VZW Service

NJBlackBerry 03-11-2010 02:42 PM

Is there not.
Have you spoken to your IT Department/BES Admins?

DominoPizza 03-11-2010 03:00 PM

Problem is our BES Admin will out for the next week or so, and we are trying to fill in for her. Interestingly, the BB Mgr software on that system claims not to be able to connect to the BB server at "" (network connection failed is the msg we get), but I can ping that system fine from my own client desktop. I have connectivity to the WWWeb and to the DOMINO server on that machine (it is a VM system, BTW), but connectivity to BB is not working. Any ideas are definitely welcome!

jsconyers 03-11-2010 03:15 PM

Are all the users experiencing issues? Can you send email messages?

DominoPizza 03-11-2010 03:18 PM

That's the rub, no one in our enterprise appears to be able send OR receive emails, and messages are queuing on the server. I cannot even look-up an address for a composed email from my own BB.

jsconyers 03-11-2010 03:19 PM

Are the BB services running? What troubleshooting steps have you taken? What do the logs show?

DominoPizza 03-11-2010 03:26 PM

Currently, all of the BB services are running, the Domino server appears to be fine. But what we are seeing are messages along these lines: "03/11/2010 03:22:14 PM {Our User /Domain} Queued new message (PIN 31xxxxxx, "mail\xxxxxxxx.nsf" on CN=server/O=domain): folder "($I****)", posted date 03/11/2010 03:20:00 PM, added date 03/11/2010 03:19:11 PM, TID=36xxxxx, RID=-479xxxxxx, NID=6Cxxx". THE Domino log is full of such entries, is there another log I need to look into? We have rebooted this machine several times, and I have even tried to request a new encryption key on my BB and performed a hard reboot of it as well.

Thanks for your assistance, it is tremendously appreciated!

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