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Shelly G 11-02-2010 10:18 AM

Problems with reconnecting to a saved Wi-Fi
I'm a tester and part of my job is testing connectivity issues
My problem is with BB 9700
The BB has a saved Wi-Fi network and when I try to connect to it in the first time everything is Ok
But, as a part of my tests I need to start working with Wi-Fi, clos it, moving to 3G and then return to the Wi-Fi
In my 2 devices I have the same problem that after closing the Wi-Fi and opening it ( manually through the device) it's not connecting
The BB finds the network but the connection is not established properly
Are you familiar with this problems?
Is this related to the os? or to the router?
What do I need to change?
The only that the device is establishing connection again is only after rebooting the device
I test also on iPhone that doesn't have this problems...


freakinvibe 11-03-2010 02:10 AM

I have a 9700 and don't have this WiFi problems. Check that you have the latest operating system on the devices.

BTW, you are in the wrong section of this forum. "Network Outages" is reserved for carrier issues.

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