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Bingle 04-09-2009 02:04 PM

Blackberry 7730
Hi, I've just bought a 7730 (second hand) and have no idea how to use it. Is there a link to a user manual I could download? Also, I would welcome comments about this phone. What do other users think of it?
Thanks, Ian

NJBlackBerry 04-09-2009 02:14 PM

It's a bit on an antique. 16mb RAM. What do you want to use it for?
Here's a link to download the User guide - Livelink - Redirection

akosnitzky 04-09-2009 03:18 PM

Wirelessly posted (Its All About the U!)

Hmm. Maybe good for basic e-mail and PIM

david9962000 04-09-2009 03:22 PM

Welcome and good luck.

Raptor464 04-10-2009 11:36 AM


Bingle 04-10-2009 12:00 PM

Blackberry 7730 user guide
Thank you all for replies. I just want it to check emails. I normally only use a mobile phone when my car breaks down!
NJBlackberry: Thanks for the links, but they don't seem to work. I get to pages that list 'getting started' manuals (in various languages) but when I click on them I just go to blank pages. So I'm no further forward and, looking at my little paperweight, I'm still wondering how I'm going to use it! Perhaps I am doing something wrong?
Are there any other routes to get the user guide?
Best Wishes, Ian

NJBlackBerry 04-10-2009 12:03 PM

All links are working fine from my desktop. Sorry you are having issues with them.

Do you have a BlackBerry Data Plan - you must have that in order to check your e-mail.

To help you get started, you may want to check the BlackBerry FAQ web site - BlackBerry FAQ - BlackBerryFAQ

Good luck.

Bingle 04-11-2009 04:51 AM

7730 manuals
Success! I have now managed to download and print guides and manuals. I persevered with the links and eventually they worked. It may be that I am using AOL? Anyway, will get cocoa and slippers and get ready for a long read! I have not yet signed up to a service as I bought the 7730 secondhand. 02 has a 'sim only' contract for Blackberrys at 20 per month which looks interesting. Has anyone had experience of this, or any recommendations for other providers? I do appreciate all your comments and help. Best wishes, Ian

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