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big_daddy 03-26-2006 12:19 PM

Hi everybody
Hello everyone, I just bought my blackberry a month ago and I'm loving it. But I still have a couple of questions and hopefully somebody can help me here. I use my phone only for personal use, cause I want to be connected all the time, so I don't have the BES system on my phone. The problem when I'm using the internet. Not all the websites are available. When I want to acces secured websites (bank, even school websites and others) I cannot open it. The always ask me to upgrade by browser. They tell how to do it, but I've been scared to mess up my blackberry. What would be the solution, switch from BIS to BES? Would that give me access the most the sites? I hope you guys can help me. Thanks a lot, and this is a great site.

Seattle18 03-26-2006 12:28 PM

Welcome aboard! One tyhing you can do is go into the browser settings and switch the Emulation Mode to Microsoft IE - this makes the web pages you visit think you are actually surfing in Internet Explorer, and not on a BlackBerry.

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