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Hi, I just created this topic, and I will turn into something like a blog of my 8100, 8120 and 8300.
They all have their own sections, and updated separately.

Bought Pearl 8100 T-Mobile...

- Received the BB Pearl 8100 T-Mobile (used)

- Found out about this forums, as well as pinstacker forums
- Installed JL_Cmder It is great utility and includes Screen Shot capture function.
- Wiped and restored the OS and everything else with it

- Called T-Mobile to cancel my T-Mobile Internet plan after finding out that it didn't work with BlackBerry, and in the meantime I asked them about adding BB Data plan. The rep had simply NO IDEA of what I was talking about so I hung up. I went to MyT-Mobile and canceled my T-Mobile Internet from there. Now I am planning to call them to see if I can get a trial with BB Data Plan.
- Theme: Default T-Mobile Zen

- Installed ColorPearl but it didn't work as well as another "Color Ball" program that was on my BB when I got it.
- Installed Metro Map and didn't really find it useful. It is OK in case of emergency, but stations are cluttered, and fonts are too small, and you cannot really zoom on it. I would recommend using maps from your local transportation agency. For example in my case: MTA NYC Transit - Subway Service Information
- Installed AutoLock based on what it claims to do, I will give it and see what happens after a while.
- Error: Uncaught Exception: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException started popping whenever I tried to go Browser Settings (I don't have data plan yet). This was not related to lack of data plan, or so I thought.. Decided to upgrade the OS.

- Wiped and restored the OS and everything else with it once again.
- Downloaded and Installed:

Firmware für BlackBerry 8100 (Pearl) - Version
online seit 03-07-2007 - Download (75 MB | exe)

BlackBerry Desktop Manager
für BlackBerry Geräte
BlackBerry Desktop Manager für Windows 2000/XP/Vista - Version
enthält Roxio Medienmanager für BlackBerry 8300
online seit 15-06-2007 - Download (397 MB | exe)

Currently the BB Version is:
OS: Platform:

I still do not have Data Plan, and the Uncaught Exception error disappeared.

- Activated: BlackBerry Data Add-On with T-Mobile. Received "Your phone has been registered in the Network" message within 15 minutes.
- Installed: Following above activation, OZ Messenger Installation popped up. It has been installed.
- Installed: Went to and installed Google Services v.1.3.0
- Installed: Yahoo Go v.2.0.38 (821660)
- Installed: Opera Mini Beta v.4.0 (137908) Didn't work. It did not connect. Error: Uncaught exception: java.lang.NullPointerException.
- Uninstalled: Opera Mini Beta v.4.0 (137908)
- Installed: Opera Mini 3.1 (143328)

- Installed: viiGo v.2.2.55
- Installed: Magmic Sudoku v.1.0.9,
- Installed: Circle Popper v.?.?
- Installed: Magmic Medieval Kings Chess v.2.0.8,
- Installed: Magmic Ka-Glom! v.?.?,

- Cancelled: BIS $19.99 Add-On from T-Mobile

- Gone.. Pearl is sold to someone else due to increased expense.

Waiting for Curve from AT&T...

- New Service : Moved to AT&T from T-Mobile. Number was immediately available on the new service. It took AT&T the whole day to activate the service because the rep's commission ID just wouldn't take it. Finally it was OK.
- New Blackberry 8300 : Got Curve. $249.99
- Installed : Blackberry Desktop [March 19th, 2007] edition. Phone version (Platform Voice Signal VSuite 2.1 (Version 2036, Build 0233) More information on versions as following:

- Installed : QuickPlayer_8300 v.1.5 (341104) but just realized that it costs $7.95 per month, and will be uninstalling it.
- Uninstalled: Quickplayer (Deleted).
- Installed :ViiGo 2.2.56 (266664) ViigoSE.jad (Standard Edition)

- Installed : Worms 2007 v1.0.1 (421972) Magmic Games Demo (Damn, it is only 24 Hour Demo, and it costs $8.99. It takes a while to load game graphics, but it works fine, and it works in the same manner as regular worms. It is a bit tricky to get used to at first, but once you get the hang of it, it will be a lot of fun. Will uninstall it, though.

- Disappointment : When I went to get Blackberry Maps, It stated that "Blackberry Maps is not available on AT&T Network" I had no idea about this prior to moving to AT&T and will be searching for a way find out a workaround for this issue. I don't understand the logic behind this..
- Installed : Blackberry Maps 1.2.28 (714232) Well, Regardless of above statement, I went ahead and downloaded it. It worked fine. I hate the fact that you cannot search by ZIP code alone, but otherwise you can always skim through map and wait for it to render... a while... then find what you are looking for. It is not the fastest rendering, but it serves the purpose, I guess.
- Installed : Google Maps 1.6.1 (216548) I noticed that during startup of Google Maps, it mentions something about TeleAtlas near Imagery section of Credits. Seems to work a bit faster than Pearl, it could be due to Network or processor/memory speed difference. Not sure..
- Installed : Yahoo! Go 2.0 v.2.0.49 (860500) Took a long time "configuring" whatever it was configuring.. Works fine. Loading is not the fastest, and I got "Your phone as connection issue, please try again" when I tried to check some news.. Not sure what that means!? Connection issue? You mean you cannot connect to Yahoo servers, or the phone cannot connect to the internet at all? When I closed it, it showed "Data Session 0.11MB" Apparently, it can connect.. Let's try one more time. Going to Sports, Loading Widget... and I am waiting. Now it says "Updating Content" and there we go: Your phone encountered a connection issue. Please try again. (c1). Darn it. Let's go search for this issue now. I'll come back to it. And this time 0.03 MB.

- Installed: Texas Hold'Em King 2 v.2.3.0 (278144) free from
- Installed: Blackjack 2.0.7 (71172) free from magmic games mobile site.
- Installed: Frecell 1.6.7 (54484) free from magmic games mobile site.
- Installed: InfoSpace Find It! v.1.4.0 (276092) it works great, it is fast on the searches and displaying results, but the maps use something between very old mapquest and old style MSN maps. The Movies service, local restaurants, etc. is just great. I would give it 5 big fat stars, only if the maps werent so cluttered and slow, otherwise a great service!
- Installed: Digby v1.2.1 (371212) which is supposed to allow users to buy stuff online through simple interface, well we are just gonna have to try it.

-Purchased: 2GB MicroSD from Kingston. Bought from newegg. Ordered on 28th, Arrived on 29th WOW. Kudos to newegg. $22. I added a few videos and songs to the storage card. Videos went through Roxio very smoothly, but it worked a bit slow, not as fast transfer as I would expect.. The picture on BB screen is great!

- Uninstalled: Yahoo Go!
- Uninstalled: Worms 2007
- Installed: Opera Mini 3.x. When I tried to install it, it gave me the error stating it cannot identify my device, so I picked "HIGH Memory Version". It worked OK, but pages loaded slow, and it was choppy..
- Uninstalled: Opera Mini 3.x.
- Installed: Berry411 v.4.20.5 (119304)

- Installed: Yahoo Messenger from RIM v.1.0.95 (148584), and got it working, thanks to the instructions found on the forums, it is now working great. (9/3/07) Alternatively, you can access it from:
- Attempted Installing: RIM Blackberry Live Messenger, version of MSN Messenger for BB, however got the message stating that "Your provider does not allow access to Live Messenger" on Blackberry website on my BB Browser.
- Installed: Ramble Instant Messenger v. (77848) to take advantage of AIM.
- Installed: eFile, and now I am trying to figure out if it is really free, as it brings up a menu asking for "purchase, activate, etc.." It also has "music player" under Play All menu, but it is incredibly buggy and slow. I shouldn't have tried that as it just hung my BB with endless hourglass screen. No buttons respond, so I suggest you don't try play all if you've got bunch of songs in your memory card. I am now gonna have to pull the battery and wait for it to reboot---. That's PITA.
- Uninstalled: eFile, which seems to be pretty useless unless you buy the whole suite for $150 or something like that. This will let you view your files, etc, but there is no way you can open them. Even pictures, or other files that your BB can natively open, will not be opened using eFile. It is a great software, if you pay full price for it. Is it worth it? If you are a rich boss, and want your employees have full access to all files and easily open them all. In addition, eFile lets you access COMPANY HOSTED, Network Shared files as well. Directly, as if they were on your drive.
- Ordered: BestSkinsEver screen protector for my curve. Look at some of the funny stuff they put in the order confirmation screen... $5.99 + $2.00 Shipping for a pair of screen protectors.
Please be aware that almost all orders are shipped by First Class Mail in a business size envelope and will arrive in your mail box.
Try not to mistake this envelope for junk mail and throw it out. Yes, this happens!
Tell your mom, wife or girlfriend about Best Skins Ever before your order arrives. She thinks the word Skin means pr0n and she will throw it out before you ever see it. Yes, this happens too!
- Installed: Opera Mini 4.0, (148076) This time, it seems to work as promised.
- Installed: Pocket Express v.4.0.43 (764388), will give it a shot. Just when it was trying to download I made a mistake and clicked on Cancel / No.. I have no idea why, thanks to trackball. Anyway, trying again right now. It is hefty at almost 1MB for this type of software.. It needs reboot to operate.. will reboot later.

- Installed: PacMan for Blackberry, (Version 2.0 BerryGames) and wow, it is tiny. The controls are on the keyboard, for example Q is up, A is down. It won't work with trackball as it is originally made for scroller type, and to be used with keyboard, it is fine if you got the patience to learn it and get used to it.
- Uninstalled: Pocket Express. It just did not do anything at all, wouldn't start when I clicked on it. As if there was no program. So I uninstalled it. Even with the uninstallation, it asks for reboot.. Such a hassle..
- Registered: I went ahead and registered over at Blackberry Owners Lounge. At this "Lounge" basically you get access to exclusive content from RIM to Blackberry owners. You have to provide your name, IMEI Number and a few other information. Once you log in, you get a few free games, ringtones, wallpapers (including the famous abstract image you have been sing with blue flame) and discounts on various software titles. You also have access to tips and other usage information that may help you with your Blackberry. Also found out about Official RIM BlackBerry Accessories Store - Mobile phone accessory,Batteries,Headsets,Chargers,Cases,Holste rs,Handsfree,travel gear,Cell Phone,7510,7280,7230,7750,6710,7210 Official RIM Store. You will also get updated information in case there are any news, recalls, etc.. specifically for your Blackberry. Here are some basic tips to make you more productive:

Switch to another program
Hold the Alt key and press the Escape button. Continue to hold the Alt key and select a program. Release the Alt key to switch to that program.

Insert a period
Press the Space bar twice. The next letter is capitalized.

Insert the at sign (@) and periods in an email field
Press the Space bar.

Type an accent or special character
Hold the letter key and roll the trackwheel or trackball.

Capitalize a letter
Hold the letter key until the capitalized letter appears.

Move the cursor in a different direction
The Alt key and roll the trackwheel.

Change an option field
Hold the Alt key. Click a value.

Move to an item in a list or menu
Press the first letter of the item.

Select a check box
Press the Space bar. To clear the check box, press the Space bar again.

Select a line of text
Press the Shift key and roll the trackwheel or trackball.

Move down a screen
Press the Space bar.

Move up a screen
Press the Shift key + the Space bar
For more tips and tricks, visit Blackberry Tips and Tricks website.
BlackBerry - Tips and Tricks
For more, go to BlackBerry Discover BlackBerry

- Downloaded: Got the following ringtones from Owners Lounge:
* Interlude
* Smooth Latin
* Step Out
* Chivalry
* Metro Lights
* Passage
* Persistence
* Seeker
* Big Ben
* Cool Runnins
* Flurry
* Undercover
* Bach: Jesu
* Beethoven: Fur Elise
* Funky
* Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake

- Downloaded: Used special discount code (%100 Discount) and purchased Texas Hold'em King II and Sudoku from Handango. I will install the one I previously downloaded (demo) and install this one. Immediate download is provided after registration. Also downloaded Monopoly Tycoon 2007 3.1.7 for free.

- Website Information: Found out about a service RIM is offering to accept used Blackberry devices and provide a discount for it towards a purchase of a newer Blackberry Device: BlackBerry Trade Up Program

- Uninstalled: Pocket Express, wow, that thing didn't even start!
- Error: After uninstalling Pocket Express, the icon was left behind in the icon grid. When I clicked on it, this error came up:

Error Starting com_handmark_express
com+handmark_express_shared not found.

Seems like these modules were left behind: com_handmark_Express, express2, express_locale and express_shared2. Will delete them when I get a chance..

- Error: uncaught exception: Index 101 >= 33 , no reason or explanation..

Found out about: Online FLV Converter : Convert Videos and Save them in various formats

Found out about: LogicMail for BlackBerry - Trac. Here is a nice little software for Blackberry, which allows you to work with your POP/IMAP e-mail providers without going through your Cellphone BIS provider.
- Installed BlackBerryWiki 1.0.1 (15144) from Jonathan H Fisher. OTA Link here. This adds a nice little shorcut direct from home screen to Wikipedia. It works great.
Found out about: This little software, where you can just extract messages, e-mails and other information from your Blackberry Back Up files. Free download ABC Amber BlackBerry Convertor, convert IPD files to CHM, PDF, HTML, Word, Access, Excel, CSV, IPD Extractor
Found out about: Blackberry Theme Sites, following is the list:
Free: - Multimedia For Your Berry (Over 250 Free Themes!)
Gemblock - Free Blackberry Themes and Other Mobile Media Downloads (One of my favorites)

Both Free & Paid:
Free Blackberry Downloads | Themes | Wallpapers | Ringtones | Forum (Must register for free downloads)
all things Berry
Themes (Donation required for some themes)
Blackberry Theme Central (Donation required)
blackberry themes (7100 & 7200 themes only)

Bplay: BlackBerry Games - BlackBerry Themes - BlackBerry Entertainment
Blackberry Themepacks - Themes for 7100 7200 8100 8300 8700 8800 series – The #1 Site for BlackBerry Users & Abusers
Found out about: Berry-a-Code. Which seems like a great solution for those who keeps receiving calls from unknown numbers and would like to know where they are calling from. Simply it matches Area Code to Area and displays it. Pretty cool, but I had no use for it, so I didn't try it. A few people also experienced problems, while others stated that it works flawlessly.

Downloaded Calix_8800_Zen Theme
Downloaded Calix_ATT Theme
Downloaded Calix_ATT_Zen Theme
Tried BBToday and BBWeather. BBweather just won't work and hang the phone. BBToday is OK, but still not much use, because you cannot really go into details from home screen. It is also not stable.
Downloaded Gizmo V. 1.08.95 (266700)

Blackberry RIM Calendar Patch has been installed. CalendarOTAPatcher v. 1.0 RIM (31068)

vTap 0.16 by Veveo installed from vTap (117828)

- Downloaded WorldMate Live 1.0.86 from Owners Lounge (Free Edition) (1248992) PS: This is an incredible little software!
-Downloaded MFradio 0.9.1 (66340) (24kbps works OK)

-Uninstalled Following:
Yahoo! Messenger
Blackjack Highroller
Poker Blast

Installed: Mobile File Manager v.2.5.36, from Rove Mobile.
Installed: WeatherEye v. from Pelmorex Media.

Installed: Windows Live Mobile Search V.1.4.2860.13336 (199152B) from

Installed: BBTran's Translator V.1.2 (96240B) Free!

Installed: vlingo v. (904616B) Free!

For some reason whenever I try to create a new folder on home screen using this "Untitled Theme 14" it hangs, and gives me white screen of death. Very strange...

-UnInstalled: vlingo v. (904616B). I really didn't want to lose one of the side buttons, (currently for camera and google maps). Maybe if Curve had a third side button.
-Updated Desktop Manager v. I upgraded that somewhere along the line, but I forgot the date, so I will just put it here. While I am at it, here is my updated device info screen:

-UnInstalled: xPlayer v1.0.1 since it wasn't really what I was looking for and I haven't used it much..
-UnInstalled: Ramble v., it kept disconnecting and acted weird, sure it is good to have and works nice when it works, but it just wasn't stable..
-UnInstalled: Mobile File Manager v.2.5.36, since it did not allow me to open text files or pdf directly from storage device, it would only list them, and would only open picture files, that was it..

Applications to be erased:
Mobile File Manager

Installed: Downloaded MobileBG v0.9.6 (198761) in JAR format via:
Current Release

The current release is 0.9.6. The easiest way to install the game is to use your mobile browser, and download it from
  1. Open on your mobile browser
  2. Select Quick Download
  3. Enter quick download code 8301
Game seems to work fine, but it is a little strange when moving the pieces, sometimes the computer plays very fast and you miss what he moved, sometimes it moves slowly, I guess hitting a button makes it move faster (animation-wise).

Installed: Magmic Backgammon King v.2.0.2 (Bplay : Backgammon King) Demo. With very strange problem, as soon as I try to start it, it says "Trial Expired" and gives me option to Purchase or Exit... Although I don't remember trying it before. I may have tried and forgot to document it, it is possible..
Installed: Nintaii Demo 1.0.8 by Mobigloo.

Installed: Upgraded gmail to 2.0.6 (423000) from 1.5.1. I am looking forward to being able to read e-mails faster, and with offline support. I thought the original one would be faster, but it is nothing like blackberry's own e-mail client. Gmail was so much slower, unresponsive and buggy. I assume it was due to network/connection issues. Now that they added offline viewing, I beleive it should have larger cache to store e-mails and therefore have better response to requests/search, etc.. It is nice that it now allows you to switch accounts, although I merged all of my accounts under one master account, no need to switch anywhere! "Please be patient while Gmail loads for the first time..."

Tried to Install: I tried to upgrade Google Maps on my Blackberry, but it won't let me... It says it cannot display the item, and asking me to save it.. I don't need to save it..

Upgraded OS: Upgraded OS from 4.2 to

Software For BlackBerry® Curve (TM) 8300 smartphone
BlackBerry Handheld Software v4.5.0.108 (EastAsia)

Package Version:
Consisting of:
* Applications:
* Software Platform:
* File name: 8300EastAsia_PBr4.5.0_rel108_PL2.7.0.78_A4.5.0.81_ Voda_Australia.exe
* File size: 71.88MB
Application data will be backed up.
All application data will be deleted.
All applications will be deleted.

The following applications will be added or updated on your device:
    BlackBerry 4.5.0 System Software
    BlackBerry 4.5.0 Core Applications
    English UK
    BlackBerry API Library
    BlackBerry Attachment Service
    BlackBerry Certificate Key Store Browser Library
    BlackBerry CMS Library
    BlackBerry Crypto 1 Library
    BlackBerry Crypto 2 Library
    BlackBerry Crypto 3 Library
    BlackBerry Crypto Applications API Library
    BlackBerry ECMAScript Library
    BlackBerry Key Store Browser Library
    BlackBerry LDAP Browser Library
    BlackBerry Messenger
    BlackBerry PGP Email Library
    BlackBerry PGP Key Store Browser Library
    BlackBerry PGP LDAP Browser
    BlackBerry PGP Library
    BlackBerry S/MIME Email Library
    BlackBerry Secure Email Library
    BlackBerry X.509 LDAP Browser
    BlackBerry XML Library
    Email Setup Application
    English UK Language Support
    GSA CAC Smart Card Driver Library
    Password Keeper
    TTY Support
    PIV Smart Card Driver Library
    SafeNet 330 Smart Card Driver Library
    Documents To Go
    Christmas Pool
    Google Maps
    Handmark Blackjack
    InfoSpace Find It!
    Backgammon King
    Disco Bowling
    Medieval Kings Chess 2
    Outbreak Control
    Pub Checkers
    Texas Hold'em King 2
    Live Search
    Nintaii Demo
    WorldMate Live
    Opera Mini
    Untitled THEME 14

Unrecognized modules that will be removed:

Application data will be restored.
Upgrade Process Started 1:33 PM
Upgrade Process Ended 2:29 PM.

Installed: Updated Documents To Go from 1.000.080 to 1.002.016 (2.2 MB).

Installed: BerryTunes v.2.5.4 (89.1 KB) from BerryTunes 2.5 (Demo/Trial). It seems to work fine. Lack of controls while playing music from storage card is not favorable, however with streaming you don't really need any controls since you can just use rocker to control the volume, and you can't really pause streams anyway (although you can pause them on PC with WinAmp plugins). Anyway, depends on the final cost, it may be worth the price, as long as it allows adding PLS or Shoutcast stations.

Installed: Following Themes:
  • Plasmic Classy Corners Refresh Today 4.5
  • Plasmic Classy Corners Refresh Blue Steps 4.5
  • Plasmic Classy Corners Refresh Dark L 4.5
Installed: Nobex Radio Companion (155.5 KB)
Installed: FlyCast Radio Streaming v.1.22 (162.7 KB) It asked me that I should allow ALL for this software, but I still denied some sensitive information like GPS location, PIM, Address Book, and other access, why would it need access to those?

Replaced: I bought and replaced the LCD lense (plastic piece) and the scroll ball.

Installed: radiobee from Smart Mobile Solutions, V.1.5.1 (79.5 KB) hoping that I could finally be able to listen to shoutcast streams with this..

Still using my Curve, and will continue to update this portion for my phone. Will add below for my wife's Phone

Bought Pearl 8120 T-Mobile...
Purchased: Got Blackbery Pearl 8120 for my wife. Paid $290 with 1YR contract. Breakdown: $200 2YR Price of Phone + $50 Extra for 1YR + $18 Upgrade Fee = $268 + NYS Tax. $50 MIR Available, To bring cost down to $240. It now sounds a bit expensive...

Got 4GB MicroSD for $20. Including adapter for MiniSD and SD readers.

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ZED 10
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I stopped updating the topic.. since nothing much is happening. The only thing I did recently was Update Viigo to the newer version and also install/try vlingo (which I didn't find much use for)

Edit: just updated with a few...
Z30, AT&T

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Got to watch Jeopardy, Jeopardy comes on at six. Im sorry I just had to, but your post is very well documented nice work!
Dacy Jackson
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Welcome to BBF!
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OS Upgraded, Blog updated.
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Thumbs down

I can't edit my post anymore!
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Downloaded BeFTP from
BEIKS Mobile - dictionaries, proofing tools, games and more for mobile devices
Seems to work well.
Z30, AT&T
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This reads like an excellent candidate for Twitter.
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