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Default Leaked OS 6: No Internet after Upgrade

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Tried this post elsewhere with (very) limited response, so trying here. I'm not sure exactly which forum is most appropriate.

Device: 9700 with (hopefully, one day) OS 6.xx-.418
Carrier: AT&T

I've looked and haven't found this problem yet, and decided (rightly or wrongly) it's not an OS 6 problem, but some sort of weird AT&T provisioning problem since no other OS 6 "early adopters" seem to have this. If this is OT for this forum, though, please (gently) advise.

I just upgraded a 9700 on AT&T's network to the leaked .418 version, booted up, and joy all over the world. OS 6 is awesome! Then, reinstalled from my 5.0 back up my apps, and there's no internet access. Everything else is working great: phone, SMS, etc., but nothing that requires internet (IP) access is working over the 3G network (I do have the "3G" in my signal strength indicator).

Note that all internet stuff works just fine over WiFi.

Here's what I initially did:
  • Backed up everything
  • Did the Alt-SBEB legacy service book backup magic
  • Backed up the service books
  • Used Apploader to install new OS with minimum apps (I think Opera & Google Maps were the only third party apps I attempted to install with the OS)
  • Did a battery pull
  • Plugged into DM
  • Restored my service books (since the initial install, I've tried both with and without doing the Alt-SBEB magic on the new OS 6)
  • Restored my data only
  • Sync'd my music

Note that not in any of this have I wiped the device (via BBSAK or equivalent); I don't think that would have anything to do with IP pathology, but am open to ideas.

Here are a few other things I've tried:
  • Several battery pulls
  • Went to Host Router Table and did the register; got a message like, "Request queued and will be sent when data service is available".
  • The Advanced->TCP IP had the APN set for Cingular, which I assume is correct. The parameters were:
    • APN: wap.cingular
    • Username for APN: [email address]
    • Password for APN: cingular1
    I have found various combinations and permutations of this information at several places, and have tried all combinations & permutations, including various capitalizations. In order to minimize the possibility of typos (particularly the password, since it is rendered with the "***..." thing; and, after doing it so much, for convenience), I now have the info saved in MemoPad, and cut and paste it into the appropriate fields, although I just started doing this.
    I've also tried disabling authentication, just for grins.
  • Deleted all my service books (except "PROVISIONING", which can't be deleted), did a battery pull, and let them redownload. Didn't seem to get back as many, but everything seems to be working except, still, the internet over 3G.

Evidently, this is a unique problem, as I've had very limited success in getting any responses.

If I don't get any ideas soon, the next steps are:
  • Wipe the device
  • Restore vanilla AT&T version 5.whatever
  • Ensure internet and everything is working there
  • Wipe the device again
  • Try installing 6 (maybe a hybrid) again
Any further ideas?
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Default Re: Leaked OS 6: No Internet after Upgrade

I presume no one has any further ideas?
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Default Re: Leaked OS 6: No Internet after Upgrade

Here's your problem! You are overthinking it! I've supervised over 40 Blackberry 6 leak installs on 9700, 9650, 9300, 9330, 9100.

All you do is start with any copy of 5 and all the apps you normally use. And any further leaks will upgrade on top of your 418, that this procedure should fix for you (keep in mind - further upgrades are simple - install to PC. Delete Vendor.xml. Launch Loader.exe. That's it!)

Email a copy of all this to yourself, first! Then do the following - in exact order! No deviations!

1. Because you've messed around, just go to add/remove programs and Uninstall OS 6 from the PC - then do a PC Reboot

2. I assume you still have that clean backup from before the upgrade attempt - so you will be restoring OS 5 first, and then restoring that backup

3. So - open DM 6. Click on "Device" top left. Then Update my device. A window will pop up saying No Updates available. Regardless, on the bottom left - click on "View other Versions" button. And your latest OS 5 install should be there. Check it. Install that with the apps you want to use on 6. OS 5 apps work fine (almost every one I've tried works). Just don't take any themes with you!!

4. Restore your original backup - make sure everything is working fine. Then make sure to unplug BB.

5. Double click on the original OS install file. When it's done installing - Go to Program Files, Common Files, Research in Motion, Apploader - Folder.

6. Make sure that DM is Closed! Then Delete Vendor.xml file (And if you have Vista or Win7 open Compatibility Files and Delete Vendor.xml there too ... )

7. Run Loader.exe from that exact same folder and plug BB in again. Select the apps you want to migrate to OS 6 - select Social Feeds if you want that too (listed under Phone). This version is much better than the previous 3 leaks I've played with. You will need a good memory booster (I recommend Power Mem @ app world $4) it should take about 20min for the upgrade.

The current configuration and preferences that you used in 5 will all transfer to 6. You won't be restoring any backups. It's not needed. Loader.exe (Ver 6 comes with the 418 package) is smart enough to totally migrate old options and preferences, personal data, messages, etc. BBM contact lists are transfered flawlessly (BBM messages will not be kept - unless you have been keeping them on your media card - but, during the upgrade, old conversations are lost - you can always cut and paste and save them as memos)

Installing this way should give you full browser usage. The ONLY time any of those I've helped, have had browser problems, was when their carriers weren't gearing up for BB 6 yet. Since you are on AT+T, this won't be an issue.

That's it. If you have further problems or questions - PM me. I've got an OS 6 support BBM group - you are welcome to join . We've found a lot of shortcuts and simple workarounds for a missing cursor in BBM and some applications. We affctionately call it the "Ghost Cursor". The webkit browser has a cool "Pinch to Zoom feature too. (Hold alt and scroll up or down then release alt)
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