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BCHockeyFan 03-13-2011 12:15 PM

OS Update Freezing at net_rim_bb_phone_resource
Hi All,

I was having the same or similar problem as many people have reported, where my Blackberry Torch 9800 was freezing at "net_rim_bb_phone_resouce.cod" when trying to update to the new (recommended) OS for my Blackberry. After several cycles of wiping the Blackberry clean (with JL_Cmder) and then trying to re-install the new or old OS onto the Blackberry, I continued to have the same problem ... always freezing at "net_rim_bb_phone_resouce.cod". I even went as far as removing and reinstalling the Blackberry Desktop Manager and deleting all ".cod" files on my computer (thinking that one of them might be corrupted).

Finally, after several hours with no progress, I switched from my desktop computer (using Windows XP) to my laptop computer (using Windows Vista). The installation of the new OS via the laptop computer worked (the first time and every time since then) ... which leads me to believe/suggest that the Blackberry Desktop Manager and/or installation of Blackberry OS might not be fully compatible with Windows XP. Alternatively, there might be a compatibility issue between the Blackberry Desktop Manager, the OS files, and the Blackberry device.

Note #01: I was able to repeat the problem on the Windows XP desktop computer several times, and also able to repeat the success on the Windows Vista laptop computer at least twice.

Note #02: There are also a few other differences between the desktop and laptop that might account for the problem (such as USB 1.0 vs 2.0, possible conflicting software, etc), but the version of Windows is the most obvious.

Note #03: The exact version of the OS to which I was initially trying to update on my Torch was (Bundle 1907).



aiharkness 05-12-2011 05:36 PM

Re: OS Update Freezing at net_rim_bb_phone_resource
To the OP, I have been using WinXP all along and almost no problem, at least not with OS installs. But if you search you'll see some people have had weird and varied problems. In your case I suspect something with your machine.

To ricafern, let me clue you in. You may have received a courtesy notice of a device software update available. The current desktop manager will automatically update the device, or you can download the OS installer from your carrier to your PC and install it to the device. You may also have the option to install the update OTA from the device. I dare say you were not invited to blindly install something, at least not by RIM or your mobile carrier.
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NJBlackBerry 05-12-2011 05:39 PM

Re: OS Update Freezing at net_rim_bb_phone_resource
I split the thread..

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