$5,000 Estimated Resale: Tecan Ultra Evolution Basic Plate Reader Lab Equipment For Sale

 $5,000 Estimated Resale: Tecan Ultra Evolution Basic Plate Reader Lab Equipment

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$5,000 Estimated Resale: Tecan Ultra Evolution Basic Plate Reader Lab Equipment:

Removed from working lab environment, does not come with software.Has some obvious buffs and scratches on front. (See pics)spwindustrial.com sells it used for $8,750
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TECAN ULTRA Microplate Reader, a multi-functional microplate reader developed especially for life scientists working with very high throughputs. The ULTRA lets you choose between several fluorescence techniques as well as absorbance and luminescence modes, without having to change the optical system.Specifications style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0); font-family: "Times New Roman"; font-size: medium;">

  • Fully modular system
  • Top and bottomFluorescenceIntensity Emission-, Fluorescence
  • Fluorescence Resonanace Energy TransferFRET
  • Adjustable bandwidth
  • Fluorescence Time ResolvedTRF
  • Fluorescence Type
  • Fast wavelength scanning capabilities
  • High sensitivity for short measurement times
  • With years of TECAN expertise behind it, the ULTRA gives you precise readings every time, even at very low detection limits. This flexible reader can handle any plate format up to 1536 wells, for all techniques. It can read a 1536 well plate in less than a minute and so is ideal for very high throughput applications when you need results immediately.Three axis positioning (x, y, z) allows you to select the best measuring conditions to suit different well shapes, sample volumes and assay types, giving outstanding sensitivity. Various filters are available for different applications, including special dichroic mirrors for Fluorescein, Europium and Cy5 a fully automatic, computer controlled Fluorescence,Fluorescence Intensity, FRET, TRF, FP, Luminescence and Absorbance instrument for measuring samples in a microplate. The instrument fulfills the requirements for numerous fluorescence, luminescence and absorbance applications in research and routine investigations.

    The filters are arranged in filter slides; four excitation filters and four emission filters respectively can be installed in the slides.Handles 6, 24, 96, 384 and 1536 well plates. Spectral range 230-999nm for fluorescence. 230-1000nm absorbance spectral range. Sensitivity≤1.5picogram fluorescein on each well or≤4fmol well. The emission signal is measured by a highly sensitive PMT. Different detection techniques with one instrument change of measurement directions (top / bottom) by PC software. Thermal incubation at+5º C to + 42º C.Dual optical channels allow measurements from above or below the plate by mouse-click. Light to and from the samples is focused by a lens and high quality filters are easily accessible from the front of the instrument. Each filter slide can hold up to four filters.
    Orbital shaking and temperature control are standard.Suggested use with black plates for bottom-to-top readings. Optimal use with black plates prevent formats6 to 1536 well platesAbsorbance Range230-999nmTemperature control
    Ambient + 5 °C to 42 °C
    Shakinglinear or orbital, 3 velocitiesFluorescence Intensity

    Wavelength range

    Excitation: 230 – 850 nm, emission: 280 – 850 nm


    Adjustable from 2.5 nm – 10 nm below 280 nm, 5 nm – 20 nm else

    Wavelength accuracy

    ± 1 nm

    Wavelength precision

    ± 1 nmSensitivity* – top reading– 384 well plate0.2 fmol / wellFluoresceinSensitivity* – bottom reading– 384 well plate0.6 fmol / wellFluoresceinTime Resolved FluorescenceSensitivity* – 384 well plate60 amol / well EuropiumFluorescence PolarizationPrecision – 384 well plate3 mP standard deviation @ 1nM FluoresceinFluorescence PolarizationWavelength Range 275-750nmAbsorbanceWavelength range230 – 1000 nmBandwidth2.5 nm below 280nm, 5 nm elseWavelength accuracy± 1 nmWavelength precision± 1 nmMeasurement range0 – 4ODAccuracy @ 492 nm0 – 2OD: ± 1% and 0.006ODPrecision @ 492 nm0 – 2OD: ± 0.5% and 0.005ODGlow Type LuminescenceChemi or BioluminescenceWavelength readings400-700NMFluorescence Absorbance FP384 well plate25 sec 25 sec 45 sec1536 well plate37 sec 27 sec 108 secRead times – fast scanningFluorescence scanning of 384 well plate, 450 nm – 550 nm,
    5nm step: 321 sec for 384 spectraAbsorbance scanning of 384 well plate, 450 nm – 550 nm,
    5nm step: 103 sec for 384 spectraInterface ConnectionsRS 232 serial & parallel port

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