qf115 15-amp 1 pole 120-volt ground fault circuit interrupter For Sale

 qf115 15-amp 1 pole 120-volt ground fault circuit interrupter

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qf115 15-amp 1 pole 120-volt ground fault circuit interrupter:

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QF115 15-Amp 1 Pole 120-Volt Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Item Description


GFCIs protect against electrical shock that result from ground faults. Ground faults occur when electrical current in devices stray outside of its normal path. A human body can become part of this circuit, which results in an electrical shock. GFCIs analyze the amount of current entering and existing from the circuit and will trip when the difference is greater than a certain value.

Single Pole GFCI
View largerSingle Pole GFCI OfferingSingle Pole GFCI Wiring Diagram

Siemens GFCI circuit breakers are UL Listed and CSA Certified as Class A devices. Current imbalances of 4-6 milliamps or more between load conductors will cause the ground fault sensor to trip the circuit Breaker. Note: A load neutral is not required on the circuit. However, the white line neutral (pigtail) must be connected to the panel neutral for the device to function. The Siemens 2-pole GFCI circuit breaker can be installed on a 120/240-volt AC single phase, 3-wire system, the 120/240-volt AC portion of a 240/120-volt, 3-phase, 4-wire system, or on a 208Y/120-volt, 3-phase, 4-wire system. When installed on these systems, protection is provided for 2-wire, 240V AC or 208V AC circuits; 3-wire, 120/240-volt AC circuits. The Siemens 1-pole GFCI circuit breaker is to be installed only on a single phase 120/240-volt AC system.

Features / Ratings
  • Available in 1-pole (15-30 amps) and 2-pole (15-60 amps) through 60 amp rating
  • Available in 10 kA and 22 kA ("H") interrupting rating
  • Suitable for a variety of construction applications: spas, hot tubs, kitchens, bathrooms, etc.
  • Resists false tripping (shielded to prevent RF interference)
  • Standard 1 inch per pole format with plug-in design
  • UL Listed and CSA Certified
  • Also available in BLF type (low tab bolt-on)
  • Provides Class A GFCI protection
  • HACR rated

Main Features

  • 15-Amp
  • 1 Pole
  • Plug in type
  • 1-Inch frame
  • UL listed


  • Manufacturer: View-Pak/Siemens
  • Shipping Weight (pound) : 0.0
  • Shipping Dimensions:
    Width: 3.20
    Length: 4.40
    Height: 1.10

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