3CX VoIP Cloud-hosted PBX - with one to four lines of SIP service For Sale

3CX VoIP Cloud-hosted PBX - with one to four lines of SIP service

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3CX VoIP Cloud-hosted PBX - with one to four lines of SIP service:

3CX is an affordable, scalable open-standard virtual PBX system that's simple to install, easy to manage, and operates on a budget. As a 3CX Titanium Partner,SPARK brings our technical expertise in 3CX, our SPARK SIP service, and our leveraged purchasing power together for you all in onepackage - tailored exclusively for America's small businesses that need business phone lines at an affordable price.

As an -only offer, the buy-it-now fee listed represents a one-time SPARK Services account setup fee. This qualifies you to purchase 3CX service >>> INCLUDING SIP SERVICE<<< from us for $19.95/month per line from one to four lines, including taxes and regulatory fees as well! SPARK Services will provide the current 4SCStandard version of the 3CX PBX software (with "Free" two-month licensing from 3CX for the software) along with one to four SIP-based VoIP lines(as purchased), unlimited internal extensions (built into the software), cloud hosted on our SPARKservers and fully supported by the SPARK technical services group. No gimmicks, no hassle.(NOTE - United States calling only on the SPARK SIP service for this package deal). Add VoIP phones from the 3CX approved terminal list, connect the phones to your existing high-speed Internet connection, and we'll configure& get your new VoIP systemgoing in 72 hours or less(weekends not included). We do the basic installation and make your system hot, you do the customization as you want it. Or we can do it all for you if you need us to - just cover our labor cost at our current rates.

Our network allows FREE calling to all points in the United States via cost-saving Voice over IP technology. The 3CX software now includes SOFTPHONES in the free version, both for IOS and Android. We cloud host on our servers to keep you free from the hassle of administering your own network, or do it on the 3CX server network - your choice. As long as SPARK Services serves your SIP, our support staff will do both small remote configuration changes andremote troubleshooting FREE OF CHARGE (note - if 3CX corporate support is required on a trouble, a small fee billed by 3CX will apply per support call).

3CX v. 18.3 has an extremelyrobust feature set including the IVR Auto-Attendant, built in fax-server, 3CX web video calling (with proper end equipment), the Virtual Receptionist, a long list of supported terminals from multiple manufacturers, good ease-of-use for the end user or administrator, and excellent support on-line via the 3CX web site. This package is designed for the small business that has an already-existing high speed Internet connection that needs VoIP service NOW!

3CX has greatly enhanced both their video chat platform as well as softphones for iOS and Android. If you have to work remotely because of COVID, 3CX gives your business the flexibility and the current technology to adapt to the ever-changing conditions of today's modern work environment. Work from home? Plug a SIP phone into your home router, do a few quick configuration changes, and you ARE in business!

We can transfer an existing phone number that you already control (called "Porting") into your new VoIP PBX system that you already have advertised to the world.... meaning no loss of business and no modifying your expensive print ads and advertising. Or, if you want a brand new number let us know.... and we'll take care of it for you. Also, note the listing says "local pickup", the system is providedvia Internet cloud accessto our servers only (Offer subject to a one-time $15.00 porting or new number fee per number up to four lines).

Best of all, SPARK does not lock you into a long-term contract. The first month of service is payable prior to service connect, but after that - if you are not happy - you can cancel at ANY time without a cancellation fee or service penalty. Tell that to the providers that hold you hostage or freeze your telephone number unless you pay a stiff cancellation fee. (NOTE - porting out on termination will be allowed on all accounts with a zero balance due on routine monthly service). We also have 24-hour emergency service, if your phonesystem goes down at 4 AM - we have an on-call 3CX certified technician that can take care of any problems on our end.

DO NOT BE CONFUSED by other seller's sales schtick. Other sellers are listing their starting price at a low rate which reflects AWS hosting cost or other vaporware fees while also charging you for SIP services. WE HOST FOR FREE if you are our SIP customer.And, actually now so can 3CX. Don't pay for services that should not cost you anything.

So, in total here is what you pay to start up your service with SPARK (not counting equipment or any labor requested beyond basic setup) on this special deal...

One line - $1.00 Account set-up fee (one time), $19.95/month SIP service, $15.00 TN setup fee (one time fee).

Two lines - $1.00 Account set-up fee (one time), $39.90/month SIP service, $30.00 TN setup fee (two lines - one time fee).

Three lines - $1.00 Account set-up fee (one time), $59.85/month SIP service, $45.00 TN setup fee (three lines - one time fee).

Four lines - $1.00 Account set-up fee (one time), $79.80/month SIP service, $60.00 TN setup fee (four lines - one time fee).

NOTE - 3CX software is free for the first two months, if you desire to continue service after this two-month period expires the license fee from 3CX will apply at the 3CX published price at time of renewal. User terminal equipment (IP phones) must be on the current 3CX supported equipment list found on the 3CX website to support your network. Please be aware this offer is valid ONLY for individuals and businesses physically located within the United States of America. Do not purchase if you are located outside of the United States.

FREE SERVICES include basic technical support via web portal or telephone, minor 3CX configuration changes via remote login, remote troubleshooting support via remote login to your 3CX network, free 3CX hosting on the SPARK server network (NOTE - we can provide on-site support if requested - performed by quote only).

Our business motto is "Big enough to help, small enough to care". We built our business one customer at a time, with a firm handshake and excellent customer service. Today our company serves customers in all 50 states and is a rising star in the VoIP PBX world. SPARK Services ranks in the top 5% of all 3CX partner/dealers world-wide based on sales by volume!If you have questions prior to purchasing, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Don't get hosed by your local cable company with theirbloat-ware services or their low-ball price offering which expires after 12 months, that also requires you "bundle" services.... put some SPARK in your business portfolio today!

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