3L Liquid Nitrogen Container LN2 Tank Dewar Storage Biomedical Vacuum Jacket For Sale

3L Liquid Nitrogen Container LN2 Tank Dewar Storage Biomedical Vacuum Jacket

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3L Liquid Nitrogen Container LN2 Tank Dewar Storage Biomedical Vacuum Jacket:

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3L Cryogenic Liquid Nitrogen Container LN2 Tank Dewar with Straps-NEW

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    1. This liquid nitrogen container is light weight. easy to carry and it has a long holding time.

    2. Liquid nitrogen tank is widely used in the field of animal husbandry, health care and scientific research, mechanical processing. With liquid nitrogen as a refrigerant, save transport animal semen, vaccines, cryogenic assembly toxic species of bacteria and other biological samples, refrigeration health care, medical surgical refrigeration and cryogenic processing of metallic materials, precision parts. Due to extremely low temperature of liquid nitrogen (-196 ℃) and non-toxic side effects, the medical profession is often stored in liquid nitrogen containers with the liquid nitrogen as a refrigerant for surgery, treatment or refrigeration cells, tissues and so on. Treatment of various skin diseases and cosmetology.

    3. Activity for animal semen preservation. Storage and transportation of cattle, sheep, pigs, rare animals such as semen, embryos. Improved varieties. For vaccines, bacteria and viruses, cells, and human and animal organs, such as the long-term active storage.

    Now,our warehouses localed in Los Angeles, USA.

    The goods will be sent to you from United States,Transport time will range from 2-3 workdays according to your location

    What makes our products different---Detail and profession

    • Professional: Our manufacturer has specialized in the design and manufacture for more than 30 years (Since 1976), and has a good reputation for its high quality liquid nitrogen container. It is the biggest LN2 tank manufacturer in the world.
    • High quality: ISO 13485 (medical device) standard and MDD approval from APRAGAZ.
    • Safety: Special designed pump-out lid can be easily to taken out manually, which can release pressure when LN2 leaked into cavity from inner tanks, while other manufacturers’ are difficult to take out manually. Less welding joints on inner tanks, good quality of welding, good stampingprocess, all of which reduce possibility of leakage within inner tanks.
    • Robust and Durable: More than 5 years useful life, Still work well when the tanks arescratched and deformed to have pits due to improper handling.
    • Painting: Use the Sherwin Williams paint: anti low temp, weather proof, good adherence.
    • Lockable Cover: PC Used, anti low temp, weather proof, high tenacity.
    • Most shells are formed by stamping, even and flat surface.
    • less body welding joints, less leakage likelihood.
    • Cork: adopts multi airtight holes, same material inside and outside, good thermal insulation, no crack on the surface with longtime use.
    • Top quality active carbon absorbent.
    • Inner shell: Less welding joints, no wrinkles on surface, no scratchon surface, surface clean.

    Kindly Notes:
    1. Can only be used for filling containers with liquid nitrogen,liquid chtorine should not refillable, liquid oxygen and other gases. Containers to prevent the use of the process of collision and beat to avoid the damage of the high vocuum tank
    2. Liquid nitrogen is a cryogenic liquid (-196 ℃), as the same may cause burns similar to frostbite on contact with skin, so special attention should be filling and removing the liquid nitrogen in
    3. can not be replaced by other special lid stopper, but can not use the sealing plug, so continuous evaporation of liquid nitrogen, the nitrogen pressure increased formation damage caused by the vessel
    4. when the liquid level in the container inspection, application and practical small plastic rod or solid small stick into the bottom, remove over 5 to 10 seconds, the length of the frost that is highly liquid
    5. long-term storage of liquid nitrogen room should ventilation window, ventilation

    • Products using high-strength aerospace aluminum alloy manufacturing, product light weight, easy to carry
    • Products can be stored for a long biological specimens, save animals, semen, biomedical field vaccines
    • Protective jacket to prevent the use of bump scratch
    • Be numbered pails, easy to identify and separate storage
    • Vacuum multilayer insulation design
    • Capacity:3 L
    • Material:Aluminum Alloy
    • Mouth Diameter:50mm / 1.97 in
    • Outer Diameter (mm) : 228mm / 8.98 in
    • Height (mm) : 450mm / 17.72 in
    • Depth of Canister:111mm/ 4.37 in
    • Diameter of Canister:35mm / 1.38 in
    • Static Hold Time (Day):36 days
    • Optional Locking Cover:Yes
    • Empty Weight:7.04LBS/3.2kg
    • Canister:6 pcs
    • Evaporation :0.16 L/ day

Package Content
    • 1× 3L Liquid Nitrogen Tank Static Cryogenic Container
    • 1× User manual
    • 6 pcs Canisters
    • 1× Vacuum Jacket
Notes:We won't ship to VIRGIN ISLANDS, PUERTO RICO, ALASKA, HAWAII and GUAM for free. We need to calculate the shipping fee additionally. BUY IT, We will contact you and calculate for you.
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