5L Rotary Evaporator Complete Turnkey Package w/ Water Vacuum Pump & Chiller For Sale

5L Rotary Evaporator Complete Turnkey Package w/ Water Vacuum Pump & Chiller

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5L Rotary Evaporator Complete Turnkey Package w/ Water Vacuum Pump & Chiller:

Product Description
    This is a professional 5L lab rotary evaporator kit with vacuum pump and recirculating chiller.
    Rotary Evaporator:
    Mainly used for the concentration, crystallization, drying, separation and solvent recovery of the pharmaceutical, chemical and biological pharmaceutical industries. Apply premium stainless steel, imported electronic devices and high borosilicate glass, durable and safe on use. It can recover solvents efficiently and fast.
    Recirculating Chiller:
    It is quiet yet pumps efficiently. This product is for 35L/min high flow rate and provide low-temperature liquid & water bath. It combines cooling water and recirculating together. Can also cooperate with rotary evaporator, vacuum freezing drying oven, vacuum pump or magnetic stirrer to finish chemical reaction or storage medicine etc.
    Vacuum Pump:
    Circulating Water Vacuum Pump is used to provide vacuum condition for the process of evaporation, distillation, crystallization, drying, sublimation, filtration, decompression, degassing etc. It adopts corrosion-, acid & alkaline-resistant metal & plastic, which ensures machine durability and stable working. Water-saving design, keep water recycles and lightweight for lab table use.
    Rotary Evaporator:
    • 5L evaporating flask, 3L collecting flask.
    • Use polytef & rubber for sealing, ensure high vacuum.
    • Rotating speed adjustable(stepless): 0-90rpm.
    • Glass devices are all made of borosilicate glass, high-temperature resistant.
    • With temperature sensor & display, Max.temperature: 99℃.
    • Support continuous feeding.
    • Have vacuum gauge, help to select best working vacuum for low-boiling liquid.
    • Digital controlled water bath, it can be lift up or down(12cm).
    Recirculating Chiller:
    • 【Reliable Electronic Device 】- Apply premium imported electronic devices. Closed circulation system, used with 30W pump to provide 35L/min quicker flow rate. Pump lift: 5-6M. Dual-use product, combine water cooling and recirculating system together.
    • 【LCD Display & Control 】- Large LCD screen, with built-in thermostat, clearly to observe & adjust temperature ranges: -10℃ to 99℃(accuracy: ±1℃). Also can select backlight, cooling or recirculating output mode. Have copper inlet & outlet water connection at back.
    • 【Stainless Steel Material 】- Suitable for rare matter extraction, magnetic control test, vacuum coating instruments, anti-contamination. Quite water-saving and prevent the contamination from low temperature liquid.
    • 【Multi-Level Protection 】- For safety use, it has multi protection methods and 2pcs fuse. It is with built-in delay function, electricity leakage protection, over-current & over heat protection. Low temperature alarms with beeper.
    • 【Complete Accessory Include 】- No need to worry about installation and quick use, we will send you 2pcs 1.5M silicone tube, 4pcs clamp, 1pcs power transfer, 1pcs sealing tape, 1pcs vertical stand(installed at top to help fix breaker).
    • 【360°Wheels & Lockable 】- This circulating chiller is designed with 4 wheels, 2 x 360° wheels and 2 x wheels with locks. You can move this equipment to everywhere easily, and lock it at any place if needed.
    Vacuum Pump:
    • 【Product Details】- Input: 110V; Single-tap sucking rate: 10L/min; The max. vacuum degree: 0.098Mpa; Flow Rate: 60L/min; Lift: 8M; Tube Amount: 2. Dual-use pump, supply vacuum conditionwhile circulate cooling water for reactor.
    • 【2 Suction Tap】- To suit different circumstance, it can be operated with single tap or use the both taps simultaneously for higher efficiency.
    • 【Premium Quality】- This machine is upgraded with anti-corrosion and anti-rust copper, ABS material, which will avoid the devices be contaminated and lengthen its service time.
    • 【15L Tank & Quiet Use】- large 15L water tank, with removable case for quick water/ice in. Silent use with special fluid muffler, reduce the noise and liquid friction. Have check valve on exhaust tube, which can prevent vacuum unplanned downtime on working.
    • 【Versatile Application】- Perfect for labs, research center, chemical industry, pharmacy, biochemistry, foodstuff, pesticide, agricultural engineering, biological engineering etc.
    5L Rotary Evaporator:
    • Flask & Condenser: Borosilicate Glass
    • Boiling Flask Capacity: 5L
    • Receiving Flask Capacity: 3L
    • Rotation Speed: 0-90rpm(stepless Adjustable)
    • Water Bath Pan Lift Range: 12cm / 4.7"
    Recirculating Chiller:
    • Water Tank Capacity: 5L
    • Temperature Adjust Range: -10℃ to 99℃(Accuracy: ±1℃)
    • Max. Cooling Capacity: 1248-319W
    • Flow Rate: 35L/min
    • Pump Lift: 5-6M; Pump Pressure: 0.4bar
    • Cooling System: Enclosed Compressor R22 R404 F23
    • Circulating Pump: 30W
    Vacuum Pump:
    • Single-Tap Sucking Rate:10L/min
    • Max. Vacuum Degree: 0.098Mpa
    • Flow: 60L/min
    • Tank Volume: 15L
    • Motor Power: 180W
    • Noise: <50dB
    • Tube Amount: 2
    • Warranty: 2 Years
Package Content
    • 1 x Rotary Evaporator
    • 1 x Vacuum Pump
    • 1 x Chiller Circulator
    • 1 x English Manual
    • 1 X Accessories Kit

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