6-1 Vacuum RF 8pcs Lipo Laser Photon 40K Cavitation Spa Slimming Beauty For Sale

6-1 Vacuum RF 8pcs Lipo Laser Photon 40K Cavitation Spa Slimming Beauty

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6-1 Vacuum RF 8pcs Lipo Laser Photon 40K Cavitation Spa Slimming Beauty:

The main effect of the instrument

Facial wrinkles: forehead wrinkles, brow lines, crow's feet, nasolabial fold, ear wrinkles, lower eyelid wrinkles, neck wrinkles.
(Through deep diathermy, oxygen supply to the skin and organic nutrients delivery, enhance cell function,
enhance blood and lymphatic circulation, active metabolism, induce collagen, improve skin condition)

Enhance the tightness: the forehead, eyes, cheeks, neck enhance a solid; shrink pores, remove double chin

Body shaping: slimming shape, eliminate excess fat, dilute the stretch marks, firming the skin.

Instrument features

1, 6-cycle high-efficiency radio frequency technology
2, no pain, more efficient and more secure
3, a wider range of treatment and the effect of rapid and significant
4, 3 different size treatment head with a variety of different treatment and local focus of use
5, operating skills easier to master to play a better effect
6, revolutionary chrysanthemum shaped load radioactive technology
7, the unique design of the electrode point

V. Instrument Accessories Efficacy:

1, three main skinhead main effect

High frequency 5MHZ release bipolar radiofrequency, the main role of the energy concentrated in the shuttle between two levels,
and then due to the course of treatment needed to play all the effectiveness of the role of the site can fully absorb the radio frequency energy.
High-frequency causes the body's internal fever, when the dermis reaches 46 ℃,
the contraction of collagen fibers that stimulate the secretion of more new collagen to fill the atrophy and loss of collagen voids,
dermis collagen with proliferation and rearrangement , Can let loose skin after treatment, immediately feel uplift, tighten the skin effect.

2, quadrupole radio frequency main function:

The new quadrupole RF technology can change the polarity of the electric field in the biological tissue
of the treated part hundreds of times in one second to promote the natural resistance movement of the subcutaneous tissue to generate heat
and stimulate the dermis to secrete more new collagen under heat, Fill collagen vacancies,
which once again hold up the skin of the stent, restore skin elasticity. Fat cells decreased, so as to achieve the effect of removing fat.
Safety precautions (Important safety aspects must be observed)
1) The instrument is a high-precision electronic equipment, in the custody and place,
must not be placed in damp places.
2) The instrument is fully automatic computer control of the operation of the computer,
so when in use, try not to use high frequency electrical peripherals in order to avoid interference
with the normal operation of the instrument. (Such as electric volume, hair dryer, microwave equipment, etc.).
If there is interference, there are generally two phenomena (A. Normal use, suddenly crashes B. LCD display jumped),
the general rule of thumb is to turn off the power, restart the instrument.
3) can not be beat, strong collision and so on.
4) The mainframe and accessories of the instrument generally need regular cleaning and care. In particular,
do not allow the water to enter the inside of the instrument.
5) If not for a long time, with a bag of moisture-proof and dust to protect the instrument as a whole,
about 15 days of electricity for an hour, so as to avoid the internal electronic components moisture aging.
Prohibit the use of the following circumstances:
1) the power plug, the wire is damaged or hot;
2) when the jack is loose or shaking;
3) Prohibition of damage, processing, too curved, twisted plug;
4) Do not pull the plug in operation;
5) prohibit the use of other power cord;
6) placed in infants, young children can not reach places;
7) Do not use chemicals to wipe the instrument.
8) Do not pull the plug with wet hands;
Disable the crowd
1, serious diseases, such as heart disease, gastric ulcer, severe stomach, duodenal ulcer, hypertension, diabetes and so on.
2, women, lactating women, abdominal surgery less than three months, menstruation banned.

Seven, maintenance and repair
1) Each accessory is a precision device, so when using and using, we must pay attention to maintenance,
so as to avoid shortening the service life.

2) Accessories should be handled gently, be sure to pay attention to holding the handle,
do not carry the output line is free to put, easily lead to parts loose connector inside, resulting in poor contact and short circuit.

3) After the use of accessories, do not arbitrarily drop, should be cleaned with clean liquid touch cloth carefully cleaned,
into the rack. Proposed to use saline or a little detergent for surface cleaning.

4) 40K strong acoustic degreasing head If the continuous working time 30 minutes, when working for 30 minutes,
the probe should be allowed to rest for 5 minutes until the surface temperature decreases, and then continue to use,
when the accessory is not in use, be sure to Remove the accessories, on the corresponding rack, do not let it dry work, so as not to burn the probe.

5) vacuum negative pressure head: must pay attention to clean, after use is completed,
when found in the host of the filter oil or when the product is full, be sure to clean the filter products, so as not to affect the suction.

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