AT10.1 Industrial Battery Charger Electric Vehicle / Float / Rectifier 12-130Vdc For Sale

AT10.1 Industrial Battery Charger Electric Vehicle / Float / Rectifier 12-130Vdc

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AT10.1 Industrial Battery Charger Electric Vehicle / Float / Rectifier 12-130Vdc:

Microprocessor Controlled AT10 Single Phase Commercial/Industrial Battery Charger AT10.1 Industrial Battery Charger - Constant Voltage Charger / Float Charger/ Rectifier System
NOTE: BAE OEM Manufactures the AT10.1 in the USA under several Brand Names for Hindle, Excide, Enersys, & SBS These units are NEW but HAVE COSMETIC DAMAGE - The FEET on the bottom of the units were Dented/bent where they were bolted on the shipping pallet. We put them back in place and all is well.

Programmable 12 Volt, 24 Volt, 48 Volt and 120 Volt DC Power Battery Charger 25-75 AMPS Systems are micro-processor controlled, UL1564 listed and have up to a 30 year design life. Output voltages include 120 volt DC (130 volt DC float), 48 volt DC, 24 volt DC and 12 volt DC

The AT10Battery Chargeris the world’s easiest to operate float battery charger. It has over 20 years of proven reliability and has become the industry’s “gold standard” for all stationary battery charging applications.5 year standard warranty. Combining the performance and accuracy of a microprocessor with the reliability of SCR power conversion technology makes the BAE AT10 the standard in stationary battery chargers. AT10.1s are easy to install, operate and maintain. The AT10.1 is packed with the most standard features and best warranty in the industry.

WILL NO LONGER ALLOW IS TO LINK TO DOCUMENTATION - (hint) Go to Google and paste in pdf AT10.1 SERiES - BAE Batteries USA The User manual is also available for download

Applications: Applications include switchgear, dc power operated breakers, alarm systems, dc controller power systems, communications and utility substation power.

With its programmable float voltage settings, long deployment life and extensive service network, the BAE AT10.1battery chargers are a proven solution for industrial DC power systems. Chargers approved for sealed lead acid AGM, gell and certain Ni-Cad batteries. This unit comes pre-set for DC 120v Charge (130v float) @ 75 Amps - voltage is adjustable via the front display.
  • Utility & Communications: Power generation, Substations, Microwave relay sites, Switchgear
  • Manufacturing: Emergency DC Power, DC Operated Breakers, Alarm Systems
  • Commercial: Alarm Systems, Uninterrupted Power Systems, DC Control Systems
  • Transportation: Signal Systems, Switchgear, Alarm Systems, Discrete Charging of Industrial Equipment

Standard Features of the AT10 Battery Charger:

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