Agilent HP Vacuum Degasser Int Tubing, HPLC G1322-60002 - UPG, Fits G1322A (NEW) For Sale

Agilent HP Vacuum Degasser Int Tubing, HPLC G1322-60002 - UPG, Fits G1322A (NEW)

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Agilent HP Vacuum Degasser Int Tubing, HPLC G1322-60002 - UPG, Fits G1322A (NEW):

A Brand New, better than Factory quality, custom internal vacuum tubing KIT containing replacement internal vacuum degassing tubing for your Agilent or HP brand HPLC degasser, model G1322A. This special kit fits both the early HP and the current Agilent models of the G1322A degasser. The factory supplied, poor quality thin walled tubing (black in color) normally cracks, stretches and/or breaks after about five years of use (especially at the connection ports). Replacement of the vacuum tubing is suggested every five years. This is essential to properly maintain the degasser and regular replacement may help reduce contamination and/or early failure of the internal mechanical parts. The leaks which result from this condition often result in early failure of the vacuum pump and solenoid valve in the system. Older, dried out tubing may also cause additional system contamination which can damage the very expensive vacuum chambers. Caution: "Other" sellers may offer low cost kits which look similar to ours, but include very poor quality tubing which may contaminate or damage your HPLC system. We are a professional degasser service company and only use the highest purity, vacuum rated tubing in our professional kits. Our kits exceed the quality of the originals.This custom vacuum tubing KIT utilizes ultra-high purity, medical grade vacuum tubing with a thick wall design so no additional internal support springs are required. Better strength, less leaching of material and a better vacuum rating. The kit includes all six sections of standard vacuum tubing, PLUS additional tubing to fit the two different types of vacuum sensors used in this model. Agilent's more expensive kit does not fit both models and does not include the extra tubing to make all connections. Our kit includes all of the internal vacuum tubing needed for both types of systems so you know it will work (with our kit you may have extra tubing left over and this is normal). This is a much higher quality, direct replacement vacuum tubing kit. Installation, qualification, validation and/or training are not included. If you have any questions, please ask as we are experts in servicing Agilent & HP brand degassers. PLEASE do not replace the internal vacuum tubing inside your degasser with inferior AUTOMOTIVE or standard laboratory grade tubing. You will most likely contaminate the system components and cause additional damage to it. It may dissolve, leak or leach contaminants into your mobile phase. *To maintain your HPLC degasser, please use only the highest purity and quality vacuum rated tubing with your degasser, such as found in this custom kit.We offer these kits at a huge discount over Agilent's price (~ half price).
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