ClearOne CONVERGE Pro VH20 +1year Warranty, VoIP, Telephone Interface Hybrid For Sale

ClearOne CONVERGE Pro VH20 +1year Warranty, VoIP, Telephone Interface Hybrid

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ClearOne CONVERGE Pro VH20 +1year Warranty, VoIP, Telephone Interface Hybrid :

ClearOne CONVERGE Pro VH20 VoIP Interface Hybrid
ClearOne CONVERGE Pro VH20 Telephone Interface Hybrid
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ClearOne CONVERGE Pro VH20 Telephone Interface
ClearOne CONVERGE Pro VH20 Professional Conferencing VoIP Interface

$299 Buy it NOW! buys this ClearOne CONVERGE Pro VH20 VoIP (Voice over IP) Interface which currently sells at a list price of $1,195. It is a nice looking system, tested and in working condition. The rack ears is bent, as shown in pictures, but is still functional. This unit comes with a power cord, current software, and a 12 month warranty to repair or replace the system if it fails. Phoenix push-in connectors are available for $4 per input or output.


Relax... GAVX Value is in the Details

This CONVERGE Pro VH20 will be packaged professionally. Each component will be individually protected from damage either with original packaging material, a foam bag, bubble bag, or bubblewrap. Components will not be allowed to shift inside the package. There will be a minimum of 2 inches protecting each component from the exterior of the box. This system will come with a 12 month warranty for end-users at the location we ship to. Resellers will receive a 2 day warranty. We will provide two hours of free technical installation support with the end user purchaser and ongoing trouble resolution, if necessary, during the warranty period.

GAVX No Remorse Upgrade Option: If you purchase this system and decide that it works well but want a new ClearOne system, you may trade the ClearOne you purchase from us, at full purchase value, toward a new ClearOne audio conference system at any time within the first 90 days.

    Converge Pro VH20 Features
  • Robust Provision/Dial Plan for easy integration with Enterprise PBX
  • Telephone noise cancellation on RX channel
  • Cisco, Avaya, Nortel, ShoreTel Interop tested
  • Complete interoperability testing using manufacturer SIP test plans and equipment
  • VLAN Tagging/QOS
  • Support for wideband Audio - G.722
  • Full Security Capability with TLS, AES, SRTP encryption
  • SIP standard VoIP Hybrid
  • VH20 can be added to any CONVERGE Pro audio system
  • TLS and SRTP Capabilities
  • Manage Converge Pro Systems with Converge Console Software
  • USB and Ethernet Access to Converge Console
  • Expansion Bus Allows Multiple Units to be Administered as One System
  • Scalable with multiple on-site VH20 units
  • Selectable views: unit, matrix, channel
  • 12 Month Warranty with Experienced Technical Support
  • GAVX No Remorse Upgrade Option©

CONVERGE Pro Connectivity

GAVX No Risk Solution: Complete System, Professional Packaging, Install Support, Warranty with Technical Support, and GAVX No Remorse Upgrade Option.

Add VoIP capabilities to your CONVERGE Pro platform with the CONVERGE Pro VH20. Simplified configuration makes it easy to directly connect SIP-based phone systems to transport audio over an IP network. With complete compatibility between ClearOne CONVERGE Pro products, the VH20 can quickly be integrate with Cisco, Avaya and many other VoIP PBX phone systems. This allows the Converge Pro product line to be at home in an operating room at the hospital, in a courtroom, at an NBA arena, a cathedral, a classroom, a trade association meeting and a F100 boardroom.

Quality of Service (QOS) and ClearOne's legacy audio clarity mark this powerful end-point device. Full security is never a concern with TLS, AES an SRTP encryption. The combination of features and audio processing make the VH20 the most advanced, professional-quality VoIP audio interface available.

CONVERGE Pro VH20 is a VoIP end-point device. It provides easy direct connection to SIP based phone systems or the transport of audio on an IP network without the need of a VoIP PBX

The VH20 easily links with any of ClearOne's other Converge Pro products to create a complete audio conferencing system that can quickly be integrated with Cisco, Avaya and many other VoIP PBX phone systems. The Converge Pro VH20 delivers wideband audio for crystal clear sound, provides guaranteed quality of service (QoS), and ensures full security with TLS, AES and SRTP encryption. These features combine to deliver the most advanced professional quality VoIP audio interface available.

Why delay when you want it today?


Your payment via PayPal, immediately at time of purchase is appreciated. However, you may call us direct at GAVX Inc or send us an message to arrange to pay with your credit card over the phone. All card types are accepted. We expect for you to make your payment by close-of-business on the first full business day following the end of the sale regardless of the method you use to pay us. PayPal is always available. We only take credit card payments 9:00 to 5:00 CST, Monday through Friday.


We will ship as quickly as we can. If you have a specific delivery requirement, you should call us and request expedited service directly with us by phone (not by voice mail or email). We would like to and should be able to accommodate any special shipping needs. We ship FedEx Ground, FedEx Express or USPS Priority Mail Express. In the US, FedEx Ground shipping is free!


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