Digital & Offset Laminator, Small Foot Print, Komfi Amiga 52, Great Condition For Sale

Digital & Offset Laminator, Small Foot Print, Komfi Amiga 52, Great Condition

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Digital & Offset Laminator, Small Foot Print, Komfi Amiga 52, Great Condition:

Amiga 52 Laminator


AMIGA 52 Lamination Machine.

The machine has Ultra Low use Hours.Usedfor Couple of month. Must Sell ASAP

Watch this video in production running at lowspeedto show the operation of theLaminator.

Thismachineis great for offset and Digital printing. We used it on Xerox 700, Xerox 700i, XeroxVersant3100 without any issues.

we also used it for laminating 20x28 sheets from an Offset Press. Note Do not use Varnish on the print, it sticks better on the CYMK print including 100% coverage (Including 100% black).

Please Click on Video Below to see it.

Komfi Amiga 52 Laminator Production machine - YouTube

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Machine Characteristics


The Amiga 52 is a production model with the Komfi® feed-head. The units handle prints up to 20.511 x 29.11 , and are excellent for one-sided lamination of brochures, pocket folders, and larger book covers. The Amiga 52 runs consistently at up to over 80 feet per minute with the top feeder option.

  • Professional quality lamination for variety of small jobs up to B2 format
  • Modular design to provide a professional laminating solution for any situation
  • Electronically controlled gate for accurate and stable sheet overlap at any production speed
  • Graphical touch screen for comfortable multi-language operation
  • Fast setup due to user presets to recall machine settings quickly
  • Continuous checking of the whole process (feeding, temperature, air pressure, sheet separation, etc.)
  • On-demand & production laminating system for sheet sizes up to 20.5" x 29"
  • Two automatic feeding options: Bottom suction feeder or Komfi® feeding head
  • Suitable for digitally printed and standard offset output
  • Applications include: brochures, flyers, business cards, book & magazine covers etc.

  • Output: 1850 (20" x 26") sheets/hour (bottom feeder) I 2250 (20" x 26") sheets/hour (Komfi® top feeder)
  • Unloading options: Fixed table, jogging table, or built in stacker
  • Compact footprint: perfect for on-demand publishers


-Automatic Amiga built in stacker

-Polyurethane pressure roller

-Decurling roller (vs. decurling bar)

- perforator

-Film slitter

-External stacking frame



Maximum Laminating Speed

82 Feet/Minute

Maximum Output

2250 Sheets/hour (20" x 26")

Minimum Sheet Dimensions

7.9" X 7.9"

Maximum Sheet Dimensions

20.5" X 29"

Paper Weight Range

60 lb. Text - 24 pt. Cover

Thickness of Laminating Film

1.0-2.2 mil

Types of Laminating Films

OPP, PET, Nylon

Time of Laminating Roller Warm Up

3-5 Minutes

Sheet Overlap Accuracy

± 3/64"

Machine Dimensions (LxWxH)

75" X 36" X 60"

Technical specifications


Vacuum feeder

Max. speed of lamination

15 m/min

Max. output of the feed. head

2813 SRA3 sheets/h

Min. sheet dimensions

20 × 20 cm

Max. sheet dimensions

56 × 80 cm

Paper weight

Paper thickness

115-600 g/m²

Max 0.7 mm (with overlap >0

Max 1.4 mm (with overlap <0)

Max. paper pile

3 -6 cm (depending on sheet length)

Thickness of laminating film

24-45 µm

Kind of laminating film


Time of laminating roll warm up

Approx. 4 min

Sheet overlap accuracy

0.8 mm

Machine dimensions incl. table

264 × 100 × 147 cm

Machine dimensions incl. stacker

356 × 100 × 147 cm

Air supply

Min. 6 bar

Consumption of compressed air

20 l/min

Max. consumption of compressed air

30 l/min

Max. pressing force

15 kN = 1.53 ton-force

Max. linear nip pressure

39.4 N/mm

Max. consumption of electricity

5.9 kW

Power supply

5,5 kVA

Machine weight

561 kg

Recommended machine capacity

100 000 sheets/month

Basic configuration

    • Bottom suction feeder with possibility of adding the sheets continuously
    • Vacuum pump
    • Automatic sheet overlap control
    • Mis-feeding detection
    • IR heated and PID controlled laminating cylinder
    • Temperature drop detection
    • NBR (rubber) coated pressure roller
    • Air pressure decrease detector
    • Automatic sheet separation using built-in perforator
    • Combined decurling unit (bar and roller)
    • Sheet separation detector
    • Speed adjustable separating roller
    • Electronically controlled snapping unit
    • Fixed delivery desk

Available options

• Additional separation air blowers

• On-roll film slitter

• Additional on-roll perforator

• Height adjustable spread roll

• OTF (Optional Toner Foiling)

• Teflon coated pressure roll

• Film roll lift

• Preventive maintenance spare parts kit

• PSA lamination (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive film)

• Polyurethane coated pressure roll

• Sheet preheating

• Embossing modification

• Flying knife

• Antistatic bar

• Jogger


  • I have already put themachine and the pump on a skid. It is ready to be shipped.
  • You have an option to create a Box for it for an additional $800.
  • Loading the machine on a truck is $75
  • Shipping is $998 in the 48 States.

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