Electronic Components LOT. Transistors, Resistors, Capacitors, Diodes, IC,...... For Sale

Electronic Components LOT. Transistors, Resistors, Capacitors, Diodes, IC,......

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Electronic Components LOT. Transistors, Resistors, Capacitors, Diodes, IC,......:

Selling all my Electronic Inventory parts. They are all brand new and almost all of them still in original packaging. There are various quantities of resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, Inductors, variety of integrated circuits, computer chips, lamps, fuses. This is an Electronics hobbyist dream. Great for resell. If you have any questions please let me know. The plastic organizers are not included.

Package Includes:

Over 780 pcs Integrated Circuits: Motorola, Harris, National Semiconductor, TI


3341DC, 7401, 7404, 7406, 7420, align="center" style="text-align: center;">CA3046, CA3054, CA3054,

CD4001BE, CD4015BE, CD4049UBCN, CD40161, CD14175, align="center" style="text-align: center;">MC34051P, MC4024, MC14013BCP, MC14070BCP, MC1445L, MC79L12CP, MC7808CT, MC14099BCP, MC3486P, MC1489N, MC14574P, MC1414P, MC14161BCP, MC14042BCP, MC1488P, MC14024BCP, MC6850p, MC4024P, MC1414P, MC14532BCP, MC14175BCP, MC14052BCP, MC3302P, MC14051BCP, MC14574P, MC68B09P, MC6828P, MC68B00P, MC68A21P, MK4501N20, MC68B21CP, MC1445, MC78L05CP,, MC1496L, MC14066BCPD, MC14512BCP, MC3403P, MC14028BCP, MC14526BCP, MC8T97P,, MC3346P, MC3446N, MC3302P, MC74F74N, MC1414P, MC10114P, MC1458CP1, MC4558CP1, MC4024P, MC34082P, MC14520BCP, MC14528BCL, MC14516BCP, MC14001BCP, MC14025UBCP, MC14024BCP, MC14042BCP, MC14081BCP, MC3346P, MC8T97L, MC14020BCP, MC14559BCP, MC14049UBCP, MC3487P, MC14522BCP, MC14070BCP, MC14025UBCP, MC14070CP, MC14013BCPD, MC14050BCP, MC14020BCP, MC14049UBCP, MC14024BCP, MC14015BCP, MC14012BCP, MC14002BCP, MC14025UBCP, MC78M08CT, MC14555BCP, MC14174BCP, MC14093BCP, MC1408P8, MC78L08CP, MC1489P, MC14538BCP, MC3410CL, MC3487P, MC3486P, MC14531BCP, MC14075BCP, MC68661PB, MC78L08CP,, MC14071BCP, MC14538BCP, MC14585BCP, MC14556BCP, MC14549BCP, MC14011BCP, MC14001BCP, MC14520BCP, MC3446N, MC79L05CP,MC68B44P, MC14013BCP, MC14040BCP, MC14015BCP, MC68B09CP, MC8507P, MC6821P, MC14024BCP, MC14069UBCP, MC78M08CT, MC14066BCPD, MC14503BCP, MC74HC367N, MC1404AU5, MC1377P, align="center" style="text-align: align="center" style="text-align: center;">HM3-6116-5, DG516AR, HM616LP-3,HA3-2525-5, HM3-6514-9, HA3-2625-5,

DS75361N, DS8837N,DS8921N,

MM74C244N, MM74C374N, 

LH0002CN,LF411CN, LF353N,LH0070-1H, align="center" style="text-align: align="center" style="text-align: center;">DP8304BN, COM8017, P8251A, MS6264L, MS62256L, TDC1012N7C1, ICL8211CPA, AM6112DC, DS8838N, SG1495N, UCN-5800A,

Transistors: NPN, PNP, FET


2N2109, 2N2219A, 2N2905A,2N4126,2N3810, 2N4265, 2N4401, 2N5772, 2N2124,2N6034, 2N6237,

MPS3640, MPS6507, MPS6523, MPS6547, MPSA13, MPSA55, MPSA63, MPSA81,PMSA05, MPSU01, MPSU51,


PN2222A, PN2907, PN2905,


3 OF EACH1/8W 1% 1/4W 2%

100 Ohm, 121 Ohm, 150 Ohm, 200 Ohm, 237 Ohm, 301 Ohm, 357 Ohm, 625 Ohm, 681 Ohm, 1k Ohm, 1.21k Ohm, 1.5k Ohm, 2k Ohm, 2.37k Ohm, 3.32k Ohm, 4.32k ohm, 5.11k Ohm, 6.81k Ohm, 7.5k Ohm, 10k Ohm, 13k Ohm, 15k Ohm, 18.2k Ohm, 26.7k Ohm, 36.5k Ohm, 47.5k Ohm, 56.2k Ohm, 68.1k Ohm, 82.5k Ohm, 100k Ohm, 150k Ohm, 200k Ohm, 300k Ohm, 360k Ohm, 430k Ohm, 510k Ohm, 1M Ohm, 10M ohm,240k ohm, 430k ohm, 510k ohm, 620k ohm, 750k ohm, 910k ohm


Over 300 pcs


MICA: 1PF 5% 500WV, 2PF 5% 500WV, 3PF 5% 50WV, 5PF 5% 50WV, 5PF 5% 500WV, 7PF 5% 50WV, 7PF 5% 500WV, 10PF 5% 500WV, 12PF 5% 50WV, 12PF 5% 500WV, 15PF 5% 50WV, 15PF 5% 500WV, 18PF 5% 50WV, 18PF 5% 500WV, 20PF 5% 50WV, 20PF 5% 500WV, 22PF 5% 50WV, 22PF 5% 500WV, 24PF 5% 50WV, 24PF 5% 500WV, 27PF 5% 50WV, 27PF 5% 500WV,, 30PF 5% 500WV, 33PF 5% 50WV, 33PF 5% 500WV, 39PF 5% 50WV, 39PF 5% 500WV, 43PF 5% 50WV, 47PF 5% 50WV, 47PF 5% 500WV, 50PF 5% 50WV, 50PF 5% 500WV, 56PF 5% 50WV, 56PF 5% 500WV, 68PF 5% 50WV, 68PF 5% 500WV, 100PF 5% 50WV, 100PF 5% 500WV, 1000PF 5% 50WV, 1000PF 5% 500WV, .001UF 10% 100WV, 330PF 5% 300WV, 500PF 5% 100WV,

FILM: .001UF 100WV,

CERAMIC: 0.01UF 10% 50WV, 0.1UF 10% 50WV, 1000PF 10% 50WV,

TANT: 3.3UF 20% 15WV,




HLMP-2500, HLMP-1201 RED, HLMP-1301 RED, HLMP-2300 RED, HLMP-3590 GRN, MV5353 YEL, MV5453 GRN, MV57124A RED, MV54124 GRN


3 pcs OF EACH

1Uh, 5.6Uh, 6.8Uh, 10Uh, 15Uh, 22Uh, 27Uh, 33Uh, 39Uh, 47Uh, 56Uh, 68Uh



3 AG 5 AMP, 3AG 1 AMP, 3AG 1 1/2 AMP, 3 AG 8 AMP, 3 AG 10 AMP, 3 AG 3/4 AMP3 AG 3 AMP, PICO 3 AMP, PICO 1 AMP, BI-PIN 1/2 AMP


#382 14V@80MA T-1.75, #7382 14V@80MA W/PIN .180L

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