Flashcat USB SPI I2C JTAG Flash Programmer SPANSION MXIC Winbond Microchip ATMEL For Sale

Flashcat USB SPI I2C JTAG Flash Programmer SPANSION MXIC Winbond Microchip ATMEL

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Flashcat USB SPI I2C JTAG Flash Programmer SPANSION MXIC Winbond Microchip ATMEL:


The #1 BIOS, EEPROM and FLASH memory programmer

FlashcatUSB is a multi-protocol Flash memory programming capable of programming thousands of Flash memory devices using SPI, I2C, or JTAG connections. See list of supported devices below.

This item includes: a new authentic FlashcatUSB board (current version 2.2), a USB cable, and a jumper cable of your choice (put preference in your order notes, by default we ship 6pin 0.1" spacing). Or send us a message after ordering to specify your cable choice.

Features and Specifications:
Microsoft Windows software with multi-language support
Protocols supported: SPI, SQI, I2C, and JTAG.
Supports 3.3v or 5v devices (on board switch to select)
Compatible with NOR and NAND memory devices
Low-cost sockets available (SO-8, SO-16, WSON-8)

Software is easy to learn and and use. Supports multiple file formats.
Easy to use to connect to various SPI memory or JTAG devices.
FREE Open-source software compatible with:
Windows 2003, XP, Vista, 7, Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit versions)
Mutli-language support: English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian and Spanish

Jumper pins (6 individual pins, 0.1")
IDC Cable (10 pin, 0.1")
Jumper pins (8 pins, 2mm)
for smaller SPI headers such as MSI motherboards.

This device can be used to program the flash memory of thousands of different memory devices, including the BIOS / EEPROM chips often used on many motherboards for both PC and laptops. It can be used on millions of devices to fix broken devices due to bad or corrupted firmware.

MSI Eclipse Motherboard

MSI P6NGM Motherboard

MSI P6NSLI Motherboard

Verified to work with these SPI Flash devices:

ATMEL / Adesto
AT25DF641 (64Mbit)
AT25DF321S (32Mbit)
AT25DF321 (32Mbit)
AT25DF161 (16Mbit)
AT25DF081 (8Mbit)
AT25DF021 (2Mbit)
AT26DF321 (32Mbit)
AT26DF161 (16Mbit)
AT26DF161A (16Mbit)
AT26DF081A (8Mbit)
AT45DB641E (64Mbit)
AT45DB642D (64Mbit)
AT45DB321E (32Mbit)
AT45DB321D (32Mbit)
AT45DB161E (16Mbit)
AT45DB161D (16Mbit)
AT45DB081E (8Mbit)
AT45DB081D (8Mbit)
AT45DB041E (4Mbit)
AT45DB041D (4Mbit)
AT45DB021E (2Mbit)
AT45DB021D (2Mbit)
AT45DB011D (1Mbit)
AT25SF161 (16Mbit)
AT25SF081 (8Mbit)
AT25SF041 (4Mbit)
AT25XV041 (4Mbit)
AT25XV021 (2Mbit)
EN25Q128 (128Mbit)
EN25Q32 (32Mbit)
EN25Q16 (16Mbit)
EN25Q80 (8Mbit)
EN25Q40 (4Mbit)
EN25QH128 (128Mbit)
EN25QH64 (64Mbit)
EN25QH32 (32Mbit)
EN25QH16 (16Mbit)
EN25QH80 (8Mbit)
EN25P64 (64Mbit)
EN25P32 (32Mbit)
EN25P16 (16Mbit)
EN25F32 (32Mbit)
EN25F16 (16Mbit)
EN25F80 (8Mbit)
EN25F40 (4Mbit)
EN25F20 (2Mbit)
EN25T32 (32Mbit)
EN25T16 (16Mbit)
EN25T80 (8Mbit)
EN25T40 (4Mbit)
EN25T20 (2Mbit)
MX25L51245G (512Mbit)
MX25L25655E (256Mbit)
MX25L256 (256Mbit)
MX25L12855E (128Mbit)
MX25L128 (128Mbit)
MX25L6455E (64Mbit)
MX25L640 (64Mbit)
MX25L320 (32Mbit)
MX25L3205D (32Mbit)
MX25L323 (32Mbit)
MX25U3235F (32Mbit)
MX25L160 (16Mbit)
MX25L80 (8Mbit)
MX25L40 (4Mbit)
MX25L20 (2Mbit)
MX25L10 (1Mbit)
MX25U643 (64Mbit)
MX25U323 (32Mbit)
MX25U163 (16Mbit)
MX25L512 (64Kbit)
MX25L1021E (1Mbit)
MX25L5121E (64Kbit)
MX66L51235F (512Mbit)
MX25V8035 (8Mbit)
MX25V4035 (4Mbit)
MX25V8035F (8Mbit) Spansion / Cypress
S70FL01GS (1Gbit)
S25FL512S (512Mbit)
S25FL256S (256Mbit)
S25FL256S (256Mbit)
S25FL128S (128Mbit)
S25FL128S (128Mbit)
S25FL129P (128Mbit)
S25FL129P (128Mbit)
S25FL128P (128Mbit)
S25FL128P (128Mbit)
S70FL256P (256Mbit)
S70FL256P (256Mbit)
S25FL064L (64Mbit)
S25FL064 (64Mbit)
S25FL032 (32Mbit)
S25FL016A (16Mbit)
S25FL008A (8Mbit)
S25FL040A (4Mbit)
S25FL164K (64Mbit)
S25FL132K (32Mbit)
S25FL216K (16Mbit)
S25FL116K (16Mbit)
S25FL208K (8Mbit)
S25FL204K (4Mbit)
S25FL004A (4Mbit)
MT25QL02GC (2Gbit)
N25Q00A (1Gbit)
N25Q512A (512Mbit)
N25Q256 (256Mbit)
NP5Q128A (128Mbit)
N25Q128 (128Mbit)
N25Q064A (64Mbit)
N25Q064 (64Mbit)
N25Q032 (32Mbit)
N25Q016 (16Mbit)
N25Q008 (8Mbit)
M25P128 (128Mbit)
M25P64 (64Mbit)
M25PX32 (32Mbit)
M25P32 (32Mbit)
M25PX16 (16Mbit)
M25P16 (16Mbit)
M25P80 (8Mbit)
M25PX80 (8Mbit)
M25P40 (4Mbit)
M25P20 (2Mbit)
M25P10 (1Mbit)
M25P05 (64Kbit)
M25PX64 (64Mbit)
M25PX32 (32Mbit)
M25PX16 (16Mbit)
M25PE16 (16Mbit)
M25PE80 (8Mbit)
M25PE40 (4Mbit)
M25PE20 (2Mbit)
M25PE10 (1Mbit)
M45PE16 (16Mbit)
M45PE80 (8Mbit)
M45PE40 (4Mbit)
M45PE20 (2Mbit)
M45PE10 (1Mbit)
GD25Q128 (128Mbit)
GD25Q64 (64Mbit)
GD25Q32 (32Mbit)
GD25Q16 (16Mbit)
GD25Q80 (8Mbit)
GD25Q40 (4Mbit)
GD25Q20 (2Mbit)
GD25Q10 (1Mbit)
GD25Q512 (64Kbit)
GD25VQ16C (16Mbit)
GD25VQ80C (8Mbit)
GD25VQ41B (4Mbit)
GD25VQ21B (2Mbit)
GD25LQ128 (128Mbit)
GD25LQ64 (64Mbit)
GD25LQ32 (32Mbit)
GD25LQ16 (16Mbit)
GD25LQ80 (8Mbit)
GD25LQ40 (4Mbit)
GD25LQ20 (2Mbit)
SST26VF064B (64Mbit)
SST26VF064 (64Mbit)
SST26VF032 (32Mbit)
SST26VF032B (32Mbit)
SST26WF032 (32Mbit)
SST26VF016 (16Mbit)
SST26VF032 (32Mbit)
SST26VF016B (16Mbit)
SST26VF016 (16Mbit)
SST26WF016B (16Mbit)
SST26WF080B (8Mbit)
SST26WF040B (4Mbit)
SST25VF128B (128Mbit)
SST25VF064C (64Mbit)
SST25VF032B (32Mbit)
SST25VF032 (32Mbit)
SST25VF016B (16Mbit)
SST25VF080B (8Mbit)
SST25WF080B (8Mbit)
SST25WF040B (4Mbit)
SST25VF080 (8Mbit)
SST25VF040B (4Mbit)
SST25WF040 (4Mbit)
SST25WF020A (2Mbit)
SST25LF020A (2Mbit)
SST25WF020 (2Mbit)
SST25VF020 (2Mbit)
SST25WF010 (1Mbit)
SST25VF010 (1Mbit)
SST25WF512 (64Kbit)
SST25VF512 (64Kbit)
SST25VF020A (2Mbit)
SST25VF010A (1Mbit)
PCT25VF064C (64Mbit)
PCT25VF032B (32Mbit)
PCT26VF032 (32Mbit)
PCT26WF032 (32Mbit)
PCT25VF016B (16Mbit)
PCT25VF080B (8Mbit)
PCT25VF040B (4Mbit)
PCT25VF010A (1Mbit)
PCT25VF020B (2Mbit)
PCT25VF512A (512Kbit)
IS25CD020 (2Mbit)
IS25CD010 (1Mbit)
IS25CD512 (64Kbit)
IS25CD025 (32Kbit)
IS25CQ032 (32Mbit)
IS25LP256 (256Mbit)
IS25LP128 (128Mbit)
IS25LP064 (64Mbit)
IS25LP032 (32Mbit)
IS25LP016 (16Mbit)
IS25LP080 (8Mbit)
IS25LQ032 (32Mbit)
IS25LQ016 (16Mbit)
IS25LQ080 (8Mbit)
IS25LQ040 (4Mbit)
IS25LQ020 (2Mbit)
IS25LQ010 (1Mbit)
IS25LQ512 (64Kbit)
IS25LQ025 (32Kbit)
IS25LD040 (4Mbit)
IS25WD040 (4Mbit)
IS25WD020 (2Mbit)
IS25WP256 (256Mbit)
IS25WP128 (128Mbit)
IS25WP064 (64Mbit)
IS25WP032 (32Mbit)
IS25WP016 (16Mbit)
IS25WP080 (8Mbit)
IS25WP040 (4Mbit)
IS25WP020 (2Mbit)
IS25WQ040 (4Mbit)
IS25WQ020 (2Mbit)
W25M512JV (512Mbit)
W25Q512 (512Mbit)
W25Q256 (256Mbit)
W25Q128 (128Mbit)
W25Q64 (64Mbit)
W25Q32 (32Mbit)
W25Q16 (16Mbit)
W25Q80 (8Mbit)
W25Q80BW (8Mbit)
W25Q40 (4Mbit)
W25Q128FW (128Mbit)
W25Q64FW (64Mbit)
W25Q32FW (32Mbit)
W25Q16FW (16Mbit)
W25X64 (64Mbit)
W25X64 (64Mbit)
W25X32 (32Mbit)
W25X16 (16Mbit)
W25X80 (8Mbit)
W25X40 (4Mbit)
W25X20 (2Mbit)
W25X10 (2Mbit)
W25X05 (1Mbit)
A25LQ64 (64Mbit)
A25LMQ64 (64Mbit)
A25LQ32A (32Mbit)
A25L032 (32Mbit)
A25L016 (16Mbit)
A25LQ16 (16Mbit)
A25L080 (8Mbit)
A25L040 (4Mbit)
A25L040A (4Mbit)
A25P040 (4Mbit)
A25L020 (2Mbit)
A25L020C (2Mbit)
A25P020 (2Mbit)
A25L010 (1Mbit)
A25L010A (1Mbit)
A25P010 (1Mbit)
A25L512 (512Kbit)
A25L512A (512Kbit)
A25P512 (512Kbit)
A25LS512A (512Kbit)
FM25Q16A (16Mbit)
FM25Q16B (16Mbit)
FM25Q32A (32Mbit)
FM25M04A (4Mbit)
FM25M08A (8Mbit)
FM25M16A (16Mbit)
FM25M32A (32Mbit)
FM25M64A (64Mbit)
FM25M4AA (4Mbit)
PM25LV016B (16Mbit)
PM25LV080B (8Mbit)
PM25LV040 (4Mbit)
PM25LV020 (2Mbit)
PM25LV010 (1Mbit)
PM25LV512 (64Kbit)
PM25LD020 (2Mbit)
Pm25LD010 (1Mbit)
Pm25LD512 (64Kbit)
ST M25P10-A (1Mbit)
Sanyo LE25FU406B (4Mbit)
Berg Micro BG25Q32A (32Mbit)
ESMT F25L04 (4Mbit)
ESMT F25L08 (8Mbit)
ESMT F25L32QA (32Mbit)
Works with SPI EEPROMS:
Atmel AT25010A, AT25020A, AT25040A, AT25128B, AT25256B, AT25512;
ST M95010, M95020, M95040, M95080 M95160, M95320, M95640, M95128, M95256, M95512, M95M01, M95M02

Works with SPI NAND (Serial NAND):MicronMT29FxG01A and GigaDevice GD5F family
Works with all I2C EEPROMS:
All 24Cxx Series, such as ATMEL 24C64A1 and Microchip24LC64 etc.

Verified MCU specific devices supported:
Nordic nRF24LE1 (16KB flash over SPI)
Xilinx CoolRunner-II series (XC2C32A, XC2C64A, XC2C128, XC2C256, XC2C384, XC2C512) (See picture)
Xilinx XC9500XL series (XC9500XL, XC95288XL, XC95144XL, XC9572XL, XC9536XL)

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