Fluke 332B DC Voltage Standard - DC Calibrator For Sale

Fluke 332B DC Voltage Standard - DC Calibrator

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Fluke 332B DC Voltage Standard - DC Calibrator:

Fluke 332B DC Voltage Standard - DC Calibrator
This DC Voltage Standard was obtained from a U.S. Navy Contractor Repair Depot, at conclusion of ContractThis DC Voltage Standard - DC Calibrator was part of the active test equipment pool, employed by the depot to make critical equipment alignments to repaired modules of the F-18 Hornet Carrier Based Avionics Pre-flight Test Console, when the contract terminatedThis purchase includes the Fluke 332B shown
andA CD-ROM containing a PDF copy of Technical Bulletin/ManualTB 9-4931-383-50Calibration Procedure for Voltage Standard John FlukeModels 332A, 332B, and 332B/AFU.S. Army Calibration Procedure for the Fluke 332B DC Voltage StandardThe unit is guaranteed to not be DOAIt is not warranted to pass calibration at a labThis equipment was donated to me, when the contract ended, for a project that unfortunately never saw fruition
It is a sorry state of affairs, a man that was a professional engineer all his life, medically retired by permanent nerve damage, because of contracting Lyme Disease from a tick biteHaving had it over five years and going systemicAll because he did not know that the bulls-eye mark was LymeI thought it was a garden spider biteI guess engineers don't know everything eitherI do have a new life in retirementMy wife and I run an animal rescueBED Kitties
Blind, Eclectic (or Eccentric) & Disabled KittiesWe have about 50-60 kitties in our care at any one time; we specialize in socializing ex-shelter animals for two different cat adoption groups, so the animals can be adopted to new loving homes; we also specialize in the care of the handicapped
  • We have tripod cats (3-legged)
  • We have blind cats
  • We have one-eyed cats
  • We have had a diabetic cats
  • We have a cat with mega-esophagus
Meaning we have cats needing various continued care
  • We care for several senior cats that are not adoptable
    • They will live out their late years in our care
    • Ultimately dying in a loving & caring home
    • Happy and content
    • Not euthanized in a shelter, scared & alone

We care for dogs as well
  • We have a senior female Standard Chihuahua named Marion
    • She had mammary tumors which made her very hard to adopt because people were scared of future veterinarian costs
  • We have a female Boxer named Rotta
    • She came to us via the aunt & uncle of a three-strike nephew that is in prison
  • We have a male Wolf/Malamute hybrid named Caesar
    • He came to us after the local SPCA, of which we are members, was contacted by a local man that is suffering severe diabetes; a man that was potentially having his legs amputated because of his diabetes; a man that lost his home; a man who's wife left him over this; a man that had to move to Alabama to live with his sister
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    • The good new is that doctors in Alabama did save his legs via vein replacements
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We also care for people that care for animals
  • We also recently rescued a rescue
    • Lisa fell on hard times in this economy
    • We moved her and her rescued dogs & cats, lock stock & kennels to our farm
We are a very special rescueWe are also a small Veteran's Community and continue to be soThe name BED, in BED Kitties, originally stood for Bird, Ed and Danny
Danny, a disabled U.S. Navy Veteran, a cold war Vet
Bird, married to DannyEd, Bird's Native American Teacher & Bird and Danny's close friend
Ed, a Cherokee Shaman
Ed, a disabled U.S. Navy Veteran, a Vietnam VetEd, suffering from severe PTSD and COPDWe found this farm together and moved Ed to live with usWe did this because we found out Ed being abused at the farm he had been living for many years
We did this and started BED Kitties together five years ago
Ed has since lost his battle with COPDEd passed away two and a half years ago
Bird and Danny lost their daughter Stephanie a few months after Ed diedAt 38 y.o. old she was taken by Lupus, Flu, Bronchitis, and Diabetes complicationsWe have been through a lot
We care for the animals because of the love they give us in returnThere love keeps us going
But it is hard on SSI
We care for a lot of hard cases - we are very good at it
We are worthy of your support - if you are an animal lover
Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about our animal rescue effortsThis sale is part of an ongoing downsizing of things from past episodes of our lives
This sale will help fund veterinarian bills, food, litter, the cost of the farm and the overall care of the animalsAnd people in our care
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