GE Corometrics 2264LAX 2264HAX Nautilus Toco Transducer Cable - $29 NEW Warranty For Sale

GE Corometrics 2264LAX 2264HAX Nautilus Toco Transducer Cable - $29 NEW Warranty

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GE Corometrics 2264LAX 2264HAX Nautilus Toco Transducer Cable - $29 NEW Warranty:

GE Corometrics Nautilus Toco Transducer 2264LAXand 2264HAX Cable Assy - Brand New after-market replacement part90 Days to GE COROMETRICS transparancy, to understand the trade-off compared to OEM P/N, please watch YouTube video on channel TocoXpertThis listing is for the sale of a Brand New after-market cable connector assembly, replacement (non-OEM) part for GE Corometrics Nautilus TOCO transducer 2264LAX and 2264HAX. It is manufactured in China and is the exact same P/N offered by various dealers through other items for the price range of $45 to $69. This non-OEM cable assembly is used for the repair service as well as manufacturing compatible / comparable transducers to Corometrics Nautilus Toco 2264LAX / 2264HAX by many different companies. Kindly note that these particular units listed here are taken off from the repaired and brand new compatible transducers (without putting in usage) as the hospital end users decided not to accept the trade-offs compared to OEM units. If required, brand new parts can also be shipped to buyer directly from China if ordered in minimum quantity of 8 or more with following discount structure plus the actual shipping charge depending on buyers location.
Qty 8 to 20 - $17 per unitQty 21 to 50 - $15 per unitQty 50 to 100 - $12 per unit.Qty 101 to 200 - $9 per unit.Qty 200 to 300 - $7 per unit.Qty 301 to 500 - $5 per unit.
Being an after-market non-OEM part, generic manufacturer from overseas as well as the US based dealer / refurbishing service company and the comparable manufacturer's General Liability Insurance carrier does not provide any kind of liability coverage under their insurance policy. It is buyer's responsibility to make sure the transducer repaired / refurbished / manufactured as compatible using these after-market parts, comply with all regulations and hospital's requirement. The buyer will need to sign a liability release note on official letter-head before the shipment.
TocoXpertis the ultimate quality servicebrand with the highest performance standard for OEM medical devices with longestwarranty periodin the industry and also offer service for non-OEM devices as well as after-market spare parts with absolute transparency. In partnership with Averon Bionics,TocoXpertis committed to excellence by exceeding OEM standards to provide unsurpassed quality, long lasting repairs, genuine OEM and non-OEM replacement parts with significant savings unmatched in the industry. Latest development of innovative proprietaryQRQubetechnology offeres extended warranty of 2 to 10 years and LIFETIME on crystal bonding for original GE Corometrics 5700AAX, 5700BAX, Nautilus 5700LAX, 5700HAX, HP Philips M1356A, Philips Avalon M2726A, M2736A and M2736AA ultrasound transducers.Outstanding offer, listed separately on , is available for HP Philips M1355A Toco transducer with 5 year warranty covering physical breakage of plastic bottom part with diaphragm. Please check our listings periodically to take an advantage of all the unique offers.
Please note that the warranty does not cover misuse and physical breakage. For any question before purchase, please contact through message system or number below.
TocoXpert/Averon Bionics, Inc. dept: (800) 500 52587094 Peachtree Industrial Blvd.,Suite 230Peachtree Corners, GA 3007USATel: 770 263 8090
We also repair following transducers and offer OEM as well as non-OEM parts that are listed on GE Corometrics Toco Transducer 2260LAX
GE Corometrics Toco Transducer 2260HAX
GE Corometrics Toco 2260 LAX
GE Corometrics Toco 2260 HAX
GE Corometrics Toco 2260AAX
GE Corometrics Toco Transducer 2260 AAX
GE Corometrics Trimline Toco Transducer 2260 EAX
GE Corometrics Nautilus Toco Transducer, Loop Style 2264 LAX / DAX / EAX / FAX / KAX / MAX
GE Corometrics Nautilus Toco Transducer, Button Style 2264 HAX / AAX / BAX / CAX / GAX / JAX
GE Corometrics Nautilus Toco Transducer 2264LAX
GE Corometrics Nautilus Toco Transducer 2264HAX
GE Corometrics Nautilus Ultrasound Transducer, Loop Style 5700 LAX / KAX / MAX
GE Corometrics Nautilus Ultrasound Transducer, Button Style 5700 HAX / GAX / JAX
GE Corometrics Nautilus Ultrasound 5700LAX
GE Corometrics Nautilus Ultrasound 5700HAX
GE Corometrics Ultrasound Transducer 5700AAX
GE Corometrics Ultrasound Transducer 5700BAXGE Corometrics Fetal Acoustics Stimulator 0146AAYGE Corometrics Fetal Monitor 250, 259A, 259, 172, 171, 170, 120, 118, 116, 115
HP Philips Toco Transducer M1355A
HP Philips Ultrasound Transducer M1356AHP Philips DECG M1364AHPPhilips Avalon CTS Base Station M2720A
HP Philips Avalon Wireless Toco Transducer M2725A
HP Philips Avalon Wireless Ultrasound Transducer M2726A
HP Philips Avalon Wireless ECG Transducer M2727APhilips Avalon Fetal Monitor FM50, FM40, FM30, FM20Philips Avalon CL Base Station 866074
Philips Avalon CL Toco MP 866075
Philips Avalon CL Ultrasound 866076
Philips Avalon CL ECG / IUP 866077
Philips Avalon Smart Transducers
Philips Avalon Toco Transducer M2734A
Philips Avalon Toco MP Transducer M2734B (MP - Maternal Pulse)
Philips Avalon Toco+ Transducer M2735A
Philips Avalon Ultrasound Transducer M2736A
Philips Avalon Ultrasound Transducer M2736AA
Spacelabs Toco Transducer 700-0022-00
Spacelabs Toco Transducer AMS-20-0048
Spacelabs Toco Transducer AMS-20-0020
Spacelabs Toco Transducer AMS-20-0022
Spacelabs Ultrasound Transducer 700-0021-00
Spacelabs Ultrasound Transducer AMS-20-0047
Spacelabs Ultrasound Transducer AMS-20-0011
Nonin Xpod Low power External SpO2
Nonin Xpod 3012 & Xpod 3013
Complete range of pulse oximetry probes such as Nellcor DS 100A, SPO2 extension cables, SPO2 adapter cables, Phaco hand-pieces and Harmonic scalpels.

Please check out other items for extremely special pricing from $49 to $69 per unit for the repairs of Philips Avalon fetal smart Toco and ultrasound transducers M2734A, M2734B, M2735A, M2736A, M2736AA. GE Corometrics Nautilus 2264LAX, 2264HAX Toco and 5700LAX, 5700HAX ultrasound transducer keeping after-market PCB assy., plastic cases, crystals, cable etc. for $45 each listed on with 2 years warranty and free shipping!

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