GE Corometrics Nautilus 5700HAX 5700LAX Ultrasound Transducer Circuit Board New For Sale

GE Corometrics Nautilus 5700HAX 5700LAX Ultrasound Transducer Circuit Board New

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GE Corometrics Nautilus 5700HAX 5700LAX Ultrasound Transducer Circuit Board New:

GE Corometrics Nautilus 5700HAX 5700LAX Ultrasound Transducer Circuit Board

GE Corometrics P/N # 7847DA

5 Year Warranty! 20 times longer period compared to OEM warranty on replacement new parts and 60 times longer warranty compared to CLONED after-market PCB !!

Being 100% Genuine OEM part no fear of infringement of OEM copyright, absolutely compliant to all the existing regulations and requirement of General Liability Insurance Carriers of Hospital/Clinic !

Last 4 photographs of various NON-GE after-market cloned PCBs shown are for comparison with OEM P/N and understanding as cloned parts are not covered for liability.

are not covered by majority GENERAL LIABILITY INSURANCE carriers of after-market parts' manufacturer or service providers. Most importantly, once the cloned parts are used to repair OEM transducer, not only the repaired transducer but also the whole fetal monitor device set-up connected with it, is not covered under general liability insurance policy of the service provider as well as it becomes non-compliant to hospital or clinics own general liability insurance policy carrier. The service provider who uses cloned PCBs to repair OEM devices, issues certificate signed by the company officer stating that the use of (after-market) critical parts such as cloned PCBs are reported to general liability insurance carrier, authorized & covered under current general liability insurance policy # 12345 by the insurance carrier XYZ and can be verified in writing by contacting the insurance carrier.

Price: $29.99

Commitment to Excellence to deliver OEM quality with ultimate warranty, please Watch videos fromTocoXpert channel onYouTube (<~~ click here)

Condition: Genuine OEM PCB Refurbished to GE Corometrics factory specifications, Silver Shiny with no visible cosmetic deficiencies

Items Included: All Items Shown In Photos (Unless otherwise specified below)

Tested: Fully Functional to GE Corometrics factory specifications and compliant to all the regulations including ROHS

This is a genuine GE Corometrics PCB refurbished using brand new components and ready for installation for GE Corometrics Nautilus 5700HAX / 5700LAX Ultrasound transducer. This US circuit board was re-worked implementing proprietary innovative technology process to be more durable and long lasting and exceeds all OEM quality specifications. Compatible Units : GE Corometrics Nautilus 5700HAX ultrasound Transducer & GE Corometrics Nautilus 5700LAX US Transducer.

Being a original GE Corometrics part with all OEM labels traceable to GE Factory and Not a CLONED unit manufactured by third party, one can use it for repairs of OEM Ultrasound transducers without any fear of copyright law infringement as well as the repaired US transducer will be absolutely compliant with all the regulations and hence general liability insurance carrier of the repair service company will not have any issues for the liability coverage faced with cloned units, especially critical parts such as Printed Circuit Boards (PCB).

TocoXpert is the ultimate quality service brand with performance guarantee that the original GE Corometrics spare parts, fetal transducers will be repaired/refurbished to exact GE factory specifications. If in doubt, the client could send repaired/refurbished OEM units to GE Corometrics factory for verification, turn in the test report showing deviation from the OEM specifications in order to get full refund including shipping charges, reimbursement for the Corometrics factory testing fees and free replacement of a brand new original GE Corometrics transducer (Nautilus 5700LAX or 5700HAX) will be provided as a compensation for failure to deliver OEM quality promise. In partnership with Averon Bionics, TocoXpert is committed to excellence by exceeding OEM standards to provide unsurpassed quality, long lasting repairs, refurbished and brand new units with significant savings unmatched in the industry. Please check our listings periodically to take an advantage of all the unique offers.

GE fetal transducers, Nautilus Toco 2264LAX, 2264HAX, Nautilus Ultrasound 5700LAX, 5700HAX repaired or refurbished with after-market non-GE cloned PCB assembly, crystals etc. do not perform 100% to GE factory specifications. There is a $10,000 reward on if any technician proves that Nautilus Toco 2264LAX and 2264HAX repaired or refurbished using non-GE after-market cloned circuit board assembly (printed circuit board - PCB) performs exactly to GE factory specifications.

TocoXpert / Averon Bionics, Inc.

7094 Peachtree Industrial Blvd.,
Suite # 255
Peachtree Corners, GA 30071
Tel: +1 770 263 8090

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Check out other items for extremely special pricing from $49 to $69 per unit for the repairs of Philips Avalon fetal smart Toco and ultrasound transducers M2734A, M2734B, M2735A, M2736A, M2736AA. GE Corometrics Nautilus 2264LAX, 2264HAX Toco and 5700LAX, 5700HAX ultrasound transducer keeping after-market PCB assy., plastic cases, crystals, cable etc. for $45 each listed on with 2 years’ warranty and free shipping!

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