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DOM 2002
PACS 3000
SDN 61301609855
DOM 2002
SERIAL #03CO3804
Power required for the boiler: 440-480 volt, 36 amp phase 3
Power required for the control system: 120 volt, 8 amp
The boiler is a 30KW, 50/60 Hz electric steam generatorMODELS 533HC (22 total cycles) • 3 Gravity cycles of 30 minutes exposure at 250°F (121°C) with 45 minutes dry time.• 3 Gravity cycles of 10 minutes exposure at 275°F (135°C) with 45 minutes dry time.• 6 Pre-Vacuum cycles of 3 minutes exposure at 275°F (135°C), with the following applications: • Zero dry time for unwrapped porous or non-porous items. 3 minutes minimum dry time for single wrap instruments or a load of linen. 16 minutes minimum dry time for mixed loads of wrapped instruments and linens.• 4 Gravity Flash* cycles for non-porous items of 3 minutes exposure at 275°F (135°C) with 10 seconds minimum dry time.• 2 Gravity Flash* cycles for porous and non-porous items of 10 minutes exposure at 275°F (135°C) with 10 seconds dry time.• 1 Bowie & Dick Test cycle of 3.5 minutes exposure at 273°F (134°C) with zero dry time.• 1 Vacuum Leak Test cycle run at 268°F (131°C). • 2 Liquid** cycles at 250°F (121°C), with one for 30 minutes exposure, and one at 45 minutes.
The chamber is constructed of an inner shell reinforced by a series of “U” channels that form the outer jacket of the cham-ber. The gasket ring and backhead (on single door models) are formed and welded to the chamber body. Chamber, door, and jacket material is constructed of 316L stainless steel. The inte-rior chamber finish is polished to a high luster finish. All pres-sure vessel construction meets ASME code requirements for working pressures up to 45 psig (310 kPa). The gasket ring
SYSTEM INCLUDES OPTIONAL STEAM BOILERThe carbon steel or 304L stainless steel steam boiler will have a 30 kW capacity at standard voltages, and include an auto-matic fill valve to ensure the correct water level at all times. The sterilizer control on/off switch controls the boiler control power (115V). The steam boiler is automatically controlled to generate and maintain a supply of steam to the sterilizer at minimum of 40 psig (3.72 bar). An automatic feed-water pump is provided as standard. STEAM BOILER CONTROLS AND FEATURESThe integral steam boiler heating system includes: 1. On-off selector switch with power light. Control power will be removed from the steam boiler when “control off” is selected. 2. An adjustable pressure control. 3. Adjustable over-pressure cutoff. 4. Automatic fi ll valve to maintain the correct water levels at all times. 5. An ASME, UV rated 100-psi pressure relief valve. 6. Magnetic contactors for heater circuit, visible water level gauge, safety relief valve and manual drain blowdown valve. 7. A high-water cutoff safety feature prevents water from enter-ing the sterilizer. 8. Full-size, stainless steel drip pan with leak detection and au-tomatic system shutdown. 9. During the blowdown function for either manual or automatic operation, hot condensate flows through the lower piping condenser and is condensed by cold water

The sterilizer shall comply with or meet the requirements of:

• ASME (Section VIII, Division 1) Code for Pressure Vessels • Canadian Registration Number (CRN) Pressure Vessel Design • Uniform Plumbing Code • ETL Listed to UL 61010A-1 and UL 61010A-2-041 • ETL Listed to IEC 61010-1 and IEC 61010-2-041 • cETL Listed to CSA C22.2 Nos. 1010.1 and 61010.2.041 • Seismic Anchoring Requirements per California Building Code (2007)• ANSI/AAMI ST8:2008• CSA 2314.7-03 (R2008)SAFETY FEATURES:
• Steam Interlock Door Switch—Prevents steam from enter-ing the chamber when the door is not sealed. • Steam Safety Valve(s)—There are Steam Safety Relief valve(s) to ensure that the chamber and/or jacket do not over-pressurize.• Door obstruction shut-off—If the automatic door encounters an obstacle, a safety clutch stops the door movement. After a short time-out the motor will be shut down. • Analog chamber gauges—Two needle-style gauges give real-time pressure readings in the chamber and jacket even in the event of micro-computer control system outage. • Program check—The control system validates all user-programmed cycle parameters against safe effective cycle recommendations. A warning appears if users attempt to program a cycle beyond recommended parameters. • Supervisor password—A supervisor password is required to change cycle names or parameters. • Abort alert—Aborted cycles result in a warning message that requires user intervention before the chamber can be reopened. • Gasket retract valve—In the event emergency access to the chamber becomes necessary the gasket may be retracted manually. • Door safety baffleIn the unlikely event of a catastrophic door failure, the gasket will blow out and a baffle at the chamber mouth directs steam away from areas where users might be working. • Heat guards and insulation—Insulation and heat guards are built-in on all surfaces where operators routinely come into contact, particularly near the door, and chamber openings. • Water alarm—High water levels in the drain that cannot be corrected automatically result in an audible alert

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Phone: 800-638-2041

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