LAB SALE 5-Pack NITINOL HELICAL SPRINGS SuperElastic Shape Memory (1mm Thick) For Sale

LAB SALE 5-Pack NITINOL HELICAL SPRINGS SuperElastic Shape Memory (1mm Thick)

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LAB SALE 5-Pack NITINOL HELICAL SPRINGS SuperElastic Shape Memory (1mm Thick):

EarthHunt Lot #SALE-101 – Kellogg's Research Labs is a leader in the optimization and customization of shape-changing titanium (Nitinol). Our lab had a cancellation that we are able to list part of here in a rare sale, exclusively on .

These SuperElastic Nitinol Springs list at the KRL Lab for $16-$19 each. In this clearance we are able to list them for $4 each in packs of 5, until they are gone.


Here is what is in this new lot:


These Cut Helical Springs are each (a thick diameter) 1mm thick Nitinol Wire with a (wider) 19mm Mandrel, 2mm Pitch, and each measures around 1 inch long (19mm to 26mm random length packs).

They are excellent for experiments, motor driven inventions, robotics, and other lab and engineering science.

These springs are all cold drawn and expertly processed nickel/titanium wire that is class="MsoNormal" style="font-size: 14pt; background: white;">MANDREL is the inside diameter of the spring.

PITCH is the distance between the center of two consecutive wraps of wire.

These are very precise springs. We are your one-stop shop for large and small Nitinol springs that are perfectly trained and ready to go.

The transition temperature of these springs is -15F (5C). Of course there is a lot more trained wire involved if you were to stretch them out.

This fascinating and unusual shape memory alloy wire will be awesome for your engineering projects, educational setting, school, science laboratory, or other organization, robotics, School, College, or University physics, metallurgy, or engineer courses, etc. For any scientist, a physics fan, inventors, those that follow green or alternative energy, or advanced technology. By listing in sets of three, we enable starter kits and all the way up to industrial orders simply by adding quantities of three to your purchase.

This product is manufactured and will be shipped to you straight from our world leading New Hampshire based Nitinol laboratory.

We are Kellogg's Research Labs, the leading Laboratory in the world specializing in the production, training, and customization of the shape memory alloy, Nitinol. We make 107 different types of this complex alloy, in unlimitedconfigurations, (over 100,000) with.99999-accuracy.
Our New Hampshire Lab has all the equipment needed to prepare or test your springs and plate in any way you might require if fast custom precision is a benefit for your projects. Here is just a partial list of what is available available as a separate service for your Nitinol & related projects: Laser Welding,Tension Testing, Compression Testing, 3-Point Bending Testing, Differential Scanning Calorimetry, Optical Microscopy, 3D Printing of Plastic Components, Benchtop Injection Molding, 5-Axis Machining, Ion Mill, Optical Emission Spectroscopy, Thermal Conductivity, TIG Welding, MIG Welding, and much more.

We offer $4 US Shipping via First Class mail for these Nitinol SALE orders through EarthHunt on . International is $15 for one lot and $4 for each additional lot.

EarthHunt hosts real sales (and some fixed price listings) of rare & interesting, hard to find pieces from our personal collections, acquired all over the world. Now we are pleased to add original Nitinol creations from Kellogg’s Research Labs. This product is proudly “Made in the USA”.Please recycle all of our packaging. Thank You! Feel free to ask any questions.

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