Lambda LRA-21 Mainframe with Seven Power Supplies, Fully Functional (Config. 1) For Sale

Lambda LRA-21 Mainframe with Seven Power Supplies, Fully Functional (Config. 1)

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Lambda LRA-21 Mainframe with Seven Power Supplies, Fully Functional (Config. 1):

Lambda LRA-21 Mainframe with Seven Power Supplies, Fully Functional (Config. 1)

This Lambda modular power supply system was originally configured for Digital Equipment Corp (DEC) in the mid-1990's. It consists of a power supply mainframe (LRA-21) with an elaborate supply monitoring system and display on the front panel. I will describe the monitor system first, and then list the individual power supplies.

The front panel has a very large LED display of voltage, amperage, and the number of the selected internal supply that is being monitored. A push-button beneath the display allows one to sequence through each of the installed supplies. The panel to the right of the display contains a selector switch on the bottom and two 'up-down' cursor buttons. After selecting the supply using the PS Select button previously described, the 'ENTER' button is used to sequence through three different 'fault-level' adjustments - maximum voltage, minimum voltage, and maximum current. At each selection the 'up-down' cursor buttons are used to determine the fault level of the associated alarm. Pressing ENTER then toggles to the next field, and once all fault levels have been programmed, the LED next to the 'Monitor' function is lit. To the right of that panel are the FAULT indicators (up to 8 supplies can be installed in the mainframe - each has its own LED). Beneath that is the ALARM selector - when armed it is indicated by an LED. If a fault occurs, the associated power supply indicator lights, and the 'Armed' LED flashes. Additionally, an audible alarm sounds. The main display then displays the parameters of the faulty supply. Finally, the right-most panel is a decal with specifications of all the installed supplies. Trim switches located next to each supply label allow remote setting of the output on adjustable supplies.

The front panel is hinged and swings downwards to expose an additional 'calibration switch' that allows configuration of the display and mainframe. It is used to set the (1) number of included supplies, (2) voltage scale, (3) current scale, (4) current offset, (5) current full scale and (6) voltage full scale. The last selection (7) displays the processor rev. number.

All of the enclosed power supplies are fitted with ripple filters. They include the following:

> PS-1 -- LRS-52-5, 5v plus/minus 5% at 15.0A
> PS-2 -- LZS-250-2, 10v-15.75v at 21.0A
> PS-3 -- LRS-52-15, 15v plus/minus 5% at 6.4A
> PS-4 -- LRS-53-15, 15v plus/minus 5% at 10.0A
> PS-5 -- LRS-49-15, 15v plus/minus 5% at 1.4A
> PS-6 -- LRS-50-15, 15v plus/minus 5% at 2.6A
> PS-7 -- LRS-56-5, 5v plus/minus 5% at 90.0A

All ratings were stipulated at 40 degrees C ambient temperature.

The back panel of the enclosure contains a line input panel with two parallel terminal blocks. Jumpers are required between adjacent terminals, and a line cord with appropriate spade connectors will be required. (The line cord and jumpers shown in the photo are NOT included). There are also three dual-output panels with the six smaller supplies assigned per the decals on the panels. The last panel is dedicated to the high current 5v supply and includes a small muffin fan. A DB-9 connector provides 3 status lines and a 'reset' function signal line. The six-position terminal blocks required for each supply are included along with the appropriate jumpers.

This system has been checked for proper output ranges on all supplies (at zero load), but not under load. Nominal alarm range settings were adjusted appropriate to each supply and over / under voltage conditions set to confirm that the alarm monitor functions worked. The power supply is very clean inside and out (see photos). There is just a trace of corrosion in a few places on the rack-mount frame. We have more than one of these systems in a similar configuration, but plan on photographing each and listing them individually. Please inquire if you have interest in additional systems. We also have several systems in a slightly different configuration. Please see our other listings! Lambda assembly number of this system is *PS 158031-205*.

These supplies are very heavy (59 pounds, unpacked) and would require great care to pack properly. For that reason I have selected local pick-up only. If you are interested in having a supply shipped to you, please contact me before purchasing to discuss shipping options! Thank you for your attention to this detail!
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Descriptive notes - unless otherwise stated in the above description, all microscope components have been checked for proper operation. If there are any problems they will be noted above under one (or more) of the following categories:
  • Optical condition: Blemishes in coatings, scratches, delaminations, fungus, or haziness.
  • Cosmetic condition: Notable problems in surface finishes (badly worn paint, names engraved in paint, etc.).
  • Mechanical condition: Problems with mechanical functions, such as broken components or parts in need of lubrication.
  • Electrical condition: The item is checked for proper function of electronics when appropriate. If unable to test due to incomplete nature of the offering, this is also noted.

Warranty notes - all microscope components are sold without warranty except that the equipment will be as described above. If an item arrives not as described, it may be returned at the buyer's expense provided the following conditions are met:
  • instrument should be packed similarly to the way it was received.
  • buyer must request a return authorization within 5 days of instrument receipt.
  • item must be in the same physical condition as when it left our premises.

Shipping notes - Insurance is included in the shipping fees for all purchases. Due to constant problems in trying to stipulate actual shipping costs, and constantly rising costs of packing materials, we now use a 'fixed price' amount for shipping within the continental US. If you would like to pick up your item in person, that may be arranged if schedules permit (please ask ahead of time)! Please contact us for shipping costs to Alaska and Hawaii.

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PLEASE NOTE! We do not accept credit cards! PayPal is the only acceptable means of payment unless arrangements have been made PRIOR to offerding!
Important Note Regarding 'Fixed Price' Shipping! The fixed prices you see in the listing have been carefully calculated from the latest USPS website data. The prices represent the cost for shipments (including insurance) originating from Stow, MA to Los Angeles, CA via Priority Mail. This is the furthest zone in the CONUS from our location. For relatively light packages, the difference in cost between a relatively local shipment and one to California is negligible. However, on even moderately heavy parcels the differential can become very substantial. For very heavy parcels it can be nearly three times as expensive to ship to California. Depending on which zone you live, the actual price for shipment might be considerably less. Please be assured that I will refund any overage in shipping costs as I do not make any profit from shipping! On rare occasions when something requires elaborate packing and materials, I will stipulate so within the body of the item description (usually for very heavy and delicate items).

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