MANNA Vacuum Bell for Pectus Excavatum For Sale

MANNA Vacuum Bell for Pectus Excavatum

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MANNA Vacuum Bell for Pectus Excavatum:

The Story: I have pectus excavatum. Growing up, I was always bothered my appearance. I avoided taking my shirt off at the gym, beach, etc…. I needn’t tell anyone with the condition what it can do to one’s self-esteem. Years ago, I began researching my condition in earnest and discovered that there are, in fact, corrective surgical procedures that can be done. Unfortunately for me and many others, the procedure is only performed on children, so the opportunity had passed me by. Then I discovered a non-surgical option used to treat, and in some cases correct, the condition in adult males. There have been numerous studies on the effectiveness of vacuum bell treatment, a few of which can be found here: and here: but there are many others. I would recommend doing some research for yourself. Unfortunately, this device was not commonly available in the United States. At that point I decided to design and manufacture my own, not just for me, but for the countless others who, for reasons beyond their control, could not obtain one. I am pleased to announce the new, Manna Health & Beauty LLC Vacuum Bell for Pectus Excavatum. Simply put, this is the BEST Vacuum Bell on the market.

My Testimonial: I have been using a vacuum bell for the treatment of pectus excavatum for over 6 years now. It is fair to say the condition has been corrected by this point. The very first time I used it, I showed significant improvement in the depth of my condition. After about 12-15 hours though, the sternum slowly sank back to its original depth. I wore the device everyday, for about 45 minutes or so and slowly, over the course of months, my sternum began to hold its outward position longer and longer. After about a year or two, the sternum would hold its correct position indefinitely, so long as I wore the bell at least every other day, for 20-30 minutes. As things stand now, 6 years after beginning treatment, my sternum and chest wall have basically been re-trained to hold a normal position at all times. I currently wear the device 1 to 3 times a week (depending on when I remember) just to make sure there is no regression. It's important to remember that vacuum bell therapy is a treatment for pectus excavatum, not a cure and that individual results may vary.

My Motivation: I have sold vacuum bells in the past to hundreds of satisfied customers all over the world, see my response. My motivation is simple: I want to give some hope to fellow p.e. sufferers. I understand how psychologically damaging the condition can be and I genuinely want to help. Even after correcting my own condition, I am still driven to improve upon the bell design wherever possible. This is nothing less than a mission for me.

What You'll Get:In addition to the stainless steel crank, 7" diameter bell, and connecting hose you will receive support materials with instructions for use. Additionally this product includes a 30 Day Free Trial during which you may return the device for any reason, no questions asked and a 1 Year Total Warranty on the product.

Legal Stuff: Buyer claims and assumes all responsibility and liability for any results achieved with this device. As a Class 1 medical device, this product is exempt from the FDA pre-market notification requirement. The product code is: GCY. The regulation number is: 878-4680. class="p1">

Update 2/12/17: Due to increased competition and overseas imposters we have lowered the price of our device from $219.99 to $189.99. We cannot speak to the quality of these other devices, only to say that Manna LLC has been selling vacuum bells through for almost a decade and our track record speaks for itself. We offer a full-money back guarantee if you're unsatisfied for any reason with the device. Made in the USA of quality steel this vacuum bell will last a lifetime. Please message us with any questions you may have. Thank you!

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