MSA Altair 5X, Monochrome Screen, Calibrated For Sale

MSA Altair 5X, Monochrome Screen, Calibrated

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MSA Altair 5X, Monochrome Screen, Calibrated:

You are offerding on MSA Altair 5X monochrome screen multi-gas detector. Retails for around $2000.

The unit has total four sensors:O2, H2S, CO and Combustible.

Great working condition, minor wear, works like a charm. US default alarm settings. Clean in and out, inspected by certified professional.All sensors successfully pass calibration and show plenty of life left. You will get all accessories for remote and direct air sampling.

Willcalibrate for 180 days prior to shipping and fill up calibration sticker

Everything you see on a picture is included:

· Gas Detector

· Charger

· MSA sample probe

· MSA 3 feet coiled airline with quick connect

· 10 feet of MSA airline with water stop filter

· Operating Manual (printed)

Free USPS Priority Mail shipping within US. International buyers are welcome, will ship through E-Bay Global Shipping Program. AU and Canada buyers allow up to two weeks for delivery.

Feel free to ask any questions.

Useful Info and Tips for Gas Detector buyers

1.When you buy used gas detectors, you are saving a lot of money. Gas detectors are expensive and prices keep going up. Besides that gas detectors require maintenance, calibration and sensors replacement.

2.Sensors degrade with age, regardless if the unit was in use or not. They cost $100-$500 each, depends on brand and model. Oxygen sensor degrades much faster than all others.

3.When some sellers state that unit “works fine”, they often mean that it powers up, has sound and pump draws an air. But it doesn’t mean that all sensors are working. That may double the price you pay for the unit.

4.Ask seller to disclose if all sensors work properly and when the unit was serviced last time. Ask seller to post a picture showing screen with actual readings. Be skeptical if sellers avoid answering these questions.

5.Be skeptical if seller posted stock photo from manufacturer website, not actual unit he is selling. Be skeptical if seller’s description of the unit is very vague and include words like “seems to work fine”, “the unit lights up or beeps…“

6. Gas detectors sold by sellers from other countries very often have different, non US default alarm setting.

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