MSA Galaxy GX2 Test Stand+ Cylinder Holder+ Charge stand. (altair) Gx 2 For Sale

MSA Galaxy GX2  Test Stand+ Cylinder Holder+ Charge stand. (altair) Gx 2

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MSA Galaxy GX2 Test Stand+ Cylinder Holder+ Charge stand. (altair) Gx 2:

MSA Galaxy GX2 Test Stand+ Cylinder Holder+ Charge stand. (altair) Gx 2

NOTE: I am offering up to 6 sets - price per each.

The photos are of the FIRST SET ONLY

All other sets are similar, but may have slight differences in marks etc.

Not all will have the blue inlet tube.

If you have questions, please ask them before purchase.

Return Guarantee is ONLY for the very unlikely event of DOA.


This instrument set is surplus from a Major US Construction and Civil Engineeering company (Bechtel) working in Australia.

That company has now completed a several billion $ project, and this instrument set is now available.

All six sets are similar to the photos and descripiton of the first set.


Both the cylinder holder and main unit presents in good overall condition.

However I have low balled the price because there is work dust on them including the inside plastic walls. - This will need to be dusted off and the unit tested if need be prior to use.

I have deliberately not given the inside a dust down so that the responisble buyer will check inside the back cover and do a good job.

The charger unit is currently showing 4 live bays.

I have noted with other units that sometimes a bay just stops working.

However these units are shipped with all 4 bays working.

For ALTAIR 4 and 4X Gas Monitors


* MSA Galaxy GX2 Test Stand.

P/N: 101286

* MSA Galaxy GX2 Electronic Cylinder Holder.

P/N 10105756

* MSA Multi Unit Charger. P/N 10127425

* Two Power Modules - no AC lead.

(Please supply the standard AC Wall/Charger lead that suits your local AC outlet configuration)

Please Note that there may be various accessories normally included with a new unit which may be absent from this kit.

Bottom line - Please look at photos carefully to see cosmetic condtion and what is included -

Please do not assume anything else is included than what is listed or in the photos.

There are various models of the test stand and cylinder holder so please make sure you do your research to ensure these are exactly what you need.


Bank wire transfer or Paypal…..


The most cost effective way to ship is by Post - this charges only for weight and not volume.

For 3+ sets I will use Fedex

Combined shipping discount may be possible, but I will give refund after shipping if possible.

International shipping s by Express Post International.

Cost to USA - $85usd

Other Countries - $125usd.

I will pack carefully in an outer cardboard box.

Shipping within Australia -

TNT Technology/Computer Express.

Cost is a flat $30usd Australia wide.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

If it is DOA within 14 days of signed delivery, I will refund the cost of the unit and all outward but not return shipping.

All orignal components with untouched serial numbers must be included for refund due to malfunction.

But remember, you must do your own due dilligence research to make sure this unit is what suits your needs

- return guarantee does not cover mistaken purchases.

Galaxy GX2 Automated Test System by MSA

MSA is committed to providing the very best in sensor cell technology. From instrument design and manufacturing to datalogging and report generating software, MSA has consistently delivered products designed to optimize workplace safety and take an active approach to advancing jobsite performance. With the new Galaxy GX2 Automated Test System, MSA takes safety and technology to a whole new level.

Advanced MSA Link Pro Software

The MSA Link Pro Software is a state of the art datalogging system that allows users to analyze all data at any time. The software is easy to set up and configure to user specifications. The dashboard will provide alerts on all conditions, gas calibrations, and maintenance information (including expiration warnings). With the software, users can research data, generate reports, and send automatic email exposure alerts. Users can even generate live results or schedule emails for detector activities. Essentially, the datalogging capabilities allow worksite safety managers effectively and efficiently organize all data obtained throughout the entire gas detection fleet.

Simple User Friendly Design

The new Galaxy GX2 Automated Test System was designed with ease of use and simplicity in mind. The test system features an intuitive color touch screen for easy setup and viewing. The touch buttons are large and feature a scrolling screen with pop up test results. Simply place any compatible Galaxy gas detector onto the automated test system and the system will automatically test, calibrate, and charge. The system allows up to 10 devices and 4 cylinder holders. When using RFID-tagged gas cylinders, gas cylinder information is automatically entered into the system, and the onscreen gas cylinder pressure gauge can display multiple cylinder statuses at the same time.

Users can also see the testing and battery status of devices quickly through the colored LED indicators. With the simple time efficient automatic testing, the Galaxy GX2 Automated Test System can save users up to 50% of calibration costs.

Automated Test System Features

The Galaxy GX2 Automated Test System features 18 different languages with easy language setup options. The system is also optimized for use with MSA’s high performing X-Cell Sensors. The advanced MSA X-Cell Sensor technology has a long life, quick bump test, fast calibration, and less clear times.

Galaxy GX2 Automated Test System Specifications

The Galaxy GX2 Automated Test System comes standard with pre-configured plugs, barbs, fresh air filters, spare parts kit, power supply and plug, Ethernet cable, and screen protector. MSA also offers nearly two dozen optional accessories that can be used to customize the automatic test system to meet individual workplace needs.

The automatic test system operates on 100-200 VAC (47-63 Hz). The entire unit is approximately 12 inches high and 6.5 inches wide.

The new Galaxy GX2 Automated Test System provides a simple and efficient approach to testing, calibration, and charging. With numerous user features, advanced software, optional accessories, and automatic cost reduction, the automated test system is an automatic choice for workplace safety managers.


Payment only by Paypal or Shipping only to Paypal verified address or if Escrow, mutually agreed upon address in USA. _gsrx_vers_804 (GS 7.0.8 (804))

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