Micron Impervi-TRAN B Control Transformer B050-3362-3 50VA 208/460V For Sale

Micron Impervi-TRAN B Control Transformer B050-3362-3 50VA 208/460V

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Micron Impervi-TRAN B Control Transformer B050-3362-3 50VA 208/460V:

Our Asset #:KSCU / 123 / Q3Qty available:2
50VA 208/230/460V Control Transformer MICRON Impervi-TRAN B050-3362-3 NEW SURPLU
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If it is not shown in the photos it is not included.If you have questions please ask before offerding.This price is FOB our location w/o S&H. Some large machinery which requires riggers or cranes to load could have a loadout fee.
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Model:Serial Info:CAT NO.B050-3362-3General Photos:Brand new surplus control transformers already mounted in a NEMA Class 1 enclosure. These have spent a lot of time on shelf waiting to get in the game. let's send them in and score!
Inspections are our findings only and not a representation of fitness or use for a particular purpose
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1. HIGH CONFIDENCE ITEM: We will offer a 100% 14 Day money back less S&H. We do not refund for freight damage items but will assist buyers with documents for freight claims.
Asset Location:TX Del Rio Est. Wt. each:7LB'Sb. Est. packaging wt:3c. Est. total & CONDITIONS**Our assets will have a certified seal, if the seal is broken then the return is void and we will not accept your asset as a return.**
*Factory Information only*

*Factory Information*

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  • We only have what you see in our photos and we will guaranty our Word and Workmanship which means that the BUYER WILL BE GETTING THE SAME ITEM AND CONDITION AS SHOWN IN THE PHOTOS.
  1. YELLOW TESTED > CONNECTED TO POWER OR ATTEMPT TO START: When possible we attempt to PLUG IN or POWER UP the asset in liquidation. However, some items may not be complete or we might not enough have 440v power to power up. If we are unable to power up an asset we will write on the YELLOW TAG: UNABLE TO TEST .
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a. Seals must be photographed and shown in the ship out pictures

b. Item must be returned to us in the exact same condition, all parts included.

c. If anything is missing, damaged or not approved for return, shipment will be rejected and refund denied.


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  • Over $10k or INTERNATIONAL BUYERS please contact us directly for payment options.

4.KING SURPLUS COMPANY (KSC)IS A TEXAS COMPANY WHICH IS LICENSED AND BONDED TO OPERATE AND SELL ANY OFFERING WE MAKE UNDER TEXAS LAW, buyers in other States may not have the same laws so it is the buyers responsibility to satisfy themselves what and how they are buying is legal in their State. Regardless, KSC WILL NEVER SELL IN ANY OTHER STATE OTHER THAN THE STATE OF TEXAS. All assets offered & sold by KSC are FOB DEL RIO TEXAS Del Rio, Val Verde County Texas regardless of their location.

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