Moog Model G122-824-001 P-I Servo Amplifier - Works Well For Sale

Moog Model G122-824-001 P-I Servo Amplifier - Works Well

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Moog Model G122-824-001 P-I Servo Amplifier - Works Well:

Thank you for your interest in thisMoog G122-824-001 P-I Servo Amplifier
This servoamplifier was removed in good working condition from a lab that recently sold off some assets
The G122-824 is clean and ready to be put back to use
Below is some information on this model from the manufacturer:
P, I or P & I controlUser friendly front panel with LEDs and test pointsSingle ended input, 4-20 mA or ±10 V, switch selectableSingle ended input, scalableDifferential input with zero and gainresponse transducer excitation output FeaturesDescription:
The G122-824 P-I Servoamplifier is used in closed loop applications where a proportional and/or integral amplifier is needed. Selector switches inside the amplifier enable proportional, integral or both to be selected. Many aspects of the amplifier’s characteristics can be selected with internal switches. This enables one amplifier to be used in many different applications. The configuration options provided are the result of many years of experience in designing and commissioning closed loop systems. The Servoamplifier employs analog electronics. It accepts three input signals, two single ended and one differential.
These are summed to produce an error signal which is then amplified proportionally and also integrated. The proportional and integral signals are switched together and output as a current or voltage to drive a servovalve. Front panel trim pots, LED indicators and test points allow fast and easy setup and aid in trouble shooting. The servoamplifier is housed in a compact DIN rail mounting enclosure and requires a +24V supply.P-I Servoamplifier G122-824
Step push buttonOptional response derivative term“In position” inputCompact DIN rail housingCE markedSwitch selections
Input 1 lag on or offresponse input 4-20 mA or ±10 VInput 2 4-20 mA or ±10 VProportional control, integral control or bothIntegrator input from unity gain or amplified error signalIntegrator limitOutput current or voltageOutput current levelDither on or off
Plug-in resistors
Input 2 = 100k for ±10 Vresponse derivative term = not loadedProportional gain range = 100k for 1 to 20 rangeInput 2 direct to output amp = not loadedFeel free to ask any questions and we will do our best to get back to you promptly

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