New RF CAUTERY – 2 Mhz – Radio SURGERY GENERAL SURGERY Purpose Machine Unit For Sale

New RF CAUTERY – 2 Mhz – Radio SURGERY GENERAL SURGERY Purpose Machine Unit

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New RF CAUTERY – 2 Mhz – Radio SURGERY GENERAL SURGERY Purpose Machine Unit:

with High Frequency model – RF-B2

RF Cautery 2 Mhz is suitable for the following Medical field.

Increased Revenue
Reduced Stress
Reduced Operating Times
Pressure - less Cutting
No Lateral Heat
Micro-smooth Incisions
Increased range of procedures

About R.F Cautery:
The Technique of Radio Surgery involves the passage of high frequency radio waves ( 2 Mhz – megahertz) through soft tissue to cut, coagulate, or remove the tissue. Soft tissue resistance to there radio waves caused the cellular water in the soft tissue to heat, which produces steam, an results in cellular molecular dissolution of individual tissue cells.
The surgeon uses a hand piece with an active electrodes ( different type of electrodes for different applications) to transmit the radio waves. The radio waves are focused on the tissue by an antenna plat ) Patient plate) that is positioned behind the tissue in contact with patient’s skin.
Radio surgery in general practice has many advantages over conventional surgical techniques particularly dermatological, plastic and eye lid surgery, ENT Dental, quicker operating time; rapid healing, less tissue damage and less post operative discomfort have been observed and its wider use in hospital practice is recommended.

Radio frequency is not to be confused with electro-surgery machine ( surgical diathermy) spark gap circuitry unit ( electro cautery) and uses completely new technique compared with scalpel surgery and other techniques and Radio energy does the cutting very light. A very high frequency radio wave 0-3-2 Mhz and a fine needle or wire loop electrode which is held by the surgeon, radio energy passes between the cautery electrode and patient plate. It is concentrated at the needle end or wire loop electrode, resulting in the release of energy, which produces steam within the cells, thus vaporizing them and dividing the tissues.

Standard Accessories :
Monopolar Handle – 01 No.
Patient Plate – 01 No.
Electrodes - 01 Set
Foot Switch – 01 No.
Hand Switch – 01 No.
Bipolar / forceps – 01 No.
Cleaning Knife – 01 No.
Power cable : 01 No.
Operating manual : 01 No.

Specification :
Power Input 220 volts + 5%
For USA / Canada 110V- 220V power converter will be supplied Free of Cost.
Power consumption 150 Watts.
Frequency 2 MHz
Maximum Output :
HF Monopolar 150 Watts on 400 ohm load
HF Bipolar 100 Watts on 100 ohm load
Coagulation 100 Watts on 1000 ohm
Size :8½ " x 7½ " x 4"
Weight :3.5 Kgs

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