Raspberry Pi Based OpenVPN VPN Server for Grandstream VoIP Phones For Sale

Raspberry Pi Based OpenVPN VPN Server for Grandstream VoIP Phones

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Raspberry Pi Based OpenVPN VPN Server for Grandstream VoIP Phones:

Raspberry Pi Based OpenVPN VPN Server for Grandstream VoIP Phones
DescriptionThis is a fully-configured OpenVPN server for use with Grandstream IP phones that have OpenVPN client support built in. In many installations it will be plug-and-play requiring only port forwarding and phone configuration to use. It is based on a reliable and powerful Raspberry Pi 3 B+ microcomputer, and will support ten or more phones.

​Use this server to securely locate Grandstream phones remotely from a central IP PBX, anywhere there is an internet connection. Typical applications include an office with a Grandstream UCM-series PBX needing to support phones in remote locations such as employee homes. The server will also work with non-Grandstream IP PBXs though a bit more configuration may be required. It is intended to be used with any of the models of Grandstream phones with OpenVPN support. With this server, remote phones will simply be extensions of your office phone system, with access to all features available to ;local office phones.

​Included is a DVD containing certificate files needed for configuring phones, and a very illustrated comprehensive manual containing full installation, configuration, and troubleshooting information, which is the distilled result of several months of development. The manual alone is worth the price of the item.

Also included are a 120vac-240vac power supply and a network cable; everything you need to install this item. The software and configuration data are supplied on a 4 GB Micro SD card which is already installed; a backup image of the card is supplied on the DVD.

There's no magic here -- yes you can buy the same hardware for about $55 and download the open source software needed to build this yourself. But there is a pretty steep learning curve, and you can expect to spend a day setting it up, plus weeks or months to get it working if you aren't already experienced with OpenVPN, certificate creation, the Raspberry Pi, and Linux. What's your time worth?
Even if you're not using Grandstream phones but are trying to get an OpenVPN server working for some other reason, starting with a working configuration may make your task easier.

There are several situations requiring additional configuration steps, primarily among them the need to install the server on a subnet other than Configuration typically takes a few minutes and is fully described in the manual.

In case of trouble, extensive troubleshooting information is provided in the manual. Also, we will provide free technical support to the extent possible when working remotely. The server comes with a 30-day return policy and a 1-year hardware warranty.


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