SHAPE MEMORY WIRE Variety Pack#22 NITINOL 8 SIZES Standard Temp .25mm-5mm 115ft For Sale

SHAPE MEMORY WIRE Variety Pack#22 NITINOL 8 SIZES Standard Temp .25mm-5mm 115ft

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SHAPE MEMORY WIRE Variety Pack#22 NITINOL 8 SIZES Standard Temp .25mm-5mm 115ft:


This lot includes 23 packs of 5 feet, including a Variety of Packs covering Each of 8 Thicknesses: (0.25 + 0.5mm + 1mm + 1.25mm + 1.5mm + 2mm + 3mm + 5mm).

Each of the trained wires is 5ft long. They are individually trained and sealed at the factory See the precise breakdown below.

These are excellent for a wide array of experiments, motor driven inventions, robotics, and other lab and engineering science. You may program the wire into any shape needed beyond that which we provide. Instructions for that are provided.

These wire lengths are all cold drawn and expertly trained to transform at STANDARD class="MsoNormal">Here is what is in this new lot:


A) 5 Packs 5ft Long 0.25mm Thick.

B) 5 Packs 5ft Long 0.5mm Thick.

C) 5 Packs 5ft Long 1.0mm Thick.

D) 2 Packs 5ft Long 1.25mm Thick.

E) 2 Packs 5ft Long 1.5mm Thick.

F) 2 Packs 5ft Long 2.0mm Thick.

G) 1 Packs 5ft Long 3.0mm Thick.

H) 1 Packs 5ft Long 5.0mm Thick.

We are your one-stop shop for small Nitinol that is perfectly trained and ready to go.

EarthHunt is the only source for a pre-packaged lot of Wire like this one.We have discounted this lot to 12% less than our Lab’s keystone Wholesale Price of $622.27 for the 8 varieties of Standard Temp Wire as a bulk quantity lot to reach this great price of $547.60 That is a total savings of $696.94 from the $1,244.54 retail price.You will never see these for less.

The transition temperature of this wire is 115F (45C). Total wire length of this lot of 23 programmed wire packs as described above.

NOTE:The required transition heat may be generated using electricity.

Nitinol requires a very precise heat treatment to achieve the shape memory effect.This wire has fully and consistently received this treatment in our US based Laboratory.

The steps that our New Hampshire Lab has taken to Train this Nitinol Wire are not trivial.As such we recommend that most buyers of Nitinol Wire should purchase it in this form that has been Trained.

When at room temperature, this wire is soft, random and easily bent. Expose it to any temp of 115 degrees F, and it bursts to action, quickly changing atomic state, and returning to the programmed shape you set, or that in which it is already programmed, creating energy for your class="MsoNormal">This fascinating and unusual shape memory alloy wire will be awesome for your engineering projects, educational setting, school, science laboratory, or other organization, robotics, High School, College, or University physics, metallurgy, or engineer courses, etc. For any scientist, a physics fan, inventors, those that follow green or alternative energy, or advanced technology, this is the ultimate gift to the lab that keeps on giving. It will repeat this rare shape memory behavior over and over.It is 100% food safe.

This product is manufactured and will be shipped to you straight from our world leading New Hampshire based Nitinol laboratory.

We are Kellogg’s Research Labs, the leading Laboratory in the world specializing in the shape memory alloy, Nitinol. We make 107 different types of this complex alloy.Nitinol (NiTi) is the combination of Nickel and Titanium, discovered by the US Navy in the 1950’s. Research by top government agencies has continued to this day to unlock the secrets of this metal that behaves like no other. It seems otherworldly as no other metal has these strong shape memory properties.

Nitinol is widely considered to be the least corrosive metal yet discovered. (Stainless Steel is far more corrosive as an example). You can drop this Programmed Nitinol into the ocean and leave it for 1,000 years and it will look the same when recovered.

There is no risk to handling this wire. It has no toxicity, and will not harm food or anything else if dropped or exposed thus. In fact, stainless steel contains, and will generate, far more nickel allergens (to the few who may be allergic to nickel) than Nitinol does. This wire is far safer to handle than stainless steel. Kellogg’s Research Labs of New Hampshire is the maker.

We offer Free US Shipping via First Class mail for all Nitinol orders through EarthHunt on . International is $15 for one lot and $4 for each additional lot.

EarthHunt hosts real sales (and some fixed price listings) of rare & interesting, hard to find pieces from our personal collections, acquired all over the world. Now we are pleased to add original Nitinol creations from Kellogg’s Research Labs. This product is proudly “Made in the USA”.Please recycle all of our packaging. Thank You! Feel free to ask any questions.

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