Stanford Research PRS-10 Rubidium Frequency Standard For Sale

Stanford Research PRS-10 Rubidium Frequency Standard

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Stanford Research PRS-10 Rubidium Frequency Standard:

Stanford Research PRS-10 Low Phase Noise Ruofferium Frequency Standard.

I’m offering a Stanford Research PRS-10 Ruofferium Frequency Standard complete with heatsink and connecting cable. The PRS-10 is in fine cosmetic and operating condition as shown by the photos. Note in particular the lack of any alarm conditions on the screen image of the RBmon10 monitor and control program.

A CDROM with the PRS-10 data sheet, operating and service manual, and a copy of the RBmon10 Windows application is included.

This is what is for sale in this sale:

Ø PRS-10 Ruofferium Frequency Standard.

Ø Heat sink.

Ø Wire bundle cable with plug to connect to the PRS-10 and terminated in an 8-pin header. This cable does not include 1PPS in and out signals. The 1PPS input and output signals are on the plug connecting the cable to the PRS-10 and can be easily accessed as shown in one of the attached photos. The unmodified cable included in this sale is shown rubber banded to the PRS-10 in several photos.

Ø CD ROM with documentation and RBmon10 monitor/control program. This program should run on most any reasonably current Windows machine.

The PRS-10 needs a heat sink for benchtop operation. One of the attached photos shows the PRS-10 heat sink at 110F in a 72F room. The PRS-10 gets warm. The heat sink shown is included in this sale.

You will need to add a 24 VDC supply rated to provide 2.5A start-up current while the PRS-10 internal physics package and crystal oven heat to operating temperature. Operating current drops to about 0.7 A once the reference is at a steady state.

Several photos show a Stanford Research PRBB (PRS-10 Breakout Board), various coaxial cables and instrumentation used to test this PRS-10 prior to offering it for sale. The PRBB IS NOT included in this sale, but was used to access signals for test. I will be listing the PRBB for sale in the next day or so. A second home built breakout board supporting up to four PRS-10 is shown in one photo, but IS NOT included in this sale.

This is a clean and properly operating PRS10. I've had it sitting on a shelf in myhome shop for a few years and I simply need to clear space. The RBmon10 screen shots were taken yesterday, February 13, 2021, when I powered the unit for test prior to posting. Check my response for additional confidence!

To confirm proper operation, the PRS-10 10 MHz output was compared with a second GPS disciplined clock.PRS-10 initial start-up was without supplying an external GPS timing receiver 1PPS. The Rb stabilized within 30 minutes at about 10,000,000.0088 Hz (a single 1-second sample) – again, without supplying an external 1PPS.

Adding an external 1PPS from a Motorola timing receiver brought the output to 10,000,000.0003 for a 1 second sample and 9,999,999.99975 for 1,000 1-second samples averaged… again with respect to a second GPS disciplined reference.

As with everything that I sell, I will do my best to assure an easy and no-hassle purchase! Feel free to contact me using the “ask seller a question” link and I’ll also do my best to answer any questions you might have prior to offerding.

Check the Stanford Research site for more information on the PRS-10 Rb: PRS-10 Ruofferium.

Please feel free to contact me with questions. Iknow at least a modest amount about any equipment that I sell.

As is common for used electronics on , these items are sold as-is and without warranty. Nonetheless, I’ll do my best to assure your satisfaction with this purchase and a speedy no hassle transaction. Check my response and offer with confidence.

I’ll take great care packing these items and will ship the package insured using UPS Ground.

sale Sales Policy

  • For sale only to buyers within the continental US.
  • I’ve done my best to accurately describe the items for sale, however I am not responsible for typographical errors in sale descriptions. Please verify all specifications and features on these items yourself prior to offerding, not after you have won the item. I’m also glad to answer to the best of my ability any questions you may have about these items. Once again, please ask your questions before you offer!
  • I will not be held liable for any incident or any accident or consequential damages related to the use or misuse of this item under any circumstances. No suitability of use is expressed or implied in this sale.

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