Support 24Cx 25Cx 93C Ezp2010 Usb Eeprom Spi Bios Programmer High Speed New Ic L For Sale

Support 24Cx 25Cx 93C Ezp2010 Usb Eeprom Spi Bios Programmer High Speed New Ic L

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Support 24Cx 25Cx 93C Ezp2010 Usb Eeprom Spi Bios Programmer High Speed New Ic L:

eeprom spi bios programmer ezp2010 usb support 24cx 25cx 93c high speed ic new Notes before placing orders:
  • In most cases, if choose economy shipping, shipping time is about 20 to 35 days.
  • Please contact us before opening dispution, we promise to solve every problem carefully.
  • We are NOT responsible for any custom duty or import tax.
  • This programmer can read and write the bios chips of DVD, TV, PC, hard-disk, etc.
  • USB 2.0 interface, the speed is 12Mbps.
  • The speed of reading and writing is very fast.
  • Auto detect chip modles.
  • Auto select power voltage.
  • Auto off-line chip copy.
  • Software and firare update.
  • Support chip of 25 FLASH, 24 EEPROM, 25 EEPROM, 93 EEPROM, etc.
  • Small size.
  • Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.
  • Chip list:
  • This programmer supports all the 24. 25. 93 series memory chips.
    • AMIC: A25L05P, A25L512. A25L010, A25L10P, A25L020, A25L20P, A25L040, A25L40P, A25L080, A25L80P, A25L016. A25L16P, A25L032
    • ATMEL: AT25F512. AT25F512A, AT25F512B, AT25F1024. AT25F1024A, AT25FS010, AT25DF021. AT25F2048. AT25DF041A, AT25F4096. AT25FS040, AT26F004. AT26DF081A, AT25DF161. AT26DF161. AT26DF161A, AT25DF321. AT25DF321A, AT26DF321. AT25DF641
    • EON: EN25F05. EN25LF05. EN25P05. EN25D10, EN25F10, EN25LF10, EN25P10, EN25D20, EN25F20, EN25LF20, EN25D40, EN25F40, EN25LF40, EN25D80, EN25F80, EN25Q80, EN25T80, EN25B16. EN25B16T, EN25D16. EN25F16. EN25Q16. EN25T16. EN25B32. EN25B32T, EN25F32. EN25P32. EN25Q32. EN25B64. EN25B64T, EN25F64. EN25P64. EN25Q64. EN25F128. EN25Q128
    • ES: ES25P10, ES25P20, ES25M40, ES25M40A, ES25P40, ES25M80, ES25M80A, ES25P80, ES25M16. ES25M16A, ES25P16. ES25P32
    • ESMT: F25L004A, F25L04UA, F25L008A, F25L08PA, F25L016A, F25L16PA, F25L32PA, F25L32QA
    • MXIC: MX25L512. MX25V512. MX25L1005. MX25L2005. MX25L4005A, MX25V4005. MX25L8005. MX25V8005. MX25L1605D, MX25L1635D, MX25L3205D, MX25L3225D, MX25L3235D, MX25L3237D, MX25L6405D, MX25L12805D
    • NEXFLASH: NX25P10, NX25P20, NX25P40, NX25P80, NX25P16. NX25P32
      PMC: PM25LV512A, PM25LV010A, PM25LV020, PM25LV040, PM25LV080B, PM25 LV016B
    • SAIFUN: SA25F005. SA25F010, SA25F020, SA25F040, SA25F080, SA25F160, SA25F320
    • SPANSION: S25FL004A, S25FL008A, S25FL016A, S25FL032A, S25FL064A
      SST: SST25VF512. SST25VF512A, SST25VF010, SST25VF010A, SST25VF020, SST25VF020A, SST25VF040, SST25VF040A, SST25VF040B, SST25VF080B, SST25VF016B, SST25VF032B, SST25VF064C
    • ST: M25P05A, M25P10A, M25PE10, M25P20, M25PE20, M25P40, M25PE40, M25P80, M25PE80, M25PX80, M25P16. M25PE16. M25PX16. M25P32. M25PX32. M25P64. M25PX64. M25P128
    • WINBOND: W25P10, W25X10, W25X10A, W25X10AL, W25X10L, W25P20, W25X20, W25X20A, W25X20AL, W25X20L, W25P40, W25X40, W25X40A, W25X40AL, W25X40L, W25P80, W25X80, W25X80A, W25X80AL, W25X80L, W25P16. W25X16. W25P32. W25X32. W25X64
    • ----24 EEPROM----
    • ATMEL: AT24C01. AT24C01A, AT24C01B, AT24C02. AT24C02A, AT24C02B, AT24C04. AT24C04A, AT24C04B, AT24C08. AT24C08A, AT24C08B, AT24C16. AT24C16A, AT24C16B, AT24C32. AT24C32A, AT24C32B, AT24C64. AT24C64A, AT24C64B, AT24C128. AT24C128A, AT24C128B, AT24C256. AT24C256A, AT24C256B, AT24C512. AT24C512A, AT24C512B, AT24C1024. AT24C1024A, AT24C1024B
    • CATALYST: CAT24C01. CAT24WC01. CAT24C02. CAT24WC02. CAT24C04. CAT24WC04. CAT24C08. CAT24WC08. CAT24C16. CAT24WC16. CAT24C32. CAT24WC32. CAT24C64. CAT24WC64. CAT24C128. CAT24WC128. CAT24C256. CAT24WC256. CAT24C512. CAT24WC512. CAT24C1024. CAT24WC1024
    • COMMON: 24C00 3V, 24C00 5V, 24C01 3V, 24C01 5V, 24C02 3V, 24C02 5V, 24C04 3V, 24C04 5V, 24C08 3V, 24C08 5V, 24C16 3V, 24C16 5V, 24C32 3V, 24C32 5V, 24C64 3V, 24C64 5V, 24C128 3V, 24C128 5V, 24C256 3V, 24C256 5V, 24C512 3V, 24C512 5V, 24C1024 3V, 24C1024 5V
    • FAIRCHILD: FM24C01L, FM24C02L, FM24C03L, FM24C04L, FM24C05L, FM24C08L, FM24C09L, FM24C16L, FM24C17L, FM24C32L, FM24C64L, FM24C128L, FM24C256L, FM24C512L, FM24C1024L
    • HOLTEK: HT24C01. HT24LC01. HT24C02. HT24LC02. HT24C04. HT24LC04. HT24C08. HT24LC08. HT24C16. HT24LC16. HT24C32. HT24LC32. HT24C64. HT24LC64. HT24C128. HT24LC128. HT24C256. HT24LC256. HT24C512. HT24C1024
      ISSI: IS24C01. IS24C02. IS24C04. IS24C08. IS24C16. IS24C32. IS24C64. IS24C128. IS24C256. IS24C512. IS24C1024
    • MICROCHIP: 24AA00, 24C00, 24LC00, 24AA01. 24AA014. 24C01C, 24LC014. 24LC01B, 24AA02. 24LC02B, 24AA024. 24AA025. 24AA04. 24C02C, 24LC024. 24LC025. 24LC04B, 24AA08. 24LC08B, 24AA16. 24LC16B, 24AA32. 24LC32. 24AA64. 24FC64. 24LC64. 24AA128. 24FC128. 24LC128. 24AA256. 24FC256. 24LC256. 24AA512. 24FC512. 24LC512. 24AA1024
    • NSC: NSC24C02. NSC24C02L, NSC24C64
    • RAMTRON: FM24C04A, FM24CL04. FM24C16A, FM24CL16. FM24C64. FM24CL64. FM24C256. FM24CL256. FM24C512
    • ROHM: BR24C01. BR24L01. BR24C02. BR24L02. BR24C04. BR24L04. BR24C08. BR24L08. BR24C16. BR24L16. BR24C32. BR24L32. BR24C64. BR24L64
      ST: ST24C01. ST24C02. ST24C04. ST24C08. ST24C16. ST24C32. ST24C64
      XICOR: X24C01. X24C02. X24C04. X24C08. X24C16
    • ---93 EEPROM------
    • AKM: AK93C45AV, AK93C55AV, AK93C65AV, AK93C75AV
    • ATC: ATC93C46. ATC93LC46(16bit), ATC93LC46(16bit)-SOP8. ATC93LC46(8bit), ATC93LC46(8bit)-SOP8. ATC93C56. ATC93LC56(16bit), ATC93LC56(16bit)-SOP8. ATC93LC56(8bit), ATC93LC56(8bit)-SOP8. ATC93C66. ATC93LC66(16bit), ATC93LC66(16bit)-SOP8. ATC93LC66(8bit), ATC93LC66(8bit)-SOP8
    • ATMEL: AT93C46(16bit), AT93C46(16bit)-SOP8. AT93C46(8bit), AT93C46(8bit)-SOP8. AT93C46A, AT93C56(16bit), AT93C56(16bit)-SOP8. AT93C56(8bit), AT93C56(8bit)-SOP8. AT93C57(16bit), AT93C57(16bit)-SOP8. AT93C57(8bit), AT93C57(8bit)-SOP8. AT93C66(16bit), AT93C66(16bit)-SOP8. AT93C66(8bit), AT93C66(8bit)-SOP8. AT93C86(16bit), AT93C86(16bit)-SOP8. AT93C86(8bit), AT93C86(8bit)-SOP8
    • CATALYST: CAT93C46(16bit), CAT93C46(8bit), CAT93C46A, CAT93C46I, CAT93C56(16bit), CAT93C56(8bit), CAT93C56A, CAT93C57(16bit), CAT93C57(16bit)-SOP8. CAT93C66(16bit), CAT93C66(8bit), CAT93C66A, CAT93C86(16bit), CAT93C86(8bit)
    • COMMON: 93C46(16bit), 93C46(8bit), 93C56(16bit), 93C56(8bit), 93C66(16bit), 93C66(8bit), 93C86(16bit), 93C86(8bit)
    • EXEL: XL93C06. XL93C46. XL93CS46. XL93LC46. XL93C56. XL93LC56. XL93C66. XL93LC66
    • FAIRCHILD: FM93C06AM8(16bit), FM93C06AM8(8bit), FM93C06M8. FM93C06N, FM93C46AM8(16bit), FM93C46AM8(8bit), FM93C46AN(16bit), FM93C46AN(8bit), FM93CS46(16bit), FM93C56AN(16bit), FM93C56AN(8bit), FM93CS56(16bit), FM93C66AM8(16bit), FM93C66AM8(8bit), FM93C66AN(16bit), FM93C66AN(8bit), FM93C66B, FM93C66M8(16bit), FM93C66MT8(16bit), FM93C66N(16bit), FM93CS66(16bit), FM93C86AM8(16bit), FM93C86AM8(8bit), FM93C86AN(16bit), FM93C86AN(8bit)
    • HOLTEK: HT93LC46A(16bit), HT93LC46A(8bit), HT93LC56A(16bit), HT93LC56A(8bit), HT93LC66A(16bit), HT93LC66A(8bit)
    • ICT: ICT93C46(16bit), ICT93C46(8bit), ICT93C56(16bit), ICT93C56(8bit), ICT93C66(16bit), ICT93C66(8bit)
    • ISSI: IS93C46(16bit), IS93C56(16bit), IS93C66(16bit)
    • MICROCHIP: 93C06(16bit), 93C06(16bit)-SOP8. 93AA46(16bit), 93AA46(8bit), 93AA46(8bit)-SOP8. 93C46(16bit), 93C46(16bit)-SOP8. 93C46A, 93C46B, 93LC46(16bit), 93LC46(16bit)-SOP8. 93LC46(8bit), 93LC46(8bit)-SOP8. 93LC46A, 93LC46B, 93LC46B-SOP8. 93AA56(16bit), 93AA56(8bit), 93AA56(8bit)-SOP8. 93C56(16bit), 93C56(16bit)-SOP8. 93C56(8bit), 93C56(8bit)-SOP8. 93C56A, 93C56A-SOP8. 93C56B, 93C56B-SOP8. 93LC56(16bit), 93LC56(16bit)-SOP8. 93LC56(8bit), 93LC56(8bit)-SOP8. 93LC56A, 93LC56B, 93LC56B-SOP8. 93AA66(16bit), 93AA66(8bit), 93AA66(8bit)-SOP8. 93C66(16bit), 93C66(16bit)-SOP8. 93C66(8bit), 93C66(8bit)-SOP8. 93C66A, 93C66A-SOP8. 93C66B, 93C66B-SOP8. 93LC66(16bit), 93LC66(16bit)-SOP8. 93LC66(8bit), 93LC66(8bit)-SOP8. 93LC66A, 93LC66B, 93LC66B-SOP8. 93AA76(16bit), 93AA76(8bit), 93C76(16bit), 93C76(8bit), 93LC76(16bit), 93LC76(8bit), 93LC76A, 93LC76B, 93AA86(16bit), 93AA86(8bit), 93C86(16bit), 93C86(8bit), 93LC86(16bit), 93LC86(8bit), 93LC86A, 93LC86B
    • NSC: NSC93C06. NSC93C06-SOP8. NSC93CS06. NSC93C46. NSC93CS46. NSC93C56. NSC93CS56. NSC93S56. NSC93C66. NSC93CS66. NSC93C86
    • ROHM: BR93LC46. BR93LC46RF, BR93LC56. BR93LC56RF, BR93LC66. BR93LC66RF
      ST: ST93C06. M93S46. M93S46-SOP8. M93S46-T8. M93S46R, M93S46R-SOP8. M93S46W, M93S46W-SOP8. ST93C46. M93S56. M93S56-SOP8. M93S56R, M93S56R-SOP8. M93S56W, M93S56W-SOP8. ST93C56. M93S66. M93S66-SOP8. M93S66R, M93S66R-SOP8. M93S66W, M93S66W-SOP8. ST93C66
    • ---25 EEPROM----

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