Symmetricom XLi Rb GPS Disciplined Rubidium 10MHz Oscillator NTP Time Server For Sale

Symmetricom XLi Rb GPS Disciplined Rubidium 10MHz Oscillator NTP Time Server

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Symmetricom XLi Rb GPS Disciplined Rubidium 10MHz Oscillator NTP Time Server:

Tested/Guaranteed • Ruofferium Option • Part 1510-652-151 • NTP Server • GPSDO 10 MHz Oscillator • 1PPS • IRIG-B

Photos show the actual item for sale

Here's a lightly used late model Symmetricom XLi Time/Frequency unit in very good cosmetic condition. The unit has been tested and confirmed to operate as it should. The photos show the actual item for sale. This unit does have the internal GPS receiver card (87-8028-2) installed which supplies 12 volts to the antenna, so the use of a matched Symmetricom AT575 12V antenna is recommended. The internal 10MHz oscillator is the upgraded Ruofferium type for greater free-running stability. The firmware has been upgraded to the latest version posted on the Symmetricom website (v2.4), and this supports reporting and configuration via a web interface. The unit does have the NTP function activated. No rack ears are provided. In my testing I was able to achieve lock to GPS time and screenshots of the results of my testing are provided below.

Full details may be obtained from the User Manual

Key Features

  • Better Than 1x10-12 Frequency Accuracy
  • Supports Primary and Secondary Reference Inputs (GPS, Time Code, 1PPS)
  • Configurable as Dual Redundant GPS Receiver in One Chassis (second GPS option not included)
  • Standard 10/100 Base-T Network Port
  • Intuitive Web Based Management
  • HTML, Telnet, SNMP with MIB Standard
  • Vacuum Fluorescent Display and Keypad
  • Completely Modular with Plug-and Play Capability
  • Numerous Field-Upgradeable, Plug-in Option Cards Available
  • Time code reader/generator (IRIG A,B; NASA 36) AM and DC
  • Auxiliary Reference Input Supports Lock to External Cesium to Enhance Holdover
  • Standard Outputs: 1PPS, Selectable Pulse Rates and Alarm
  • Flash Memory for Remote Software Upgrades


      One of the great design benefits of the XLi is that, because of its variety of option cards, a company can customize it to fit to their specific application needs. Whether your application demands redundancy in power supplies, GPS, or any other function, all it takes is the proper configuration of cards.

      XLi Option Cards The wide range of XLi option cards make it easy to tailor your system to support nearly every possible output/input needed for time and frequency applications, by combining option modules, oscillator upgrades, and two GPS receivers per unit. Plug-and-play cards and built-in XLi option card recognition software lets you swap out modules without modifying your operating system.

      Plug and Play Configuration Configuration recognition software automatically detects the unit’s setup, without modifications to the operating system, providing “plug-and-play” configuration capability for current and future application needs.

      Freedom to Configure Modularity delivers the freedom to configure the XLi as a GPS timing receiver [GPS option not included], or a time code unit (TCU).

      Seamless Integration The XLi seamlessly integrates into a network centric environment. The 10/100 Base-T interface is standard. Remote management is facilitated with the intuitive HTML web based interface as well as SNMP with an enterprise MIB. Command line interface is also supported via Telnet or the RS-232/422 serial port. The XLi can function as a Stratum 1 NTP server with addition of the NTS option.

      Wide Range The standard XLi provides a wide range of time and frequency inputs and outputs such as: 1PPS output; time code input/output (IRIG A, B; NASA36) in both modulated (AM) and demodulated (DCLS) formats; programmable pulse rates; open collector alarm; front panel keypad and display; and more.

      Modular Architecture for Easy Extensions The modular XLi architecture allows easy extension of the software and hardware in the field. Software updates are remotely administered. Existing and future hardware option modules can be added as needed by the user. The GPS timing interface is also modular which facilitates future upgrade to alternate Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), such as Galileo, when available.

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