TEKTRONIX 7904A 500MHz 4slot OSCILLOSCOPE MAINFRAME, will refurb for more money For Sale

TEKTRONIX 7904A 500MHz 4slot OSCILLOSCOPE MAINFRAME, will refurb for more money

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TEKTRONIX 7904A 500MHz 4slot OSCILLOSCOPE MAINFRAME, will refurb for more money:

I am currently out of original (plain) 7904, but I do have 7904A. Most photos were taken on a 7904, but 7904A look similars. 7904A is seen in 2nd and 3rd photos.

At the Buy It Now price I am offering you at a very tiny fraction of its $16000 new price, a raw Tek 7904A oscilloscope. It works. 7904A was 1985-1992 successor to the 1973-1984 7904.

If you'd be willing to offer 2X BIN ($1000, or about 6% of Tek's price; yes, lets you offer more than BIN), I will fix, refurb, calibrate, and guaranty is 120 DAYS (don't think anyone else offers this long) and upgrade condition classification to "seller refurbed". If you need it working fully correctly from the moment it arrives, please pay 2X BIN, otherwise I hope you don't mind having to do some of my kind of work, and have the talent and equipment to do it. Thank you for understanding that while the raw material is cheap, my time isn't, and it does make a difference in the quality of what you get.

Conversely, if you offer less than BIN, condition may be downgraded, and/or some components may be deleted or substituted, so if you dare offer less, please specify what you'd be willing to forgo. This is the only way I will know you actually read my text carefully, and agree with the concept of pay more-get more/pay less-get less.

The 7000 series are still popular because they proved to be durable and repairable. Even for those not talented in scope repairs, modularity means that repairs could be substituted for by replacing a defective module, and that a repair estimate does not hold an entire system price-hostage. The 7904/A had a very long, successful run. While they are not nearly as space saving as the 2400s, they do offer versatility not found otherwise... eg: a 7A13 differential comparator (won't fit anywhere else), a choice of spectrum analyzers,...(yes, inserting a 7L12 or 7L5 can make it act like one of today's mixed domain scopes, doing with real rf heterodyning rather than Fourier transform math shortcuts, and since those only take up 2 of the 4 slots, the remaining 2 can serve as a traditional analog scope). Another beloved feature of 7000s is that they don't use a microprocessor and don't run self tests that can block you from using the scope. They also don't use NVRAM or associated battery, so they don't ever suffer amnesia. 7000s were the first scopes that introduced probe scale factor coding (sensing ring around BNCs) and on-screen alphanumeric readouts starting in 1969.

Since I have/had more than 1 for sale, the 1 in the photos will not be the 1 you will get. 1st photo mainframe's vertical gain is correct according to cal plugins (not part of this sale). Last 3 photos show some optional items you can add (probes, plugins, see my other listings or ask me).

I am willing to add a 7B92 dual time base (shown in rightmost slot of 1st photo) FREE if you'd be willing to pay for its added shipping in a separate box (both Tek & I found it risky to ship plugins inside a mainframe). 7B92 will be raw at BIN, or refurbed and calibrated at 2X BIN, and get the A suffix too.

I ship worldwide. & Paypal require I ship by carrier/method that includes tracking & delivery confirmation, whichpublic Airmail is not good at, besides won't accept boxes this big. 's shipping calculator is oblivious to insurance (thinks it is free) and does not realize Tek shipped plugins separately from mainframe for safety, and I'd like to send it that way too. This becomes a bigger problem when 's Global Shipping gets involved, as it never expects multiple boxes for 1 sale. I highly recommend you offer to pay the additional cost of shipping in 2 boxes rather than 1 even if buying raw at BIN, but especially if buying refurbed at 2xBIN.

California resident buyers pay sales tax (sorry).

If you'd be interested instead in a 7834 (made in 1983) storage mainframe (6th, 7th, & 8th photos, 4 slots, 400MHz), you may offer $326 for it raw, or $652 for it refurbed, calibrated, and guaranteed.

If you'd be interested instead in a rare earlier (1971) made 7514 storage mainframe (9th photo), you may offer $246 for it raw, or $492 for it refurbed, calibrated, and guaranteed (I picked unusual $ amounts to alert me) . 7514 has 90MHz bandwidth (storage version of 7504), and is perhaps the only 7000 with split screen storage (upper and lower halves of screen can store/erase independently, homage to 549,

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