USED Water Saver Lab Faucet with L-100 Vacuum Break For Sale

USED Water Saver Lab Faucet with L-100 Vacuum Break

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USED Water Saver Lab Faucet with L-100 Vacuum Break:

USED Water Saver Lab Faucet with L-100 Vacuum Break--- this item should be installed by a licensed plumber in a countertop with one hole in the surface, braided stainless steel tubing can be used from the ends of the faucet to the hot and cold water cut-offs underneath your sinkGet it on e-Bay and Get the Money Back Guarantee FREE.e-Bay is the safest choice for buying used laboratory equipment.
The price is $69.00 packaging and shipping is free.
YES!, You just saved 50%. Why pay more?YES!, You have a money back guarantee from an INDEPENDENT company, e-Bay. Why take a risk?YES!, You can see it running before you buy. Why not?YES!, There is a choice, you don't have to feel like you're dealing with a network syndicate whenever you buy used laboratory equipment.You Just Saved 50%, Where Can I Find More Great Bargains Like This?Go to the Seller Information box on the top right portion of this screen and click on See other items.response Score:No goods or services were provided in exchange for response. All response is unsolicited. All response is in the Buyer's words, no suggestions on what to say are offered by the Seller.No Worries with 3 FREE Guarantees --- only when you buy on e-Bay:1. 14 day money back guarantee from the SellerThe "Any Reason or No Reason Guarantee". You can return for any reason or for no reason.2. e-Bay Money Back Guarantee:"Get the item you ordered or get your money back."The e-Bay Money Back Guarantee is completely independent of any guarantee offered by the Seller and it's backed by a $14 billion company.3. PayPal Buyer Protection:"If an eligible item that you've purchased online, or otherwise, doesn't arrive or doesn't match the seller's description, we will look into it.
If it's discovered that something is wrong, our Purchase Protection will reimburse you for the full purchase price of the item plus shipping is shown in the photo is what you will receive.This item is used, you will receive exactly what is shown in the is through PayPal. PayPal accepts most credit cards. PayPal is free for Buyers.Payment is due within 5 calendar days of sale close.All Sales are subject to acceptance by the Seller.Combining Shipping: For 2 or more different items the flat rate shipping cost is the highest flat rate shipping cost for the first item plus one-half the flat rate shipping cost for the other items.For items that are either very heavy or very big shipping costs twice as much to ship two as it does to ship one so there is no reduction in shipping is within 5 business days of receiving payment through PayPal.Shipping cost pays for packaging and shipping to most locations there may be some locations that are more if so you will be notified by e-bay e-mail before anything ships.Shipping is to anywhere in the United States except Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, no international shipping.Shipping is by UPS Ground or FedEx or U.S. Postal Service to an address confirmed by PayPal, there are no pick-ups.Shipping is usually by U.S. Postal Service so you can see the cost of shipping on the label on the package.Shipping cost is for shipment to a business address. If you're not home when your package is delivered your package could be stolen from your front porch.The Buyer will receive an e-mail with the tracking number the same day the item ships.For new items, the box may be opened, inspected and re-sealed prior to shipment to be sure nothing is broken.Shipments to the West Coast will take up to 6 calendar days to be Buyer may return this item within 14 days of delivery.If the item is returned in the same condition it was shipped in the Buyer's payment will be refunded through PayPal, less the cost of shipping both ways. If the Buyer returns an item the Buyer pays for shipping both you have a promotional code, please include it as a message with your send an e-Bay e-mail with any questions, most questions are answered in less than 24 hours.Overseas Buyers:If you are outside the USA and you want your order shipped to a forwarder who will ship your purchase to you you may consider:Express Parcel Service, 8260 NW 14th Street, Doral, Florida 33126, 305-591-2900Shipito, 3501 Jack Northrop Avenue, Hawthorne, CA 90250,, 310-349-1172
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What do you do when there is no power cord with the instrument you are selling?I check how much power the instrument draws and substitute a power cord that is rated for that draw. For example, there is a water bath with no power cord and it is rated at 120 volt, 1400 watts. This is a draw of 11.67 amps. A power cord labelled 14 AWG is rated for up to 15 amps and it is safe to use with the water bath."Sell cheap and tell the truth, don't cheat nobody, and don't take no kickbacks." Rose B.

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