UltraSeps T-Shirt Color Separation Software - Only $299 - Memorial Day Sale For Sale

UltraSeps T-Shirt Color Separation Software - Only $299 - Memorial Day Sale

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UltraSeps T-Shirt Color Separation Software - Only $299 - Memorial Day Sale:

UltraSeps T-Shirt Color Separation Software UltraSeps Memorial Day Sale 2018!
Only $299!
The Most Advanced T-Shirt Color Separation Software Package!
Color Separate Like A Pro Using UltraSeps v2!

No Other T-Shirt Color Separation Program Offers So Much For So Little!
Setting The Standard In T-Shirt Color Separation Software....Once Again!
Over 7,000 Users Globally!  UltraSeps Is The #1 Color Separation Program In Use Today!

If You Print T-Shirts...You Need This Software!

BONUS - Our Duotone Separation Software, Texture Pack Software, Fire Dept. Art Pack Plus a copy of QuikSeps Pro FREE With Your Order! "Details on the included Freebies can be found near bottom of listing"

UltraSeps runs within Adobe Photoshop!
You will need Adobe Photoshop version CS3 or higher.
CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5 and CS6 all work.
Its also 100% compatible with all versions of Photoshop Creative Cloud.

It does NOT run in Photoshop Elements!  Elements is a hobby version of Photoshop and not capable of running color separation software!

The Features Are Almost Endless!

By scrolling through the graphics above, its clearly apparent that UltraSeps offers everything one could possibly ask for. In fact, we didn't include a few as its ridiculous to list them all!

But of more importance than a vast number of features is the quality of the end result, ease of use and mind blowing automation built into this program composed of over 100 individual Java applications and Automation Plugins.

You see, its possible to release a program that offers a multitude of functionality, however to also have those functions perform flawlessly and generate superb output beyond my own expectations is something else entirely. Realistically, when considering a t-shirt color separation program there's UltraSeps and nothing else. Anything Is Possible With UltraSeps!

UltraSeps has the power, flexibility and ease of use to make complex, dramatic t-shirt color separations possible for the new user while offering Photoshop Pros the most advanced application of its kind to speed up the separation process.

Basically, if a file can be opened within Photoshop, it can be utilized by every tool UltraSeps offers, so this includes everything! Enhance and repair images, modify the art and then choose from 8 different forms of color separation.

Your life just got easier! For Once, Best Price Does Equal Best Quality!

Just think about this for a minute, for the cost of about 5 gallons of quality ink, you can own the most feature rich, highest quality, well supported and industry standard t-shirt color separation software that'll last forever!

That bucket of UltraSeps never runs dry as it can be used for countless jobs, forever, saving and making you money. Plus, we also guarantee UltraSeps to be compatible with future versions of Photoshop as they're released.

Time Is Money, Don't Waste It!

Why spend countless hours laboring over separations only to discover once on press, there's issues? The largest apparel manufacturers in the world know that time is valuable and its the reason they use our software.

UltraSeps removes the uncertainly and fear from the t-shirt color separation process providing the end user with the tools to not only generate high-end work, but also a level of confidence of knowing that, "yes, I can do this". Great Even With Simple Graphics!

For those thinking a high-end color separation program is only helpful with complex art, think again!

UltraSeps is the ultimate separation tool with basic art as pictured here. Why struggle with CorelDraw or Illustrator on images containing gradients, many spot colors, images requiring underbases, highlight whites, etc.

Just open your vector style artwork with Photoshop and let UltraSeps make easy work of it!
We've Been Writing T-Shirt Color Separation Software Since 1999 And Have Over 7,000 Users Worldwide!
UltraSeps v2 Is Our Latest And Greatest Version!

Here's A Small Sampling Of What People Are Saying:

Well I have been using UltraSeps for a couple of months now and all I can say is WOW. So far the separations have been better (you heard right, better) than the separations I have paid artists to separate for me before.

ShopCal UltraSeps is a great peace of separation software. I've tried them all and own a few of them, FastFilms (T-Seps), SquareDot, Separation Studio and even bought some lower grade cheap stuff . But yours, UltraSeps is "by far" better and easier. It works like a charm!

Enio DePaula I purchased UltraSeps a few months ago for my company Big Bark Shirts and Design. I have been loving it! Its really improved our shops production greatly! Just got a new work computer and are installing the works onto it! Thanks in advance.

Big Bark Shirts and Design QuikSeps and now UltraSeps are the main reason why I was able to take my printing to the next level.

Killer Graphics UltraSeps has been a HUGE help to us. Thank you for creating such a great and easy to use program!

Image Depot Express Been using UltraSeps almost a year. The program has been great for us. But what has really been a major thumbs up was the support. If we got voice mail if calling, Steve the creator always called back to help us out. That alone was worth the price. You just don't get that kind of support these days with anything.

Kustom Tees I love the software and with the help of it, have become the sole separator for the entire global apparel division of Converse! I am amazed everyday how easy to use and adaptable UltraSeps is. Thanks again!.

Tyson Schenk We Get Endorsements Like This Everyday!

Its Time To To Bring Your Shop To The Next Level!
Your Competitors May Be Using UltraSeps To Attract Your Customers!
Don't Let This Happen! Fight Back And Enhance Your Artistic And
Color Separation Abilities Now!

So What Are You Waiting For? UltraSeps is now ON SALE at a SUPER LOW PRICE for a limited time PLUS includes bonus software worth $350 ABSOLUTELY FREE!

A single copy of UltraSeps can be installed on multiple computers.
They can even be mixed platform such as Windows and Macintosh.

You Can Even Download A Trial Version From The UltraSeps Website!


UltraSeps v2 is a DOWNLOAD PRODUCT ONLY. Once we receive your order, you'll get a New User email with download links to all software and instructions on how to unlock the software. We issue New User email's and unlock codes between 10:00 am - 6:00 pm New York time Monday - Friday.

Included are also links to download the free bonus software, test images, distress filters, training videos, etc. Hey, you're in the UltraSeps Club now with access to all kinds of things aside from this great software!

No DVD is shipped! Please remember that.

A paid PDF Invoice is also included with the New User email in addition to a customer registration number that we use to identify your license and is also needed when free updates are available to download from our site.

UltraSeps runs within Adobe Photoshop!
You will need Adobe Photoshop version CS3 or higher.
CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5 and CS6 all work.
Its also 100% compatible with all versions of Photoshop Creative Cloud.

It does NOT run in Photoshop Elements!  Elements is a hobby version of Photoshop and not capable of running color separation software!

!! The Items Below Are Included FREE With UltraSeps !!

#1 Freebie - Our Highly Acclaimed And Useful
Duotone Color Separation Software!
About Duotone By UltraSeps:

Although Photoshop itself includes a duotone function, its not engineered or intended for t-shirt screen printing. Our software resolves this problem and makes duotones in Photoshop easy for screen printing.

Duotone by UltraSeps generates precise and accurate duotone separations using a maximum of 4 inks including an underbase white, duotone color, duotone contrast and highlight white.

Included are automated duotone color swapping actions to change the color of the channels, or the end user can easily experiment with their own color preferences. We’ve also added a discharge ink function to assist with generating duotone separations when using discharge as opposed to standard plastisol inks.

Duotone is very easy to use and is basically self explanatory although concise documentation is included.

You get this $99 product FREE with UltraSeps!

#2 Freebie - Yeah...You'll Really Like This One
125 Vintage Textures Actions!

About Vintage Textures By UltraSeps:

Below are just a few examples of the immense collection of 125 Filters included with our value priced Vintage Filter Collection.  Create professional level effects on any type of photo, graphic or whatever. Its easy and fun to use!

Create that perfect aged, weathered effect for images used within projects such as web graphics, t-shirts, posters, prints, and more.  Get that WOW look with one click! Experiment with them all for “the look” your work deserves!

A comprehensive collection of 125 high-resolution texture filters included with the Photoshop Textures and Actions Set. All are full page size at 300 dpi and can be applied to just about any size image!

A collection such as this is worth hundreds of dollars on its own but is all included with the Actions set!

You get this $49 product FREE with UltraSeps!

#3 Freebie - All High Resolution And Very Useful
Fire Dept. Art Collection!

About The Fire Department Art By UltraSeps:

A collection 80 high-quality layered Photoshop files of quality fire department art and emblems that can easily be modified. Each file also includes a vector cut path for those wishing to make decals.  You'll have many uses for this art collection as fire departments are among the best screen printing customers!

You get this $49 product FREE with UltraSeps!

#4 Freebie - Might Be Handy To Have A Copy Of This Too
QuikSeps Professional!

About QuikSeps Professional By UltraSeps:

Okay, you're buying UltraSeps, the #1 color separation program in use globally.  So exactly why are we including QuikSeps Professional as UltraSeps is a superior product? Well.....why not?  Your UltraSeps purchase includes unlocking UltraSeps on 2 systems.  And if a new system is purchased in the future, it can be unlocked on that as well.  But maybe there’s an extra system or two that’s used as a backup that you'd like to have a color separation program installed on?  If so, then just install QuikSeps to those!

You get this $149 product FREE with UltraSeps!

All purchases receive 1 year of FREE technical support from the developer himself who knows UltraSeps and Photoshop inside and out!

This special offer can end at any moment without notice and we reserve the right
to remove this listing at any time.


Steve Roginski
UltraSeps Developer

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