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Van Mark Mark I Siding Brake

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Van Mark Mark I Siding Brake:

The Mark I Series metal brake answers the demand for quality and flexibility with its portable, lightweight design, heavyweight compatibility, and superior durability. Featuring the new Power Lock bar technology, Van Mark metal brakes offer a cam-locking system that revolutionized the industry. The Mark I has fewer parts combined with a rugged durable design that increases productivity while also extending the overall life of the brake. Contractor model M12, along with Commercial models M12HD-M14HD, each come with dual bending and locking handles. Contractor models are the same as the commercial model with additional C castings which will allow for the bending of some heavier metals.The Van Mark Mark I siding brake features a wide array of bending capabilities. This aluminum brake can be used to create siding components for both residential and commercial applications including: rake edge, soffit, fascia, window casing, j-channel, corner posts, window sill, and brick molds.Typical materials used for these components include: vinyl, aluminum, galvanized steel, painted steel, roofing copper, zinc alloy, and stainless steel. See chart below for bending capacities.
  • Equipped with locking handle that has quick release feature for easy transport
  • Power Lock bar provides crisp bends without oil canning/warping
  • Cam locking system consists of aluminum and ultra high molecular weight polyethylene wedge
  • Includes two military grade aluminum castings
  • Dual support base rails for extra foundation
  • Powerlock bar for stronger clamping pressure
  • Bending handle is ideal for bending and hemming full length 8ft.+ pieces
  • Powder-coat finish provides protection from the elements, while eliminating UV fading and hinge "auto-measures" 3/4" hem
  • 14" throat depth
  • 1 Year Warranty

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