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Van Mark TrimCutter 3017

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Van Mark TrimCutter 3017:

  • Van Mark TrimCutterThe Van Mark TrimCutter is a unique innovative addition to any current Van Mark Cam-Lock brake. It has a 4 piont track system that allows for accurate cutting of the material and keeps the tool adjacent to the brake. The long-lasting durable knives on the TrimCutter will cut up to 24 gauge Painted Steel Grade D and is designed to cut though thousands of feet of material without becoming dull. Van Mark's TrimCutter has a low-profile handle where direct pressure is applied into the brake to ensure a precise, accurate cut.
    • Knives made from 100% hardened tool steel
    • Tool uses 4-point roll bearing track system
    • Used with Mark I, II, IV, Metal Master 20, and Industrial Metal Master 20 (Not compatible with Trim-A-Brake Series)
    • Low profile grip provides unprecedented control over your tool during Year Warranty

    Helpful Documents
    • How to Use Van Mark TrimCutter
    • Van Mark Warranty
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